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Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge/tentacles
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: I blame watching the Enterprise ep Vox Sola for this. Also it's been ages since I've done tentacle porn and I wanted to do some (I pondered doing some for my Jay table but couldn't work it in.) In my head the creature is Morpha-like.

I stirred slightly from my slumber, sitting up a little. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, blinking into the darkness. Something felt... off. I glanced at the others. Padge was in bed beside me, while Moose was flopped across the couch and Matt was on the floor. I gave the room a quick sweep with my eyes, not noting anything unusual.

I shrugged and flopped back down on the bed. It must've been nothing. I closed my eyes, trying to get back to sleep. A little while went by and then I heard this... noise. It was kinda like a sort of squishy sound. I frowned a little, opening my eyes again, looking around to pinpoint it. Again, nothing.

I sighed, shaking my head. "We have to stop watching those fucking horror films." I muttered to myself, laying back against the bed. Hopefully I could get back off to sleep soon.

Alas sleep was not forthcoming. Instead I heard another sound, like a slurp, but this time I ignored it. There was nothing there, so it must be all in my head. It had to be, but then I heard another sound, similar to the last one only wetter. I bit my lip, starting to wonder if it actually was in my head or if it was real. I took a deep breath, sitting up again to look around.

At first, things looked much the same. Moose had moved so his position was slightly different, but otherwise...

Then I noticed. Something near the doorway. It could've just been a shadow or my imagination but I was sure it wasn't either. I slipped out of bed, heading towards the door deciding it was better for my peace of mind to find out what was going on. "Hello?" I asked, swallowing. I got no reply, other than the squishy sound again, though I hadn't expected one. If the others weren't asleep I'd have expected it to be one of them, playing some sort of stupid trick on me.

I got to the door and peered around the it, looking into the corridor. What I saw made me gasp. I wasn't sure what I was seeing. It was a strange... blob thing, translucant blue with several tentacles coming out from it. I blinked, not quite sure how to react. I just froze, staring at it and blinking.

It took a few minutes for instinct to kick in. Even then, all I could manage was backing into the room, opening and closing my mouth but nothing came out. I watched as it followed me, sliding into the doorway and into the room. Our room. "Guys.... Guys!"

"Ugh... fuck off it's not morning." Matt muttered, still on the floor. The others made similar mumbled responses. The thing had slid in more now, it's tentacles reaching out. What did it want? "The fuck?" Matt realised, too late, what my warning was, a tentacle wrapping around his ankles. He flailed his arms around uselessly for a few moments, until another tentacle held them too, rendering him helpless.

I kept moving back until I was on the bed, my back pressed against the headboard. I watched as the thing got Moose, just as easily as it had Matt. He struggled, but although stronger than Matt, he couldn't escape either.

More tentacles came out, towards me and Padge. We dodged them as best we could but it was obvious that it was fruitless. After all it blocked the main way out and we had nothing to hit it with. We threw whatever we could get our hands on at it, a lamp, a photoframe, a pen, but they seemed to do nothing.

It got us both at the same time, it's tentacles pulling us towards it like the others. The tentacles weren't as slimy as I expected. They were slick but more... firm than it looked. I wasn't sure what it was going to do. Part of me thought it would devour us somehow, but it just seemed to be holding us instead.

The tentacles wiggled against me and I noticed the same thing happening to the others. It was almost as if they were... exploring. I bit my lip, feeling one pressing against the crack of my arse. It pushed deeper, the tip probing, pressing against my opening. I gasped, the slimy length pushing into me. I noted, glancing at the others, that the same was happening to them. I gasped as it pushed in deeper, opening me up. It felt so fucking strange. It'd had many things inside me but nothing like this. It was so slick and moved in such strange ways, ways that would be impossible for anything else. The closest I'd had was a vibrator that Padge had got that had rings on it's length that could move independantly. This, however, was a vast improvement on that. I groaned softly, my dick aching as it pulsed against my spot. The others moaned too and I suspected they were getting similar treatment. They'd not had as much experience with such things as I, certainly when it came to toys.

I felt the tentacle within me expand, the slick length opening me up wider. I closed my eyes, biting my lip more, but a groan still escaped me. Well, I guessed this was better than being eaten I supposed. I groaned at the stretch of the tentacle opening me up, the feeling strange. What was it intending? I hoped this thing was just looking for a thrill, if it did such things.

I groaned, eyes lidding as it stretched me open more, more than seemed necessary.It felt like I was being prepared for a fisting or double fucking from the stretch. I felt my head tip back, my eyes opening again. I looked at the others, curious to see how they were doing. Matt's legs were pulled up, the tentacle sliding in and out steadily. Padge was upside down. Two of the slimy tentacles were buried in his ass, working themselves in and out. I turned my head to see Moose, who had a tentacle between his lips as well as up his arse. I swallowed, my dick aching more between my legs. I had it admit, it was pretty hot seeing the guys like that.

I let out a groan, the tentacle inside me swelling all the more. It felt, now, like it was about the size of Padge's wrist. I moaned, squirming as it filled me in all the right ways.

And then it stopped. It stopped wiggling and squirming, it stopped moving completely.

A few seconds later it pulled out of me, the slick sound filling the air. I whimpered at the loss, my cheeks flushing. My ass wasn't empty for too long, it was soon refilled by another tentacle, which felt different, firmer. I groaned, pushing against it, wanting to be filled again, needing it.

I glanced at the others but, bar Padge, it was hard to tell if they'd had this new type of tentacle in them. Padge now had only one tentacle in him though, so I assumed it was a safe bet to say the switch had happened. The tentacles fucked us, sliding in and out of us roughly and, it appeared, at the same pace too. They moaned just as loudly as I had, their dicks just as hard as mine.

I felt something wrap around my dick, another tentacle, much smaller than the one inside me. It started stroking me awkwardly. My dick ached more and I became certain that it was just a matter of time before I came. Especially with the way the tentacle was fucking me.

Several rough thrusts went by before I felt something strange from the tentacle. It kinda, expanded a little and then I felt something come out of it. It didn't feel like cum, not any I'd felt. It kept thrusting though, so I wasn't sure what to think. Maybe it was normal for it.

Every few thrusts I felt it do the same and it happened again a few thrusts after that. Perhaps it's orgasm was drawn out, if it even had one. It certainly felt like it was depositing something inside me. I wondered if the same was true of the others.

Before I could ask, the tentacle on my cck worked me in just the right ways, making me groan. The tentacle up my arse was repeatedly catching my spot, it's deposits pressing against my spot. It soon became all to much fo me and I came with a howl, the others doing the same moments later. I looked down, noting how pretty the tentacles looked all cum covered. A few moments later I came again, spurting hot and thick over them, this second orgasm so intense that it actually made me black out.


I blinked, groaning as the daylight streaming thrugh the window disturbed me. It was much too early to be awake, well, that's what I thought at first. Groggily images flashed into my mind and it took a few seconds to order them but... yes, a tentacled thing.

I sat up, much as I did last night and looked around the room for evidence of such a thing.


No creature, no slippy trail, even the door was closed. I frowned, laying back down. Could it all have been in my head? I shrugged, slipping out of bed and padding into the bathroom, giving the room another look for clues and finding none. As I went to piss I did notice something odd, though it could just be my imagination.

I looked a little rounder.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/tentacles, matt tuck, matt tuck/tentacles, moose, moose/tentacles. padge/tentacles, padge, slash, tentacle porn

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