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Made To Be Ruled

Made To Be Ruled
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: NC-17
POV: Loki
Warnings: AU, BDSM, non-con
Notes: Ok so I got this idea into my head last night and decided to fic it. The very basic idea is 'what would've happened if Loki had suceeded?'. There's bound to be some spoilers, but I'm not sure how much of it would class as spoilery so... bare that in mind.

I stared out over the remains of the city that had once been called New York. It would, soon, be rebuilt as a monument for me. That was one thing these puny humans were good at, building. I turned my back from the window, back to the interior of the helicarrier that I'd appropriated as my own. It would make an adequate base for the time being. It was mobile, easily defendable and reminded them that I was their new god, watching from above.

There was also the added twisted irony of using the former base of my enemies as my own.

They'd all been dealt with of course. In different ways. Some had, like Hawkeye before them, been turned to my way of thinking. Both Hulk and Stark were safely secured away in seperate researcher facilities. Lastly, there was my brother.

I licked my lips lightly, approaching him. He was naked and chained in the center of the room. I'd made sure my allies had spirited his precious hammer through the portal so it would be far beyond his reach. He looked so dejected, so pathetic. But that's what losing does to you. I reached down gripping his hair.

"See dear brother, it's not nice to lose everything is it?" He mumbled something behind the gag that I'd stuffed between his lips. I must say, humans did have rather useful things which I had ready to use on my brother. He looked up at me, glaring. I knealt beside him, still holding his hair, making sure he was looking out the window at the destruction. "Look brother. Look at your precious Earth. This is just the begininng." He mumbled something again, drool escaping his lips making me chuckle. "Soon you, like them, will know your place brother. When that day comes I won't need these chains to keep you at my feet." My gaze returned to him and I smirked at the defiant look in his eyes. Oh it would happen, I didn't care if it took weeks, months, years or centuries. I would break him.

Of course, sooner was always more preferable.

I released my grip on his hair, standing back to full height. I circled him slowly, partly just because I know it would be off putting to him. Whenever I moved into his eyeline, he followed me with his gaze. "You may not think it right now, but you'll soon see you're no better than they are. That you should kneel before your rightful ruler. That day will come, I promise you that." I paused, kicking the chain that held his right wrist. "But until then, these are necessary."

I stopped behind him, running a hand down my body as my armor melted away, leaving my skin bare. "But for now, dear brother, I'll have my fun with you." I reached down and removed the rubber... thing that I'd shoved up his ass from him. I cast it aside, lining myself up with him and thrusting into him, hard enough to make him grunt. Someday he would beg for this. I thrust into him hard, making the chains rattle. Someday he would long for this. I slammed into him, surpressing a groan. Someday he would need this. I thrust into him, releasing a growl. Someday.

I held onto him, smirking and letting the my hands get ice cold. I felt, rather than heard, his cry of pain. He tried to get away from me, futilely of course, and I smirked. I let my hands warm up, smiling at the faint marks I'd left on him. There were a few other such marks on his body and I knew, by the time he was mine, that there would be many more.

"Look at yourself brother. The former proud warrior." I growled, slamming into him. "Now a prisoner." I thrust again. "Bound by chains he cannot break." Another thrust. "Held captive by me on this wretched little planet." I groaned, thrusting hard and deep. "You're not a warrior now brother." I spat ice at him, smirking at the noises he made. "You're nothing more than a common whore."

I growled, digging my nails into him as I came, filling him up with hot spurts. Fuck, I was hoping to last longer. Damn him. I spat ice at him again, panting as I pulled out of him.

"The sooner you realise that the better."

I smirked as his arms shook, keeping himself up by will alone. I strode around him, my armor returning to me, but I made sure to keep my dick out, wiping it off in his hair. Only then did I let my outfit conceal my length again. I didn't give him another thought, instead turning and heading out of the room. As I left I pressed a button on my wrist, hearing the sound of the tower before the window get destroyed by my forces.

As I left the room I was sure he heard a whimper. I smirked to myself, knowing that soon was just that little bit closer.
Tags: fic, loki, loki/thor, slash, the avengers, thor
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