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Boner Alert

Boner Alert
Pairing: Gustav Wood/Ian Watkins, Stuart Richardson
Rating: NC-17
POV: Stu
Warnings: Voyeurism
Notes: Inspired by Stu's tweet the other day. I mean seriously, you say that and expect me NOT to get images? Also hope this satisfies lithiumqueen's Gustav fetish. (And extra thanks to the awesome lc_ffaf for helping :P)

I walked through the backstage corridor, stopping in my tracks when I heard a strange noise from one of the dressing rooms. It was a sort of... groan. I headed over to the door of the room where I thought the sound had originated and listened. "Shut up Watkins." I heard a voice hiss from the other side of the wood.

Curiousity getting the better of me, I placed my hand on the door's handle, turning it and pushing it open slowly. I slipped into the room, hoping I hadn't been spotted, which, as I glanced over, seemed to be the case.

In front of me were Ian and Gustav, the two singers making out, Gustav's hands running over Ian's bare chest. I bit my lip, moving to a position where I wouldn't be seen by them. The first think I did? I got out my phone, took a quick picture and then made a tweet.

I looked back at them after pocketing the phone, biting my lip again at the sight. Ian's jeans had been pulled down and he was flipped around, Gustav pressed against him. I reached down between my legs, undoing my fly as he pulled back from Ian, hands moving. I couldn't exactly see what he was doing, though the gasp Ian made led me to believe Gustav was pressing something, likely a finger, into him. "I told you to keep quiet whore." He growled and leant down, reaching for something out of sight. When he stood back up he reached around, stuffing what I realised when Ian's boxers into his mouth. "That should shut you up."

I grinned, taking my dick in hand and starting to stroke myself slowly. Ian made another moan, this one mufled, as Gustav did... whatever he was doing. I wished I could see, but there wasn't exactly anywhere I could go without risking being seen. I could only watch from here because there was furniature I could hide behind.

Gustav had now definitely removed his fingers from Ian's arse, lining himself up to slam in. I bit make a moan as Ian let out a muffled one. I stroked myself a little firmer, licking my lips at the sight of Gustav's ass as he fucked Ian, hard and fast. I knew exactly what he was feeling right now. This wasn't exactly Ian's first time with a guy ater all. Hell it had to be in at least three figures now for him. This made me wanna fuck him again though, and soon. Maybe the next hotel night.

Gustav groaned, slamming into him hard. "Fuck whore, how do you feel so good?" Ian made a noise, possibly the start of a reply, but Gustav trust into him. "I didn't say you could talk did I slut?" He growled and I saw him spit on Ian's back. "Honestly, have all the dicks you've taken made you stupid?"

I surpressed a chuckle by biting my lip hard. I pictured what he must be feeling right now. Ian's arse clenching around him with every other thrusts, his cheeks pressing against his hips. I licked my lips at the thoughts, squeezing my hand around my aching length.

I returned my attention to them, watching as Ian brace himself against the desk he was pressed over, the boxers now on the surface in a wet tangle. Gustav didn't seem to care about that, his hands gripping Ian's sides as he pounded him, each thrust causing them both to make sounds of pleasue.

My eyes lidded a little, my hand moving faster, each stroke getting me closer to the edge. I let out a small groan, not intending to, but I figured it wouldn't matter. They were making so much noise anyway, it wasn't as if they'd notice. I heard Gustav growl, thrusting my hips forward and then it hit me. I came hard over myself, my head tipping back as I did so, a soft moan passing my lips.

"Well, well." I opened my eyes, coming out of my daze at the sound. Gustav was staring right at me, his dark eyes boring into me. "Looks like your moans attracted one of your fellow Welsh whores." His lips quirked into a smirk and he made his way over to me, his slick softening dick swaying. "Well, if you think you got a free show." He leaned in close, purring his words. "You're wrong."

I swallowed, wondering exactly what he could mean. "There's no such thing as a free show." I shivered as he spoke again. "Now be a good boy and get on your fucking knees."
Tags: fic, gustav wood, gustav wood/ian watkins, ian watkins, lostprophets, slash, stuart richardson, young guns
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