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Jaws On The Floor

Jaws On The Floor
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Ladyboy!Jay, tit fucking.
Notes: I blame this solely on them being in Thailand for the new album. Thanks to lc_ffaf for some of the help.

I stirred, groaning as I awoke. I blinked, then rolled over so the sun wasn't in my eyes. Stupid fucking rude sun. I pulled the covers over my head to further block it out, my fingers brushing over my chest. I gasped, my eyes opening wide as I looked down. I still hadn't gotten used to my new tits, even though I'd had them for a few weeks now. I reached up, touching them curiously. They were soft and so... round.

They were the whole reason we were recording here and also the reason I'd not been in any of the material we'd released to the fans. I'd been recovering, but now, now I was ready. I felt ready.

I licked my lips, stroking my chest gently. Yeah, I felt ready. Today was going to be the day.

I climbed out of bed, heading over to the wardrobe. I opened the door and looked inside, going through the stuff inside. I'd asked Padge to get me some new clothes, but not had chance to look till now. Some of it, no, most of it, was slutty. I smiled, picking out a few things and setting them down on the bed. Yeah, those would do nicely.


It was a few more hours before I decided it was time to head down. I'd had a nap, pissed and had something to eat before getting ready. I took a deep breath before heading out of the room I'd secluded myself in for the past few weeks. I could hear them talking and smiled to myself, taking a deep breath before stepping down the stairs. They were all in the main room lounging around but when they saw me they all went quiet.

"Fuck me..." Moose spoke, though it came off as a gasp. Matt merely nodded, practically gawping at me. Padge smirked in that dirty way he did. Out of the three of them, he was the only one that had seen me like this.

I smiled and headed down the rest of the steps, their eyes on me. I'd settled on a pair of knee high boots with a small heel, a black rubber mini skirt that reached to mid-thigh and a bright red corset which barely contained my new breasts. I'd decided not to wear any underwear, despite Padge providing me with several pairs of panties.

It was a little strange, the way they eyeing me up like that. Sure, they'd looked at me like that before many times, but this was different. Probably because of my tits, which they were blatantly staring at. Matt was even drooling a little. I smiled, feeling my cheeks flush as I walked to their seating area.

"It suits you." Padge smirked, his dark eyes looking me over.

"Thanks." I smiled at him, looking at the others. "What do you think?"

Matt nodded, seemingly speechless which was a rare thing indeed. Moose nodded as well, though he was more vocal. "You look fucking hot." I smiled a little more and nodded my thanks. "So is there any more changes other than your fantastic new tits?"

I resisted the urge to giggle at his phrase and considered a moment. Well there was one thing, but maybe it was in my head. I thought how to phrase it, but decided a better way would be to show him. I reached down, gripped the bottom of the skirt and lifted it up. I had a feeling they may have expected to see a cunt or some shit, but they didn't say as much. They all looked, obviously curious and it was Moose that spoke. "It's smaller." He grinned, reaching over and cupping my crotch. He smiled, feeling and holding my stiff dick and he nodded, confirming what I suspected. "Yeah, definitely smaller. It suits you."

I blushed more, but at least it meant it wasn't just me. "Thanks." I whispered, looking them over as they stared. Thankfully, lust was obvious in their eyes which would make this next part easier. "Guys, I need dick. I've not had any since before we got here and Padge made sure I had no toys." I narrowed my eyes at him, but he just smirked. "So how about it?"

I had my answer mere moments after asking when I was pushed over the coffee table. My legs were spread and hands were on my thighs, holding them open. "Mmm how could we resist, you have a fucking fantastic arse." Padge moved, reaching for some lube. I wasn't surprised there was some in here, in fact I'd have been more surprised if there wasn't. I watched as he expertly popped the cap, squirting some over his fingers. The sight alone made me ache. He was so good with them.

With Matt and Moose holding me down, I watched as Padge took his position between his legs. He reached down, Moose's hand holding me open. I gasped, feeling Padge's slick finger press against my opening. I squirmed on the table, the digit working it's way into me, my fingers gripping the table's surface. "Fuck. You've not felt this tight in awhile." I groaned at the intrusion, smiling a little at his words. He thrust his finger deeper into me, until I felt his others splayed across my arse. He kept it still for a few moments, then resumed moving it in and out of me, making me groan softly each time.

"Fuck look at the way those tits move." I looked down at Moose's comment, watching as they kinda... jiggled whenever Padge thrust his finger inside me. They really did move, surprising considering the corset though I hadn't been able to tighten it that much alone.

I groaned louder now, Padge clearly feeling I was ready to take another finger already. It hurt, but I didn't want him to stop. I needed it. So I bit back the pain and watched the others. Matt's hands had shifted up, one of them on my right breast the other on my corset-clad chest. Moose remained beside Padge, one hand holding my cheeks apart for Padge, his other on my thigh. Padge looked focused, his gaze on my arse as his fingers kept fucking me. He was so fucking amazing with them. He knew just the right way to move them to open me up without touching my spot too much.

I growled in frustration when he stopped, his fingers easing out of me. "Now, now, soon you'll have some dick." He smirked, reaching down to undo his fly, the others letting me go to do the same. "Who wants to go first?"

"I'll go." Moose smiled and Padge stepped aside for Moose to get between my legs. "Only fitting I should be the first to take you like this." I returned his smile, feeling the head of his dick press against me. I groaned, his length pushing inside me teasingly slowly.

"Come on man..." I groaned, wiggling on the table, trying to get him to move faster. Their hands on me restricted my movement, but I noticed it made my tits bounce. I suspected I wasn't the only one that had noticed from the sounds they made.

