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Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: For lc_ffaf who suggested doing something with Ilan so here it is.

He was just so pretty. His hair was the main feature, a mass of fluffy curls. I licked my lips lightly and headed over to him, knowing that I wanted him. "Hey." I smiled, giving him a once over. He was even prettier up close. "Fancy a drink?"

He smiled and nodded a little. "Sure." He wasn't from around here, his accent was American.

Halfway through the first beer he turned and smiled. "Fancy coming to mine?" I smirked and nodded, deciding to take him up on it. After all doing him at mine or his made no difference to me.

"Sure." I downed the rest of my beer in one go and headed out with him once he'd done the same.

We walked to his, which wasn't too far away from the bar. Like when we drank we talked more, but it was nothing more than an exchange of pleasentries really. Once we got there he surprised me with a quick kiss, then fumbled to get the door open.

When he pushed the door open and flicked the light on I blinked, looking around as he tioed his shoes of. There were boxes everywhere, some half open, others empty and more untouched. He'd mentioned something about him just having come over from the States, but I'd not thought it was this soon. I shrugged it off, removing my own shoes and following him through. "Sorry about the mess..." I heard him mumble and smiled, nodding a little.

"It's ok." I smiled, looking round the lliving room which at least had some furniture without boxes.

"Wanna get naked here?" He smiled, already working his own jacket off. I smiled and then shrugged, doing the same. May as well. I dropped my own jacket, t-shirt and jeans onto one chair, while his clothing went on the other. He was so hot. Slim and pretty, his dick hard and pressed against his belly. "Come on." He smiled and took my hand, leading me up to his bedroom. On the way I passed a few more boxes, smiling a little. I wondered absently how long it'd take for him to actually empty them.

When we got to the door I assume was the bedroom, he kissed me again and pulled me inside. I was caught off guard again, but kissed him back, letting him pull me into the dark room. I relaxed into the kiss, my hands running over his body. I'd give him a little control now, since he wouldn't have it later. I let out a gasp as he pushed me and before I knew it I was turned around and pressed against the sheets. He was on me before I had a chance to react and his hands were pulling my arms up to the corners of the bed. There was a click and my hands were cuffed.

"What the fuck?" I managed to utter, but only ater both hands were already in place. Ilan, at least that was the name he'd given me, chuckled from where he was straddling my lower back. He shifted, turning to face the other way and then he manhandled my legs into position too, securing them with similar feeling restraints. He made a soft noise, his hands running up my legs and I struggled, trying to escape my bonds. He just chuckled again.

"You're not getting out of those." I light lickered into life, illuminating the room. I blinked as my eyes readjusted to the light and I looked around as best I could. I had expected that his room would be like the rest of the place, disorganised boxes everywhere with a few pieces of furniture. This place wasn't like that.

Yes, there was furniture, but there wasn't a box in sight, empty or otherwise. Instead everything was laid out neatly or hidden away. What made me gasp was what was on display. There was lube and a dildo, which wasn't a big deal, but then there were rubber gloves, a knife and some other strange implements. And this was just what I could see. It made me stop struggling.

I swallowed slightly, twisting my head to look back at him as he moved again, hands stroking my upper back. "Mmmm I like your tattoo." I blinked, unsure how to react to that.

"What're you gonna do to me?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady by swallowing back my fear.

"Have some fun." He replied simply and I could see the smirk on his face before I had to turn my head back. "Just like we were going to, only not exactly as you planned."

I shivered slightly under him, but the movement just made me realise that my dick was still hard. "What do you mean?" I asked, this time hearing a tremor in my voice.

He bent down and I could feel his curls against my neck. "Well for starters... I'm gonna fuck your ass." He purred the words, each making me shiver more. "And then... well..." He trailed off, his hands running along my sides. I wondered what he could mean, but I didn't want to ask. Well, I did, but I couldn't find the words.

He shifted off me, his hands running over my bare skin. His fingers ran along my crack, his hands pulling my cheeks apart. I heard him spit on me, then felt him push a finger into me. I gasped and he chuckled once more. "Not been fucked before huh?" I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. I didn't give him the satisfaction of answering, not that I could since he was working on opening me up. One finger became two and he thrust both mercilessly, making me groan in pain and ball my hands into fists. I yelped as he bought his over hand down against my ass, my body jerking from the blow. He stilled his fingers, switching to rain down a series of blows over my arse, each making me squirm.

He stopped for a moment, retreating his fingers for my hole but instead of lining his dick up he simply switched his hands around so that my other cheek was now subject to the hard blows. I yelped at each hit, squirming to try and get away from him even though it was useless.

He finished some time later and I suspected he'd been doing it until my cheeks were matching. I let out a sigh of relief, glad he was done, even though I knew he wasn't really. He dragged his fingers out of me, then I felt him climb between my legs. I felt him push his dick between my legs and I took a deep breath, trying to brace myself for him. I'd took dick before, but not for a long time so it did hurt as he filled me. I gritted my teeth, hearing him moan as he entered me fully. "Fuck yeah, so tight." He stayed in place for only a couple of seconds, then he started to move, going hard and fast. Each slam of his hips made it harder for me to keep quiet and soon groans of pain escaped my lips, though there was the occasional flare of pleasure as he rammed against my spot. He hands were on my sides, holding tight onto me as he fucked me like a demon.

I gripped the sheets with my fingers, resting my head against it, trying not to let him know that I was actually enjoying this a little. He chuckled, digging his nails into my skin. "There's no use hiding it cunt..." He whispered, bent down over me again so I could feel those curls brush against me. "I can see how much you like this, being used like the whore you are." He punctuated his words by slamming into me hard, which resulted in me letting out a groan. "Don't worry, you'll get my dick a lot." He thrust into me hard and I groaned. "I'd hate for my new little cunt to be deprived."

He shited back again, his curls swishing against my skin and the movement, and he slammed into me repeatedly. I tried to roll my hips against the sheets to get off, but he held me tighter, soon putting a stop to that. I whimpered, but he just chuckled and kept fucking me, not letting me move. "Fuck yeah..." I heard him mutter behind me and he stilled, shooting into me.

"Mmmm." He purred, letting go of his hold and easing out when he finished. "I made the right choice with you."

I turned slightly, my body trembling slightly. "What're you going to do to me?" I asked, hoping I'd get some form of answer now, but he was smirking, opening a drawer and tossing a few things on the bed. Soon he was straddling my lower back again and I could feel his softening dick against me. "Shush now slut." As I opened my mouth to protest he filled it with a rubber gag, securing it behind my head tight. "You'll find out about your new life soon." I could hear the smirk in his voice as he wrapped a collar around my neck before he shifted down. "Just two more things and you're ready for the night." I shivered, drool escaping my lips and sliding down my chin due to the gag. At his new position, between my legs, I felt him grab something else and reach under me, sliding something down onto my dick. Lastly he thrust something up my ass, filling me up again.

"There we go slut, all done." I felt him stand and slap my ass again. "See you tomorrow." He leaned down and planted a kiss on my lizard tatt, then he stood and walked away. The light went off and then the door opened and closed, leaving me alone. Alone with my thoughts on what exactly he could have in mind. The thoughts that came to mind made me shudder, though I wasn't sure it was out of fear or anticipation.

I shivered slightly again, closing my eyes and trying to drift off.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ilan rubin, ilan rubin/jay james, jay james, slash, the new regime
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