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Regia Solis

Random post and I've just noticed it's been ages since I last did one.]

Main thing that's happened was having to sortout the student finance stuff which took near a dozen calls and made me wanna beat them.Thankfully it's sorted now.

Also finished the first part of my curse so I'm on book 2, Earth And Space (though that's almost finished now). It's been quite interesting actually, which I didn't think it would be.

I finished the main gme of Resident Evil Revelations Thursday (meaning Raid mode is all that's left). Thoughts? It was awesome! It is possibly the best 3DS game (and yes, that includes Ocarina). It has it's frustrating moments, but it is an awesome game. It really is scary too. So if you have a 3DS and love the games, get it. If you have a 3DS and aren't sure, have a go on the free demo. (Although the actual level in the game is MUCH harder than the demo.) Now that it's over I'm just waiting to see if any Parker/Raymond art/fics tun up because I'm sure they will.

Now that it's finished I've restarted Hotel Dusk and hopeto finish it in a few days before starting Last Window (which I got with my money and, although it was preowned, it was in PERFECT condition and hadn't been played at all).

I also downloaded Kid Icarus 2 cause it was cheap on the e-shop and why the fuck is theirst boss so dificult and the second so easy?

My DS9 run is going well and I just finished season 5 so season 6 will be started soon. By contrast my Enterprise run has... stalled and I've not watched any in awhile. I'll need to get back into it.

Next week I've gotta go into Cannock three times which is ucking annoying cause it's or pointless courses which will make me wanna kill people. Gah! Cept for the last one which I dunno but at least it's short. Stupid people.

The week after I'll be off to Mikey's... then back for Black Veil Brides... then back down to Mikey's... then back. At some point I should be getting my second tattoo (if they get back to me).

Lostprophets new video is pervy. I'm sure it's just an excuse for Ian to be tied to a chair and beaten by men. Not sure what I think of the song though.

Going to see The Used next month after Prophets.Yay for meet and greets that are, inexplicbly, half price of a gig WITH a cd. Madness.

Kerrang has surprised me by doing a solo poster of Ray not in poster special. Oddness. But it needs to get on with a Bullet poster special.

As always with these things, I'm sure something has escaped me. Ah well.
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