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Dirty Work

Dirty Work
Pairing: Jack Barakat/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jack
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Random fic, done mostly cause I wanted to fic but didn't know what to do, then I remembered things ilaria_mc said about wanting Jack porn so...

I gazed down at him, watching as he took the rubber length up his ass. I flicked my tongue over my lips when I pushed it all the way inside, pressing my palm against the base. I heard him groan, his boy squirming against the sheets. He always looked so good like this, bending over and just... taking it.

I left the dildo in place, my eyes roaming over him. Something that amused me about him was how, well, manly he was. He appeared like a top, and certainly had the dick of one, but really he just wanted dick. It was so hot how eager for it he was. It seemed to be a thing with the Welsh, that dicklust. His fingers flexed behind him, where his wrists were bound. "Please..." He whispered in that deep voice of his, the desperaation clear.

I leaned down, whispering in is ear, one hand gripping his long hair and pulling his head back. "Please what?"

He groaned, squirming. "Please sir, fuck me with the toy."

I smirked, reaching down to start moving the dildo in and out of him, my eyes on his ass. He took it so well, like he was made for it. "You filthy little whore." I purred, thrusting the dildo hard into him, watching as he pushed against the sheets. I leered down at him, watching the rubber slide all the way in, then back out, then in again. All the while I felt my own cock ache between my legs, the sight making me wish it was my dick inside him. I found it hard to resist the urge just to pull it out and pound him right now.

"Please sir..." He groaned, ass pushing back to show how eager he was. "I need your dick, please."

I chuckled, debating it for a few moments before replying. "Soon whore." I slammed the toy into him, the sound he made music to my ears. "Just a few more thrusts you dirty little cunt." He whined and nodded a little, settling. I made sure though that it was more than a few. I started a mental count, being sure to go up to 13. "Now your slutty hole is all stretched and ready for me." He groaned at my words and I pulled the dildo out all the way, smiking at the sight.

I stepped back, getting my dick out as slowly as I could manage. Since I only had a pair of jeans on, I couldn't drag it out all that long. Soon I was back behind him, pressed between his legs and lining myself up with his opening. I gave him no warning, instead just thrusting hard into him. He groaned and squirmed beneath me,torn between pushing back and rutting against the sheets. "Fuck whore..." I gripped onto his hips, using them for leverage as I stated to ull out, slamming back in a few moments later.

He always felt so good, no matter when I fucked him. The nature of things meant that wasn't quite as often as I'd have liked, but it was always worth the wait. It also meant that our relationhip was very open. I knew he took it from other guys and he was just as aware that I fucked others. Such openess was necessary, but we always came back to each other.

"Fucking whore..." I spat on his back, fucking him him deep, changing my angle on every inward thrust to try and catch his spot. He moaned, clenching aound me and tipping his back in that particular way I instantly recognised. I'd caught his spot. I made sure to catch it again, every second or third thrust. "Yeah that's it, moan for me slut." I dug my nails into his skin, slamming harder in his sweet ass. "Filthy slut."

He nodded, letting out a low groan. His ass was clenching more now, a sure indicator that he was close. "Uggh sir can I..."

"Cum?" I leaned down, close to his nodding head. "Sure you can, you filthy piece of shit." He moaned and nodded more, pressing back against me. He lasted a handful of thrusts and then I felt him squeeze me harder, a louder moan confiming he'd came. The only bad part of this position was that I couldn't see that, which was a shame because it was an appealing sight.

I pulled out, taking a deep beath to hold back. With both hands I pushed him down onto his knees in front of me, his eyes gazing lustfully at my dick. I jerked myself off, keeping my hands in his hair to hold him in place. His cheeks wee flushed and he was panting softly, looking so fucking hot. A few strokes from my dick and I unloaded too, making sure to angle my dick so it landed across his face, some hitting the little goatee of his. "Mmmm you always look so good like that." He smiled, his tongue darting out to get at the cum it culd reach. "Now, you better fucking like up that mess you made before I untie you."

"Yes sir." He smiled, shuffling awkwardly around until he was to face with the stains he'd made.

Dirty slut.
Tags: all time low, bullet for my valentine, fic, jack barakat, jack barakat/padge, padge, slash

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