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You know, just once I'd like to meet an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets

So I meant to make another post earlier but I kinda failed at that. Ah well.

Went to saur's and back. Don't recall too much of it. Watched saur get his tatt and sorted a date for my next one. The other thing I remember clearly is we watched unrest (pretty good) and Inside (pretty awesome). We watched some old Who, but mostly it ended up being just me watching it.

Then it was easter week which hasn't been eventful or interesting. I only got two big eggs, but I did get an awesome Star Wars book off mum.

I finished Kid Icarus though, which is a pretty awesome game. With pretty boys. Who are likely doing it. At least in my head.

I also ended up on a Creatures 3 fix and got amused at PAdge and Ashley making everyone pregnant.

Book 3 of my course is just... a pain really. The assessments are due this week but I've not finished them. Ugh.

On Saturday mum went away with Lyndsey, leaving me alone for the weekend. I sent her off with my 3DS, but she didn't get anyone of value on it. I had the day school on Saturday and, thankfully, everyone else there has struggled with book 3 too so thank fuc for not being the only one. It was quite intensive though, considering we only just were meant to have started book 4 that day and we were discussing stuff halfway through it.

When I got back I just flopped. I put on Dead Spacce: Aftermath which was a bit hit and miss (the 3D animated scenes were awful, but the standard anime was pretty good). Then I put on Xenoblade Chronicles and ended up on it for hours. After that I put on old Who, the fourth Doctor ep Robot (which was pretty awesome).

Today I watched more old Who (Resurrection Of The Daleks [fifth Doctor] and Revelation Of The Daleks [sixth Doctor]) and now I'm putting on Remembrence Of The Daleks [Seventh Doctor]. The Sixth Doctor was actually not too bad in Revelation as he was in The Two Doctors, so that was a plus.

Anyway off now. I leave with pictures.

Beans I planted last week yesterday...

and today. So much growth!

Pumpkin plant!
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