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The Latest One

The Latest One
Pairing: Jacoby Shaddix/Matthew Davies/Sean Smith
POV: Jacoby
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con
Notes: For antontobias86 I hope this helps you feel a bit betters.

I followed the bleached blonde boy, licking my lips. He'd caught my eye earlier and I spent the rest of the day following him, waiting to get him alone. He'd been surrounded by people the whole time, interviewers, staff, his band. He was now heading towards his bus alone, which was perfect for me, for what I wanted.

He stopped at his bus and I waited until he'd opened the door fully before moving into action, slipping through the shadows until I was behind him. I let the door shut behind us, then gripped on him, catching him by surprise. "What..."

"Shut the fuck up cunt." I hissed in his ear, wrenching his arms behind him. "You're going to do exactly as I say."

He shook his head, squirming in my grip. I smirked and shoved him down the bus. "Let me go!"

"Ok then, looks like we'll be doing this the hard way." I shoved him hard over a table, sending everything on it crashing to the floor. A belt caught my eye, so I grabbed it, using it to bind his wrists together. Satisfied, I released his wrists but still held him down. "Now, are you going to behave or am I going to have to beat obedience into you?"

He growled, but stilled. I knew he was still defiant, but he wasn't that stupid. Good. I used one hand to lift him up a little, reaching around to undo his fly and push his pants down past his hips. I pushed him back against the table, pulling his pants and underwear down so his ass was fully visible. It was as I'd expected, so perfect and round with a little dusting of hair. I licked my lips, spitting on my fingers. With my left hand I held him open, while I pushed my middle finger of my left into him. I heard him grit his teeth, probably not wanting to give me the satisfaction of hearing him moan. I smirked, thrusting my finger in and out of him for only a few moments. The bare minimum.

When I was satisfied I slipped it out, undoing my flies to pull out my eager dick. I was just about to thrust in when I heard movement form behind me followed by a gasp. There was one of his bandmates, a slim boy with sort dark hair, standing awkwardly. His eyes were wide and he looked unsure what to do. I stepped over to the room, gripping him by the hair and growling in his face. "You have choice. You can either run, get help for this little whore. If you do I'll hunt you down and make you regret it for the rest of your life." I paused, watching him swallow. "Or you could help me by fucking his throat." He swallowed again, considering the options before nodding. "Smart boy." I let him go, waiting for him to move.

"Matthew please..." The blonde looked up, probably hoping that his friend would help.

"Sorry Sean..." The boy I now know as Matthew muttered, undoing his flies with unsteady hands. He pushed his jeans down to his thighs, guiding his semi toward' Sean's mouth.

I smirked, returning behind him, lining up and pushing into Sean's ass. He groaned, but that sound was soon stifled with a mouthful of cock. Perfect. I placed my hands on his back, holding him down as I fucked him. This was even better than I'd expected, though that was party due to the added bonus that Matthew had given me. I glanced at him, watching as he thrust his hips. His dick was hard now, which meant he was getting into it. Hadn't taken him long. He was quiet though, not making any noise. I was unsure if it was because he was scared too or if he didn't anyway. I'd never know.

I spat on Sean's clothed back, fucking him harshly. "Fucking slut... I can tell I'm not your first." He whimpered and I glancced down at my thrusting dick, noting the streaks of blood along my length. I smirked, pounding into him harder, feeling him tear more. "That's it whore, fuck." I growled, spitting again. "Dirty fucking whore."

I loved this, ripping open a new boy. I did it fairly regularly, a few times a year depending on who we'd end up touring with and if anyone caught my eye. Tours like Warped and festivals granted me plenty of access to fresh meat. Fresh meat like Sean. I smirked and pounded him, my bloody dick aching. Thoughts of my prior conquests bought me closer to the edge and I knew it would all be over soon. Pity.

A few moe thrusts and I was gone, spraying thick and hot into his torn insides. "Fuck slut..." I growled, gripping him tighter as I rode out my orgasm. The fun would be over for me soon, but I hoped that he'd remember me for a long time to come. I was sure his bloodied ass would guarantee that.

I pulled out, licking my lips at the sight of blood and cum sliding out of his ass. I smirked, pulling my pants up and getting out my cell phone, being sure to take a shot of it for my collection.I held his cheeks open enough for a good picture, then looked up, watching and waiting. I moved around Sean's prone form, stopping when I got to a position with a decent view. "Be sure to unload over his whore face."

Matthew made a noise akin to a whimper, but he lasted a few more thrusts of his sharp hips. Matthew withdrew, cumming silently across Sean's face. I licked my lips, pushing him back to get a decent enough shot of Sean's cum covered face. Whore.

"Good boy." I patted his head, slipping the phone back into my pocket. "Have fun cleaning up." I smirked, turning and leaving them to it.

Was I worried that they'd tell anyone? No. The others hadn't and neither would he. I gave them a last glance, smirking at the sight of Matthew untieing his friend, before leaving the bus and heading off into the night.
Tags: fic, jacoby shaddix, jacoby shaddix/matthew davies/sean smith, matthew davies, papa roach, sean smith, slash, the blackout

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