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Quick post, mainly about Saturday (cause the rest of the week wasn't too exciting).

Saturday I ended up going to Wolverhampton cause there was a Memorabilia thing and free comic book day.

The free comic book day part was a bit annoying. Mainly cause the Star Wars one wasn't there (and also, oddly, the Moomin one wasn't either). I did get the Avengers one though and a few others, so yay!

The Memorabilia thing was small and so... a little disappointing. I did get an X-Files comic and Who cards, though I wished I thought about doing a list of my cards so I coulda got more. Boo.

The best thing? Going in Argos and managing to get the only Wolverine lego set! Finally! I has a lego Deadpool! Yay!

Rest of the day ?Not too interesting. Getting paper, losing mum, being made to carry annoying kids toys. Boo.

Only other thing of note is that Bullet posted a pic on twitter that shown off one of Moose's balls.

Oh and the tadpoles are doing oki and are soo cute wiggling around! Yay!

Off now to fic, do more to the Avengers game and later do some more of the chemistry stuff.
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