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Not much has happened since that fic post. Well, other then being icky. And the laptop screen fuucking up so much I'm now using the desktop screen instead.

Today was much more eventful. I finally got to see lc_ffaf! Yay! It was a pretty awesome day. I rambled, I pestered, I dragged her places.

We went round the shops, then saw Dark Shadows. There were haf an hour of ads and trailers before it. (Gah I wish there'd been that before Avengers.) Most trailers I don't really recall... which means they were boring/uninteresting. The best were Prometheus and Snow White And The Huntsmen, both which I'll be seeing (if Cannock has them).

As for Shadows itself? It was good. Not great. It had it's moments, but it's not something I'd likely get, at least not right away.

Then we ate, yay! Followed by more wandering. We ended up sitting by a fountain fr a bit... then going into the museum just asit was clsing. Boo! I did get a nice dolphin necklace though (and a magic comic from Forbidden Planet).

But yeah, tas a good day, though tiring. Another awesome person off my 'to meet' list!
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