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I heard a cry

So it's been awhile since my last post.

A few basic things before going into more recent stuff:
*I restarted (and finished) Hotel Dusk
*I started and finished Last Window, which was awesome. Nomnom Tony
*I finished book 2 of my course, which was pretty interesting

So I went to Mikey's Tuesday and spent the trip reading mostly. First my course, then Last Window chapter 1 and then the start of Shadow Games (which is awesome so far).

We watched old Who and went on some games the first night. Wednesday we headed up the town, seeing cute deer and ducks. Thursday we went to Tunbridge Wells. Annoyingly my next tatt is irritatingly so much more than the first. Gah. I may get it though (after finding out why it's so much more). There were some awesome kids in the BBC store though, squeeing over old Who.

Friday was the trip back, which was pretty straightforward thankfully. Kid Icarus was here so I went on that for a bit. Tis pretty good so far, once you get the hang of it. Also watched The Robots Of Death which is pretty good (amusing outfits aside).

Yesterday was gig day. The first act were eh. I didn't care for em. Drugs were awesome though. I never realised how hot Craig was till he was topless and sprawled over an amp.

Black Veil Brides were last and ngh. Andy and Ashley were topless and Andy was molesting everyone and licking everything. There did seem to be a problem with Andy's voice though, which was a shame. CC did a pretty awesome drum solo though. Blindolded for the start.

When we got back (having to go the long way because of dumb buses) we ended up watching Pontypool, which ended up being pretty good once it got going. I started a fic beore bed, which I hope to finish... at some point.

Off now, shall try and make another post before the week is out
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