"Fuck..." Matt's hands were on the move, pulling down the front of the corset enough so that my tits were on display. With the corset down that much my tits bounced more, especially as Moose was starting to fuck me properly. It felt strange but so fucking good. "Fuck it I can't wait." Matt let me go and moved around until he was at my head. One of hands threaded into my hair, which had grown out during my recovery period though the remnants of my hawk was still obvious. He pulled my head back so it was hanging off the edge of the table. Before he even asked I had my lips parted for him, waiting for him to just thrust. "Always such a whore."

I would have smiled if I could, but instead moaned from Moose's cock and took Matt's. Fuck I'd missed this, a dick in both ends. The only feeling that topped this was performing in front of a crowd, which I knew we wouldn't be doing anytime soon. Matt's hands, predictably, went to my tits, cupping and squeezing them as he started to fuck my face. I had to close my eyes every few minutes when Matt thrust down my throat, his balls slapping against my eyelids. I groaned around his dick as Moose slammed paticularly had into me and fuck, I felt like such a whore.

I could faintly hear Padge mumbling something above me, his hands moving over my skin and the lower half of my corset. He was probably muttering perverted comments, though he was mumbling too much for me to hear anyway even if Matt and Moose weren't fucking me like demons.

I tried my best to please them both, clenching around Moose's dick and lapping at Matt's cock, though I suspected Matt was happy enough playing with my tits. I could already taste precum from him which proved my point. "Fuck, think I can fuck those new tits?"

Padge chuckled. "Probably. Hey whore, grab your tits and push em together!" I let go of the table, reaching around and holding my tits, pushing them together as he asked. "First we need em nice and wet." I expected him to just grab the lube again, but instead I felt something else land on me. Drool, it had to be. The others joined in, I could tell from the angles that hit me. A few moments of that, then Matt pulled out, shifting to slide his dick between my now wet tits.

"Holy fuck..." He groaned, thrusting between them steadily. I tilted my head up a little, swiping my tongue over the cleft of his arse that was within reach. He groaned, his hands on mine as his pace increased. I shifted my hands a little so he could get a better grip so he'd had more control and he certainly took advantage of that. I could felt him press and squeeze my tits around him, which sent shivers through me. I was glad I'd waited till now to do this as I knew my they'd been much too sensitive for such treatment in the weeks prior to this. I knew if it became too much all I had to do is say the word Padge and I had agreed upon and Matt would be on his arse. I smiled a little at that, but had a feeling it wouldn't be necessary anytime soon.

I was proven right on that as, after little more than half a dozen more thrusts, Matt came. I groaned, feeling the jets land on my skin as he moaned my name. "Shit..." Matt was soon off me, flopping against the couch behind him, his eyes on me still as he watched in a daze. That reaction alone was worth all this.

Moose followed him a short while later. I expected him to shoot up my arse, but instead he pulled out and unloaded across my tits, his cum joining Matt's load. Moose flashed me a grin, adjusting his hat before glancing at Padge. "Want me to do anything?"

"Nah." Moose nodded and smiled, heading to join Matt in watching. Padge smirked and moved back between his legs down at me and our eyes met. We shared a brief look, but said nothing as he pushed into me. He filled me easily, not bothering to go slow as Moose had. "Fuck, missed this..." He grunted, eyes half lidded and I nodded in agreement. I was at the point now when I couldn't form words anymore. He smirked, gripping my thighs as he slammed into me, bending down slightly. I watched as he swiped his tongue over the cum on my tits, a moan escaping my lips at the feeling.

Sadly he stopped when all the cum was gone, but that meant he could fuck me harder. His right hand slipped up my thigh, under the short skirt towards my dick. "Mmm such a pretty little dick." He smirked, emphasing the little which made me shiver. He wrapped his hand around me, which further confirmed I was indeed smaller now. His hand engulfed me completely and I squirmed, his fist moving up and down. Another shiver went through me and fuck, he was catching my spot dead on. Moose had a few times, but seemed to change his angle right after. Padge didn't, he seemed intent on making me cum.

It seemed to take longer than usual, after all in previous sessions I'd more often than not came at this point, but he did suceed. I gasped out his name, my head tilting back as I came over the skirt. Padge chuckled, releasing me to hold onto my thighs again. I was still a little dazed when he pulled out after a few more thrusts and it took a few moments to realise that yes, he had came shiortly after I had and yes, it was his softening cock presented to me. I smiled, gratefully sucking him clean, his taste filling my senses.

"So..." Matt spoke up when Padge was satisfied I'd done, pulling away from my lips leaving a thin strand of drool between us. It broke when I sat up, straightening my skirt and sorting out my corset. "What do you wanna do now?"

"Beer." I smiled, licking my lips. "And whatever passes for tv here." By the time I was back in my seat, the tv was on and Moose had pushed a cold beer into my hand.


A few hours later I was being helped upstairs by Padge. He'd made sure I'd not gone overboard, but I was still a little unsteady. Strangely he was far more stable than he usually was. "Mmmm thanks Padge." I mumbled in his ear as he guided me into my room, staying by my side until I'd flopped on the bed.

"No problem." He smiled and his voice sounded strangely even, more so than a usual night of drinking would've made it.

"Not just for that." I gestured vaguely towards the door, meaning about him helping me up. "For everything you know? I really... err..." I waved my hand around in a circle, furrowing my brow as I searched for the right words.

"Appreciate it?"

"Yeah!" I nodded, grinning at him. "Thanks."

"It's ok." He smiled, ruffling my hair. "Get some rest."

I could see him about to go, but shook my head, grabbing onto him and pulling him down beside me. "You're staying here." I nodded, nuzzzling his arm. "Yes."

He chuckled and smiled, pulling the thin covers over us. "I guess I am. Now, rest." I nodded, draping an arm and leg over him before practically passing out like that
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck/moose, jay james/padge, moose, padge, slash

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