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Killjoys never die

Time for a randomish post I thinks.

What've I been doing since the last one? Not much.

What've I been mostly doing? Watching old Doctor Who it seems. I did a review thing of most of the ones i've watched here. However since then I've finished watching The Trail Of A Timelord eps (which were pretty good) and last night's The Happiness Patrol. I feel the latter is worth noting, mostly because of two things. First, it is quite insane and ridiculous. But mstly? Because the resistance group in it are called killjoys!

Other than that, the tadpoles have turned into frogs, which is really amazing to see... except now it seems they've hopped off somewhere.

Friday the net acted up, so I spent the time finishing the first Mario game (for the first time, woo!) and watching The Girl With The Dragon tattoo which was pretty good.

Speaking off films I saw Prometheus last week and I don't really understand all the hate on it. I thought it was great (apart from all the unanswered questions).

I must resume my Enterprise run soon. And go on Xenoblade so I can restart Twilight Princess once it's finished.

Of now to study. May fic tonight, if I get inspired. As always, I'm sure i've forgotten to mention something but I dunno what.
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