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Pairing: Andy Six/Ashley Purdy
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ashley
Warnings: Fisting
Notes: Ok, so this is inspired by the gig the other week and is mostly due to Andy wearing a badana on the night. This turned out to be harder to do than expected, but here it is.

Red. That was the first thing I noticed when we got onstage. Andy's bandana hung down behind him, brushing against the backs of his knees as he moved around the stage. To most the squares of cloth that Andy sometimes wore had no meaning, but they did to me. Each colour referred to something specific, something we'd do at the earliest opportunity. It was up to me to remember what each one meant and act accordingly

I tried to recall what red meant between songs. It came to me shortly after Love Isn't Always Fair and I smirked to myself. Oh yes, fun would be had.


The hotel room was a welcome break from the cramped conditions of the bus. Not that being on a bus was a bad thing. It was just it was difficult to actually do anything fun there.

The room was a standard one, with a bed, cupboards and other shit. It'd do. I dropped my bag, licking my lips. He'd be here soon. I got out the few things I'd need, setting them down.

A few minutes was all I had to get ready before the door opened. There he was, topless with smudges of his war paint still smeared on his skin. I licked my lips at the sight, my dick twitching in my pants. He pushed the door shut with the bottom of his booted foot and saunted over to me, hips swaying. He didn't say anything, now that he usually did, but now he was mostly trying to save his voice. I growled low and nodded to the bed. "Bend over, pants down."

He nodded wordlessly, reaching down to undo his fly. His fingers soon had the zipper pulled down and he pushed the skin tight pants down those long legs of his. Once they hit the floor he nudged them away and bent across the bed. I licked my lips again, gazing at the sight of his perfect ass. I tore my eyes away, grasping the lube and squirting it over my fingers. I spread it over my digits until I was satisfied.

I held his cheeks open, removing the small plug that was inside him. I set it aside on the bed, then worked on filling him. Three fingers to start with due to the plug. He groaned, his fingers digging into the sheets. "Little slut." I whispered, curling my digits inside him. I started pumping my fingers in and out, working him open. It wasn't terribly difficult, which I was always thankful for. When we first fucked, shortly after we first met, it seemed to take forever to get him ready to take my dick. Now it was easy.

My fingers soon opened him enough for my purposes and so worked my remaining finger and thumb into him. He groaned, his fingers clutching the sheets tighter. He pressed his forehead against the sheets, his eyes lidding. I wet my lips, working my hand deeper into him. He groaned as it filled him, squirming on the sheets. My dick ached, especially at the sight of his belly, which was pushed out from my hand. It was a strange sight, but a sexy one.

I worked my hand fully into him, marvelling at the sight of his ass stretched around my wrist. I wiggled my fingers inside him, hearing him moan and watching as he squirm at each movement. I licked my lips, moving my fingers and watching him gasp. I wondered if I could make him cum with just my hand. I smirked, deciding to find out. My fingers moved within him, causing him to make more of those sweet noises. I kept my movements fairly small and gentle. I didn't want to hurt him after all. I placed my other hand on his back, running it up and down slowly.

He was squirming beneath me, fingers clutching the sheets tighter every passing moment. He did look really sexy, panting and desperate, his eyes lidded and his hair draped over his face. He always looked so hot like this, his hips pressing against the sheets just enough to be noticeable. I smirked, focussing on my hand, increasing the speed of my fingers, especially where I thought his spot was. "Ugh fuck..." He whispered in a breathy rasp, fingers clenching as his ass squeezed around me. Moments later he arched his back and his ass clenched tighter around my wrist as he released over the table.

"Good slut." I smirked, stroking his back gently as he rode it out. I waited until he was still again before gently easing out of him, my first thought about my own dick. I quickly got my cock out, then got behind him and slammed into him. He took me, of course, easily but that didn't matter. I fucked him, hard, needing my own release. He just laid there and took it, panting with a faint smile on his face, making the occasional moan or other sound of pleasure. I just held onto him, pounding into his pretty ass. I knew I'd release soon, but didn't give a shit. I'd earned this. I dug my nails into his pale skin, marking them as I'd done many times over and I growled, slamming into him one last time as I came.

I pulled out, panting softly, then slapped his ass. "Well?"

"Fuck Ashley..." He muttered, rolling over onto his back. "You remembered."

"Always do." I smirked, climbing onto the bed on top of him. "Now be a good boy and suck my dick."
Tags: andy six, andy six/ashley purdy, ashley purdy, black veil brides, fic, slash
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