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Have At Him

Have At Him
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Bondage
Notes: Ok this was inspired by this gif that was on tumblr and it took an oddly long time to actually do fr some reason. But I think it's worked out ok. It would seem like it's been forever since I've done MCR fic which is odd. lonelydays17 is to blame for it being from Ray's pov (and his characterisation a bit).

"I've got Mikey tied to my bed - have at him." We all looked at Gerard as he said those words. He'd come from the direction of the bedrooms and was half naked. I blinked at his words as I processed them.


"He means we can all fuck Mikey dumbass." Frank grinned from where he sat beside me.

"Oh..." I blushed a little, nodding slightly. It had been very obvious that Gerard and Mikey were more than brothers from the start. They'd give each other lustful looks, lingering touches and disappear off together. Later it became quite obvious and, well, it became impossible to hide from us after awhile. Of course they couldn't be open about their relationship, but they didn't seem to mind, not that I'd seen anyway. Indeed they seemed to have a rather good open relationship, perhaps necessitated by the fact they couldn't reveal themselves.

Gerard nodded, a smirk on his lips. "Yep. Come on."

The three of us ollowed him and I supressed a gasp. Mikey was sprawled over Gerard's bed, face down with his ass in the air. His wrists and ankles were tied to the bed, his pale skinned frame spread wide due to the bonds. He looked so sexy, without even trying. Mikey turned his head slightly, his dark hair messed up and his glasses slightly askew. "Fucking hell Mikey.." Frank whispered, taking the words from all of us.

We approached him slowly, the three of us looking him over. This was so strange. Sure I'd seen him naked before, it was impossible not to due to changing rooms and shared living spaces, but this was different. So different. I'd had sexual thoughts about him before, I was neither blind nor a nun after all, but I'd never seen him in a state such as this. I swallowed, unsure what to do so I looked at my bandmates, both of which were removing their clothing. I bit my thick lower lip, then began doing the same.

I started by removing my t-shirt, pulling it over my head and tossing it carelessly aside. I reached down, blushing as I undid my fly. I pushed my worn jeans down slowly, freeing my dick which wasn't constrained by boxers. I very rarely wore underwear due to my size, which meant underwear was just irritating. I felt myself flush more, stepping out of the jeans so I was fully naked.

"Fuck I always forget that Toro's packing." Frank exclaimed from beside me, in his excited little voice and I just blushed more. He was naked too and I had a feeling he'd been the fastest to strip, his inked little body on display.

I looked over at Bob, his fingers working on pulling his pants down. He looked vaguely uncomfortable, but did it anyway. I gave him an appreciative nod, which he returned with a smile.

"So who gets to go first?" Frank, again.

Gerard tapped his chin in thought, looking us over one at a time. "Frank, Bob then Ray last."

"Cool." Frank nodded, seemingly pleased to be first. After a nod from Gerard he approached the bed, licking his lips. As soon as he reached the bed he was on it like a shot. I barely had chance to blink and there he was, between Mikey's spread legs and lining himself up. He spat on his hand and slicked himself up with it before pushing into him. Mikey didn't make a sound as Frank filled him, which made me glance up to check that Mikey was ok. He wasn't gagged and he was clearly awake, so maybe he was just quiet.

Frank started to fuck his slender body, while the three of us watched. It was strange. I'd never seen people fuck like this before. Sure I'd heard people fuck a few times and I'd seen porn, but never right in front of me. What was I meant to do? Where was I supposed to look? Should I jerk off, or would that be.... inappropriate? Or would it be inappropriate not to? I just found myself staring dumbly as Frank fucked Mikey with enthusiasm.

Bob shuffled next to me, so I gave him a sideways glance. He looked a bit more composed than I felt, though I got the impression he wasn't as comfortable. "I never got used to this things." He mumbled, leaning over. "Even being with The Used for so long."

I smiled a little, glancing at him properly. "So what do we do?" I whispered, keeping my voice low, though the noises Frank made covered it up.

He shrugged. "Watch, jerk off. But not too quick. Like this." I looked down at his dick, watching as he stroked himself at a leisurely pace. I bit my lip, reaching down to take myself in hand. I slowly stroked myself at a similar pace. I looked back over at Frank and Mikey, as Frank moaned louder.

