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Tales from Collectormania

Well I got here Thursday and the trip was pretty ok. Not much to tell other than that really.

Friday I went to bingo while Claire worked there, but I won nothing (boo). We stayed in the center a bit and I got three Who dvds from CEX (the last Christmas one, Mark Of Rani and Four To Doomsday). The bad thing? When we got home they'd put the rong disc in one! Boo.

Today was Collectormania. The venue itself? Well, I'm not impressed. It's a bit crazy and there wasn't much there. I only got some Who cards and a tribble (complete with certificate!) from the stalls.

Signing wise? Firs I got Leela (Louise Jameson) who was there a day early and she was nice. She's the only one I got a pic with. We then managed to see John Barrowman cause there was a lull (despite having high tickets) and he was nice too. And he had a silver pen so series 1 is signed, yay!

There were a few cool things though. Like a cool thing that had Star Wars helmets and one was a zombie stormtrooper, and there were several homebuild R-series droids, which were so cool!

We went back to town and I sorted my dvd out and got another one from HMV (Claws Of Axos) and then we spent a bit of time at Claire's before heading back.

It was much queter then and I got Jo (Katy Manning's) autograph (the only unplanned one) and he was really friendly and nice. I didn't get a picture though cause they just put up a thing for no pics before I got to her. Boo! Lastly I managed to see 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and he hook my hand which was nice. He was a bit frustrated while I was waiting in line with an event person, but it was nice to hear that he didn't want to disappoint anyone waiting despite the event people messing him round.

So yay! Productive day! I also got a fair few bips on the 3DS so I finished the Tennis puzzle.

We may watch some of the Who dvds later.
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