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To the end of the road...

You know, I'm in a really, really good mood and there's many reasons why.

First, the third assessment (aka the assessment of doom) is done! It is out of my fucking life, huzzah!

Second, we took Dan out this morning and... there were ducklings! One duck had five and the next one had eight and they were just... so insanely adorable and eee!

I ended up, very very last minute, deciding to go to Gavin and Neil's solo show in Birmingham. I managed to catch Gavin at merch and he rememebred me! Which was awesome. And he commented on my jacket and thought mum's ds was a 3ds so got excited (it's off with her in Wales now ironically). He's awesome! And I got his new tee, yay! I wasn't going to get anything but I knew I had to have it. The first act was pretty good. The lead singer kept saying beautiful which was odd. The second support were ok.

Then it was Neil and just... he said he and Gavin spent last night in a gay bar! And I mean, that image stayed with me the whole night and just... the images! And he played Honesty! Eeee so glad, it's my favoourite song by them. And! He serenaded Gavin with The End Of The Road which is (apparently) a Boys To Men song.

Then it was Gavin who was awesome too. He mentioned the gay bar again, said 'on thing lead to another...' and called Neil 'his new lover'. His. Words. I just. And he played a few The Blackout songs, even including the Madonna bit in... Revolution? I think it is. Anyway yeah. So much squee.

I got a pic with Neil, but it's not as good. Ah well.

On the way back I ended up walking through a bit of the Chinese quarter and it was so pretty and cool.

I've read a lot of Shadow Games today which is just awesome. I knew it would be cause it's about gigs and it's just so interesting reading about what concert halls are like in Star Wars. It just sounds so amazing. And I'm sure nothing like this has been done before. And it's amusing because Dash was channelling Kyle Hyde in the last bits.

This weekend mum's away so tomorrow I'm gonna watch Thor, the Marple ep with Sherlock and go on Xenoblade. Also it means I can watch the Europe Nintendo conference thing live (at midday uk time).

Monday is Lostprophets, which I'm looking forward to. I'm gonna have a wander round Birmingham too (something I didn't do today since I left at 6, the latest I've gone for a gig).

Then heading down south again for a: my tatt and b: to see The Used. I'm really looking forward to that, mostly because I wanna pester Jepha because he's a geek and awesome.

After that? Going to the Wolverhampton Memorabilia fair (not sure what to expect from that) and then a long gap.

There are only two other things happening later this year at the moment. One is set, which is going to Wales at the start of August with Morgan, hopefully going to Bridgend, Pontypridd and Merthyr since I haven't been to those places.

Second, is less set because it's just been announced. But there is gonna be an event called Star Trek London on my birthday and I so hope I can go! I'm likely gonna get just the standard ticket to start with (mum's saying it can be a birthday present) and then build up around it when they put up other stuff (for talks/autographs) but yeah, so going! My major think is working out where to stay. But there's plenty of time for that. If in doubt? Saur's.

And last! Pestering sisbean who's coming from a far off land and then keeping her forever for pestering!

Anyway, yeah. Pics!

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