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We're not a team. We're a time-bomb!

Well the trip back was pretty uneventful. I ended up finishing Shadow Games, which ended pretty awesomely/sadly. Boo. Then I ended upreading my Star Wars comic and got amused at new one having a Bond-like guy.

Once home I just pretty much flopped.

Today's been partly annoying. The Lego set was out of stock everywhere, which sucked. Stupid Pertemps ool put me on a course thing, but it's just a morning so... eh.

Worst was the sucky buses later which meant I missed any trilers and the very start of Avengers Assemble.

Rambling under el cut.

Ok mostly this'll be bullet points cause... well, that's best.

*Annoyed at self or missing the start. Well, more annoyed at fucking buses than self.
*I really wanna see Iron Man 2/Captian America now because I've not yet.
*Captain America was better than I expected, as was the other Avengers.
*Guh Thor panting. So glad he did it so much!
*The Thor fights were awesome!
*I'd forgotten how amusing Iron Man was
*So glad I'm playing that Avengers game on Facebook because it made me recognise stuff.
*I'm sad about the Agent that died, he was pretty cool.
*I really like the weird... snake things that the aliens had. The big things from the trailers that smash through buildings
*Hulk smashing Loki!
*That scene at the end with Thor and Loki! The images!

In short it was awesome and I want the dvd/blu-ray already, go see it!

Tuck's side project is gonna be announced soon, yay!
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