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Pretty Plump Lips

Pretty Plump Lips
Pairing: Gustav Wood/Ian Watkins
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Warnings: Porn
Notes: For lithiumqueen, enjoy :P

"That's it..." I gazed down, smirking at the sight of Gustav. His pretty, plump lips wrapped around my dick as he sucked me. His gaze met mine and he smiled, bobbing steadily. Mmmm, he sure was eager. Eager to earn his place on this tour. I reached down, threading my fingers through his dark hair. "Good whore..."

Every tour required support and, while it was decided on talent for the most part, sexual favors didn't hurt. Especially when they came from attractive band members. I let out a low groan, his lips squeezing around my shaft. I gripped his hair tighter, to signal that he was doing something right. He smiled and kept moving steadily, his eyes lidding a little. "Such a good little cocksucker..." I purred, his tongue fluttering against me as he sucked me down once again.

I gave him a quick, appreciative once over. Bright blue eyes, dark hair that swooped over his forehead. He was completely naked, so that I could see the ink on his arms, which I could make out as an eagle and some Medusa thing. Further down his dick was hard rock hard and pressing against his belly. I groaned, distracted from looking him over by that fucking tongue of his.

I pushed him back, fully off my dick. He let out a whimper, clearly disappointed at the loss. I was too, but I wanted to pound that arse of his. "Bend over." I smirked as he got up, laying over the table with his ass pushed out.

I took a deep breath, then stood and crossed the short distance over to him. I held his cheeks open and smirked at the sight, spitting on his his open hole. Helpfully he'd prepped himself beorehand. "Good boy." I muttered under my breath, slmming hard into him. "That's it, take it..." I groaned as I filled him fully, digging my nails into him. I had no idea if he did this regularly or if this was a rare occurance, though I suspected the former. His hands were gripping on the wood of the table, his ass pushing back. "Yeah, you need this don't you slut?" He groaned, not responding with words though I didn't care.

I focussed on myself, not bothering to even touch his stiff dick. After all it was about my pleasure, not his. He really put effort into getting me off, his insides squeezing around me regularly. I groaned each time, slamming harder each time, knowing I wouldn't last very long. "That's it... fuck..." I growled, tipping my head back as I released, filling him up.

I remained inside him until I finished completely, licking my lips. I moved back to my seat, watching and waiting to see what he'sd do. It took him a few moments, long another for a small amount of cum to slide out of him before he spoke. "So... do we get the support slot?"

I looked right into his pretty eyes, smirking. "That depends on how fast you can clean my cock slut."

Without a moment's hesitation he moved back to his place at my feet and his tongue was on me again. Yeah, he'd got his place.
Tags: fic, gustav wood, gustav wood/ian watkins, ian watkins, lostprophets, slash, young guns
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