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In the shadow I can shine

Eeep. It's been so long since I've done a non-fic post. So I guess I better do one.

I can't think too much on stuff that's happened since the last post.

I did finish my 50kinkyways table which I was quite proud of. It's took me awhile, but yay! It's done! I kinda wanna do a smaller one, but all the tables seem to be 50ish.

The last of my course stuff is here so I've got everything now. It starts from Saturday, but I'll likely not start work on it till Monday.

I've started doing two Trek runs. Since I have Deep Space 9 and Enterprise fully now I figured I should do a run of one or the other. However I've ended up doing both. Enterprise I'm watching alone, but Deep Space 9 I'm watching with mum and you know wht? I'm really glad I did that, cause she seems to be liking it.

I'm currently (finally) watching Tokio Hotel's Humanoid City live. My eyes are drawn to Bill's ass, even though his outfits are kidna ridiculous. I really hope they do a gig here at some point (even if it means going to London for it). Damn lucky Europeans.

I got Xenoblade Chronicles the other week and finally went on it Sunday. It certainly is a very big world if nothing else. It makes me think of Dragon Quest (at least when it comes to the amount of quests they are).

Resident Evil Revelations is on it's way! And should be here tomorrow. Yay! I was on the demo last week and it really is scary. Even though the main infected things make me think of Ood on steroids.

We went to the garden center yesterday and I got served by a hot guy as I got more stick insects. However as soon as I got back... one escaped. The smallest one too and he's still awol. I hope he shows up like the others did.

Well I think that's it really. Later I'm going to go get Legos and I may consider fic (although I have nothing specific in mind).

As alwways, I'm certain I've missed something, though I can't think what right now. Oh well.
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