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Pairing: Aleksi Virta/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: For lc_ffaf who is awesomes... and shown me the pretty of Virta!

Europe sure was weird. It was so close to home, yet seemed so far. There were people speaking in so many different languages, eating strange foods, wearing strange things. We always tried to make time to explore the culture of these strange places but, more often then not we ended up in bars instead.

The latest one was in Finland and it certainly was... different. For one, all the guys were in skirts. well, at least 90% of them seemed to be anyway. I felt like we were the odd ones out sitting here with our jeans on. Still, it was as good a place as any.

My eyes were on the guy that bught over our drinks. He was tall and wore only a pair of boots and a black skirt that went just past his knees. He had rather striking hair, which hung down over his shoulders in a cascade of dark blonde curls. He was quite beautiful. "What's your name?" I couldn't help but ask when he set our drinks down.

"Virta." He replied, his voice as deep as any around here. Before I could ask anything else of him he was gone, off to serve another table.


It didn't take us long to finish off our first lot of drinks and, as the others went to the bar to order a fresh round, I waved him over. I smirked and leaned up, whispring to him. "You got a back room or something?" He looked at me, a confused expression on his face. "I wanna fuck you."

The faint hint of a smile crept onto his face and he nodded. "Yeah."

"Good." I stood up, smiling. "Lead the way." We weaved though the bar, until we arrived in the back. I'd expected it to be some dusty, dark room filled with supplies. Instead it was well lit, with a large table in the middle of the room and not much else. I raised an eyebrow slightly and he shrugged.

"This isn't the first time." He smiled, the slight quirk of his lips making me melt a little. I shook it off as he moved towards the table. Without being asked or uttering another word, he bent over the table so that his skirt-covered arse was in the air.

I took the opportunity and moved behind him, lifting the dark material of his skirt up. I licked my lips at the sight of his rounded arse. I reached down and cupped it, my fingers shifting to his crack. I wasn't surprised that he felt open, but that didn't stop me. I spat on my fingers, working two into him fully. He groaned, pushing back against me and I smirked. "Yeah, you like that huh?" I chuckled softly as he let out nothing but a moan and I kept moving my fingers in and out of him. I'd been told I was rather good with my fingers, so I wanted to give him just a taste of it.

I was, however, impatient and he was already prepped enough. So I retreated my fingers and used them to undo my fly and pull my dick out. I lined myself up and thrust into him, a moan escaping my lips at the feeling of him. I shifted my hands to him, my fingers roaming over his skin. I loved how round he felt. I always loved my guys to be like that, with something to hold onto.

I shifted my fingers up as I started to fuck him properly, unable to resist the urge to stroke those curls of his. It was so soft, just as I expected. I gripped it tight, yanking it back as I fucked him harder. I noticed I was moaning much more than he, but that didn't put me off. After all I'd been with lots of guys that were quiet like this. Not everyone moaned like a wanton whore. Besides, there were ways other than moans that shown he was enjoying this.

His arse squeezing around me, the way his fingers gripped the edges of the table, sharp intakes of breath as I slammed into him. All were signs that he liked what I was doing. That, and there was also his hard cock, which I now had in my hand. He was quite a good size, not as big as me of course, but certainly not small. I stroked him steadily as I fucked him, ramming harder into him with each thrust.

He let out a sound that was kinda close to a grunt and I felt him twitch in my hand, his dick spraying over the inside of his skirt. I definitely would have to get other guys to wear skirts. I certainly saw the appeal. Satisfied he was done, I released his dick and gripped his side again. His hole twitched around me and that was what set me off a few moments after him. I groaned out his name as I filled him up, my fingers digging into his soft skin. I smiled, my eyelids fluttering closed as I enjoyed the feeling.

"Ah Rich, there you are!" I groaned, jerked out of the afterglow by the sound of my bandmate. "Enjoying the locals I see!"

I snorted, pulling out of Virta's sweet arse and then an idea hit me. I smirked, turning my gaze on him. "Maybe you'd like to give him a try." I stepped back, watching him incline his head before taking up my place. I leaned against the wall, watching as Darran undid his fly and plunged into him.

Turns out this bar was the perfect place for us after all.
Tags: aleksi virta, aleksi virta/rich boucher, bullet for my valentine, fic, finntroll, rich boucher, slash
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