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So random post times.

First big thing. My laptop problems are over!! Why? Because I have a shiny new pretty purple one! It's amazing and pretty and doesn't fuck up and it actually plays games and is just...guh

Which leads me to pooint two,. The Old Republic has a free trial thing going on and I've been on it and it's awesome! I'm a Chiss bounty hunter and it's been great. If I stumble on the boxset at game (which is reportedly only £30) I'm so getting it. I'm gonna got on it tomorrow maybe.

Annoyance of the week was getting a character building TARDIS only to find it was missing bits during construction. Not just one or two bits either. At least 20. Ugh. So today I had to take it back for a refund. I may get a replacement tomorrow if Old Republic's not in stock that is.

I saw the new Spiderman film today and just... guh! It was awesome! I want another! And him to be in Avengers 2! Naked! Cause he's pretty!

Gonna continue my Black Butler rewatch tonight. Hope to get the whole series done by the end of the week.

What else? Well the Biology part of my course is done, so now it's earth history.

I think that's it for the most part. As always, i'm sure there's something I've missed but ah well.
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