His head was tipped back and he was groaning, slamming hard and fast into him. His hands were on Mikey's hips, holding onto him as he fucked him. A few more trusts and then he let out a stream of expletives that ran into each other so much I couldn't make it out. When he was done, he stilled his movements and that's when I was certain he was done. He slapped Mikey's ass as he pulled out, his dick soft and slick. "You're up Bob."

Bob smiled a little. "Just what I always wanted, your sloppy seconds." Frank grinned and flipped him off before he leaned against the wall, sliding down it so he was seated on the floor. Bob got into position behind Mikey, lining up before wordlessly pressing into Mikey. Mikey let out a soft gasp, but was otherwise quiet again. Bob's hands were on his ass, gripping the pale flesh as he started to move. His pace was slower than Frank's, though I could tell he was putting more force into the thrusts. After all he was just... bigger.

It was now I noticed Gerard. He was watching Bob from where he was standing, a camera in hand. He wasn't just letting us fuck Mikey, he was filming it too. Fuck. My dick ached a little in my hand and I wondered exactly what he'd be doing with it.

I swallowed, returning my gaze to Mikey and Bob, watching them fuck. Bob kept his movements steady, unlike Frank before him, and he was much quieter too. There was the occasional grunt, growl or mumbled phrase, but otherwise he was quiet.

"Fuck..." He mumbled, slamming into him harder and I had a feeling he'd be done soon. He groaned louder, his fingers flexing against his ass. A few thrusts and he let out a moan, thrusting forward a final time. "Fuck Mikey..."

Bob pulled out and gave me a smile, patting my arm. "You're up Toro." He leaned in closer and whispered. "You'll be fine." He smiled and headed to where Frank was sitting. "Come on, you're getting your cum off my dick." I resisted the urge to watch as he threaded his fingers in Frank's hair and pulled him closer.

So I moved to Mikey, getting into the same position the others had been in. I reached down, holding his ass open with one hand, using the other to line myself up. I shot Gerard a quick glance and he nodded with a smile. So I pushed into in Mikey, a groan escaping my lips as I entered him. It was the feel of his tightness combined with the cum from both Bob and Frank. It just felt so fucking good, better than I expected.

Once I was completely inside the younger Way, I remained in place for a few moments before moving. My pace was somewhere between Bob and Frank's speeds, steady but not too slow. I'd hoped to keep a steady pace for awhile, but that didn't last longer. I'd hadn't realised how needy I was and Mikey's ass just amplified it with the way he twitched around me. I found myself holding onto him tightly, each thrust making his body press more against the sheets.

I noticed now, as my hands gripped his sharp hip bones, that he'd seemingly not came. Curious, I shifted my fingers towards his length and felt a ring of rubber around the base. I decided to leave it alone, gripping his hip as I had before.

"Mikey..." I moaned, slamming into him as I came, rather unexpectantly. I thought I'd have lasted longer, but fuck, he was just so good and seeing him get fucked... well it was so hot.

I eased myself out, panting softly as I gave his lower back a gentle pat. Surprisingly, Bob was there, only this time he had the camera. Gerard was there too, pants shed and his dick hard and aching. I moved away, watching in a daze as Gerard pushed into him, his hand reaching around and I knew that ring was coming off.

The way Gerard moved was different to us. Yeah it was urgent and it was clear he'd been tuned on by what he'd seen, but there was something else there. The connection they shared. He may not be whispering sweet nothings in his ear or kissing him or taking his time, but you could see the love there. I hoped I'd have that one day.

They lasted a good half dozen thrusts before Mikey spilled, which was marked by the most audiable noise he'd made the whole time. It set Gerard off few moments later and then that was it. It was all over.

As I watched Bob move close with the camera to get a shot of Mikey's cum filled ass as Gerard pulled out, I wondered back on the whole thing and wondered if it was something I'd do again. I decided, as Gerard held his brother's ass open and started lapping at the cum that leaked out, something that made all of us groan, that yes. I probably would, but probably only with these four. For now.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/mikey way, fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/mikey way, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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