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When The Matt's Away

When The Matt's Away
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Padge, Jay James/Stuart Richardson, Luke Johnson/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: Sexytimes, some dominance
Notes: I couldn't not do this. Lostprophets playing in Bullet's hometown? I mean come on! That practically writes itself (I say that, thugh this ended up being a pain to write though I blame the bitches). Originally this was gonna go a different way, but I like how this ended up.
This is for the awesome people who cheered me up when the bitches really got to me.

I was glad that Matt was off touring with Axewound right now. It meant that we were able to go to the Bridgend Lostprophets gig. So the three of us had come to watching them play, keeping to the dark corners so as not to draw attention to ourselves. The set was pretty good, with all the expected songs plus a few new ones. All in all as expected.

Once the set was over we snuck backstage which we figured was the best way to avoid being seen. Well, that was one reason. The other was obvious, to get to their dressing room. With Matt not being here we should be able to have fun.

When we got to the dressing room we found half the band there, Ian, Luke and Stu. I guessed the others must have gone already. For the best really. Three was more managable than six. "Ha! I knew I saw you!" Stu smirked, causing the others to look at us. "Even skulking in the shadows I could see you." He gave us a once over. "So, where's Tuck?"

"Off with Axewound." Padge muttered. "Somewhere in Europe."

"Pity." He replied, moving from where he was leaning against the wall by taking a few steps toward us. "I bet you guys want some fun. That is why you're here right?" I nodded without thinking and he chuckled, his lips forming into a smirk. "Now, want it to be just us? Because I can get the others back here if you wanted us all."

I glanced at the others, then shook my head. "It's ok." This wasn't quite going as I expected, but it'd certainly work.

"Good." He looked us over again, his bandmates too this time. He seemed to be thinking as his eyes darted over us all. "You should all strip." I nodded, finding myself working on removing my clothing, the others doing the same. Luke, who was already topless when we came in, was the first to get fully naked. I swallowed at the sight of him, my fingers working to undo my flies. Jay as the next one naked and, even though I'd been in the band with him for years, it still amazed me how quick he could get naked. I couldn't resist smiling at the sight of him like that, my dick twiching appreciatively.

I pushed by jeans down, my t-shirt already discarded, giving my dick a brief squeeze as I let them slip down before stepping out of them and kicking them aside. Padge stepped from behind me, as naked as the others were. Stu licked his lips, looking between the five of us again before speaking. "I know what to do." He gestured at Padge and Ian. "You two." He glanced at me and Luke. "And you two." He reached down between his legs, undoing his fly. "That leaves you to get on with sucking my dick." He smirked at Jay, which was probably for the best since he was quite the cocksucker.

I glanced at Luke, giving him a once over. Tattoos adorning his chest and muscular arms. A large dick hung between his legs, half hard and stiffening rapidly, his balls hanging behind it. I swallowed, having a feeling I'd have a sore arse for days.

"You won't be getting that dick." I glanced back over at Stu, a little confused. Jay was on his knees before him, clearly with a mouthful of dick. "He'll be getting yours." I looked back to Luke and he smiled, not as fazed as I expected. Maybe he was used to taking it. Wouldn't surprise me from Stu's attitude.

When I returned my gaze to Luke, he bent over a table, his shapely arse pushed out towards me. I licked my lips, reaching for him, my fingers trailing along his crack. My fingertips searching for his opening, which I found easily. I pushed two fingers into him fairly easily, working him open. I guessed I was right, Stu had been fucking him. I licked my lips, pulling my fingers out of him before spitting on my fingers and wiping it on my shaft.

With my other hand I spread his cheeks and lined myself up with his opening. I rubbed the tip against him teasingly for a few moments, enjoying the sight of him squirming. I teased him a few moments longer, then pushed myself into him. We both moaned and I shifted my hands to grip his hips, thrusting fully inside him. I didn't waste time, instead thrusting right away, fucking that sweet arse of his.

As I pounded the dirty Brummie, I glanced at the others. Ian was bent over like Luke, Padge slamming hard into him. Ian's arms were bound behind him with a bandana and a pair of underwear, fuck knows whose, was stuffed between his lips. I chuckled at the sight, slamming hard into Luke, switching my glance to Stu. Jay was on his knees with a mouthful of cock, which was nothing new. That didn't make it any less hot. The sight of Jay's head bobbing up and down, the way his lips stretched around a dick, the way drool escaped his lips and slid down his chin. Of course, I couldn't see those things clearly from where I was now, but I'd had enough experience to be able to picture it. Would I could see was the back of his head and the tattoo that marked his back, a sight which always made my dick throb.

I returned my focus to Luke, fucking his arse hard and rough. Fuck he was good, better than I would've expected from someone that looked like him. Clearly Stu'd done him a fair few times to get him so used to this treatment. Perhaps he'd took it up the arse before him too. Either way, he certainly knew how to get a guy off. I quickly shifted my hand to his large dick, pumping him to show I had some skills too. I groaned, feeling myself get close and deciding to just fucking let go. With a grunt, I came, filling him up after a few more thrusts. I kept up my hand movents until he spilled too, jets of cum spurting out of him while I rode the last of my own orgasm out.

When I slipped out of him I turned my gaze back on the others again. Padge had stopped fucking Ian like a demon and was sitting on his back, a beer in his hand. It always amazed me how he could find beer so easily. I smiled a little and turned to the others, just in time to watch Stu release down Jay's throat. Well, that's what I assumed anyway from the noises he was making. I was proved right when he released his hair, letting him shift back. "There's plenty of cum going to waste. Go clean em up." He nodded and crawled over to me, giving my dick a few quick licks of his tongue, before heading over the rest of the way to Luke. "Quite a cocksucker you have there. It's a wonder you even let him play with a mouth like that."

I smirked and nodded. "Well, when we're ofstage it gets a lot of use."

"Mmmm I bet." He lcked his lips, reaching to stroke my arse. "We have a hotel, though I think we'd have a much more interesting tim at one of yfour places." I shifted slightly as he stroked my skin, finding myelf nodding without thinking. "Great. We'll let the slut finish cum hunting then we'll dress and get going." He ran a finger along the cleft of my ass, leaning in close to me. "And maybe I'll get to sample a different drummer's arse." I swallowed, my cock twitching between my legs.

Fuck I hoped so.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/padge, jay james, jay james/stuart richardson, lostprophets, luke johnson, luke johnson/moose, moose, padge, slash, stuart richardson
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