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Two Welsh Guys Walk Into A Gay Bar

Two Welsh Guys Walk Into A Gay Bar
Pairing: Gavin Butler/Neil Starr
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gavin
Warnings: Just regular porntimes
Notes: Ok, like I said in my last post, when I saw Gavin and Neil on tour they both said they'd been to a gay bar the night before so this is based on that.

The music was loud and thumping, bodies gyrating to the beat. I swallowed, looking around at all the men surrounding me. A gay bar wasn't exactly the place I'd expected Neil to take us after our gig. Still, I guessed it was fair enough and it would be an experience.

We made our way to the bar, where I quickly ordered drinks for us.

As we drank I looked around, glancing over the various guys. Some where talking, some drinking, some dancing and others were making out. I shifted slightly, drinking some more and trying to ignore my twitching dick.

After a few I was starting to get into it. I actually got up and danced with a guy that was only wearing leather trousers. Neil was watching from where he sat a grin plastered over his face.

I sauntered back over to him, returning his grin. "What're you grinning about?" I asked him, voice a little slurred.

He leaned in closer so I could hear. "You." His tongue darted out over his lips. He looked me right in the eyes and then... he kissed me. I blinked, caught off guard but I kissed him back, parting my lips and letting his tongue slip in, messy and awkward.

When he pulled back I gasped, looking into his eyes. I'd been kissed by guys beore, being in a band with Sean insured that, but this was just so unexpected. "Err..." He uttered and I smiled, which led to him downing the last of his drink, standing and kissing me again, the taste of alcohol on his tongue. He gripped my shirt, pulling me. "Come on, let's get outta here."


We'd decided to walk back to the hotel, mostly because we couldn't remember the name of it so getting a taxi would be useless. We ended up getting lost, but we got there in the end. Eventually.

When we finally got inside, he kissed me again, his hands moving under my shirt as he did so. I kissed him back, content to let him take the lead. Clothing was shed and before I knew it, we were topless, our bare chests pressed against one another. He smiled against me, hands moving down towards my crotch. His fingers gripped my zipper, tugging it down. I shifted, letting him push the jeans down to the floor, my boxers soon following. He smiled, taking my stiff dick in hand and pumping me firmly a few times.

He leaned into me, purring in my ear. "Over the bed." I smiled a little, parting from him, almost tripping over my jeans on the way to the bed. I let out a non-to-manly giggle, then bent over the sheets so my arse was in the air.

I heard him remove his own jeans and come over to me. I felt a hand on my arse, holding me open. I gripped the sheets, a wet finger of his other hand probing me. I grunted, staying still and letting him do his thing, his digit sliding knuckle-deep. One finger became two and then two became none. I groaned at the loss, opening my mouth to whine but it was cut short when I felt him press against me. I grunted as he filled me with his dick, my hands gripping the sheets tighter at the burn from the stretch. "Fuck..." I gasped out, his hands holding onto me as he started moving, not giving me a moment's chance to get used to him. Not that I minded. The booze dulled the pain pretty quick.

Neil was thrusting surprisingly fast, though there was no real pace, just irregular thrusts. I didn't mind though. Fuck being fucked steadily. I moved a hand under me, wrapping my fingers around my dick to wank. I wasn't sure if he'd have rather done, but I suspected it was best to let him focus on one task rather than giving him an extra thing to do. I stroked myself as best I could, what with the bed impeding movement a little and his harder thrusts pushing me more against the sheets. Still, I was doing alright considering.

Neil groaned, fingers digging into me and I was sure they'd leave marks. Not that I cared. I was passed caring. I moved my hand a little faster along my length, eyes lidding. "Fuck Neil..." I let out a low groan, thrusting forward as I came over the sheets and my belly..

The next few minutes were like a daze, with Neil fucking me harder. At some point he let out a groan of my name which I assumed meant he'd released. I smiled to myself and then, not long after he pulled out, passed out.


I awoke with a pounding headache. I realised a few things as I rubbed my head, adjusting my glasses. First, I was naked. Second, my arse was sore. Third, I wasn't so much in bed as... drapped across it with my ass in the air. I shifted so I was laying in bed properly, under the covers this time, and glanced over at Neil. He was just as naked from the looks of it, though he was sleeping.

A smile drifted over my face and I flopped back against the matress, hoping I could get another hour or two of sleep. Then I could straighten out all the random, fuzzy images in my head. There were only two things I was 100% sure of. Well, three if you include the obvious hangover. The first was that we'd been to a gay bar. That I was completely sure of, mostly because I remember dancing to Abba which could only happen somewhere like that. Second was that I'd got fucked and all signs now indicated that it was Neil that had done it. I bit my lip and looked over at him.

Today's drive sure would be interesting.
Tags: attack! attack!, fic, gavin butler, gavin butler/neil starr, neil starr, slash, the blackout
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