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We Are Dogs Leashed

We Are Dogs Leashed
Pairing: Ashley Purdy/Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ashley
Warnings: BDSM, slavery
Notes: Ok so basically I wanted to do a fic based on the shoot Bill and Tom did for Peta since they were all chained up but it wasn't until I recalled the shoot with Ashley and chains that I added them together. (Although I wish I'd worked more chains into it, but oh well.)

I climbed down into my basement, looking around the dark space. Everything was ready now, the chains, the cages, the toys. Everything I wanted was sorted. All I needed now, was a boy. I gave it one quick look, before heading up. It was time to get one.


I headed into the werehouse, smiling as I was greeted by the man within. Tall and slim, wearing only a pair of tight black pants. "Ah Ashley, I've been expecting you." He smiled as he spoke in the oddly deep voice of his. It really didn't match his appearance. "Ready to pick out your boy?"

I nodded, returning his smile. "Yeah."

"Excellent." He grinned and licked his lips. "So have any preferences?" I shrugged a little, not having given it too much thought. His lip quirked a little. "There's nothing you'd want at all from a boy?"

I thought a little and then shrugged again. "All I know is I want somone with pale skin so I can see the marks."

"Very well." He nodded and led me onwards, towards a wall that spanned the length of the werehouse. At regular intervals there were doors, most likely heading to where the boys were. "American? Australian? European?"

I considered for a moment, than nodded. "European, let's look at those first."

"Alright then." He led me towards the third door from the right and opened it up, gesturing for me to step inside. Beyond there was a wide corridor, with several cages lining it. Some were empty, others had boys in. "Want to see them all or just specific nationalities?"

"I'll give em all a look." He nodded and we headed to the first one. For me it was a case of knowing what I'd like when I saw it. The first guy didn't appeal at all to me. He'd clearly been worked over before so I went right past him. The next boy was in a similar state and the next. I narrowed my eyes at Andy and he just smiled.

"Sorry that the used ones are upfront. They're not all like this, trust me." I nodded a little, slightly skepical and we moved on. Ah now we got to the good stuff. Unmarked, fresh looking boys. The first one's hair was bleached bright blonde and his skin was unblemished. While he was fairly attractive, there was something about him that just didn't appeal to me.

The next one was much the same, another bleached blonde boy though he had ink on his arm.

The one after that was more promising, smaller than the first two, with dark hair to his shoulders and slghtly muscular arms. He had a nice sized cock and a lizard tatt over his back. Definitely the forerunner.

The next few held no interest to me. There was nothing distinctive about them enough for my tastes. They just seemed rather.,. well, plain.

Then I paused, as the next cage was slightly different. Oh it was about the same size as all the others and aesthetically it looked roughly the same. The difference was instead of one boy inside there were two. They both had similar body type, ther pale skin marred with dirt. One had jet black hair, hanging messily over his face with the other had dark brown hair, hanging down either side of his face. They both had pretty cocks, roughly the same sort of size. "Why are those two together?"

"They're Tom and Bill. They're twins." My interest piqued at that, as well as my dick. "They're German, which has put some people off, but they are quite pretty." He smiled and licked his lips. "Interested?" I looked both over some more, considering. I had only wanted one boy but twins? That was something I couldn't pass up. It meant, of course, that the lizard boy wouldn't be mine but it'd be worth it.

"How much?"

He conisdered, then smirked a little. "30 each."

"50 for the pair."

He stroked his chin thoughtfully for a few seconds, then nodded. "Alright. 50 it is."

"Good." I licked my lips, looking the twins over. They were looking at me, now, regarding me with interest. Perhaps they realised I was now their owner. "They do understand English right?"

Andy chuckled and nodded. "Of course. They wouldn't be much use otherwise." I nodded and he smiled. "Wanna take them now?" I nodded and he he smirked, wetting his lips. "Good. Lets make the arrangements." I smiled at the pair of them then followed Andy back the way we came.


"This is your new home." I spoke as I pulled their leashes downstairs. Andy had helpfully thrown collars and leashes into the deal, which I'd used to drag them down into the basement. I heard one of them make a noise, similar to a whimper but I didn't see who made it. Once we were at the bottom of the stairs I released their leashes, gesturing around to emphasise my point.

"Perhaps in time you will earn some level of freedom. But for now here is where you will stay." I looked at them both, licking my lips lightly. "First you're going to learn some ground rules. First you are to call me sir. Second, you are not to touch yourselves unless otherwise allowed. Third no back tallking. Disobedience will not be tolerated. Understand?" The twins nodded and I smirked. "I am going to decide names for you over these weeks. I have no desire to use your old ones." They whimpered and nodded slightly, their eyes on me as I walked towards them. I ran a hand over both of their chest, reaching up slowly. I unclipped both of their leashes, Bill's first, then Tom's and tossed them absently away.

I considered what to do with them first. I'd thought about it over the journey home and now it was basically deciding what to do first. I glanced at Tom and smirked, knowing what I was going to do first. "You." I pointed at Tom, then Bill. "Eat his ass out." He bit his lip, then complied much faster than I'd have expected. He crawled between his twin's legs, reaching up to pull his ass cheeks apart. I watched as he leaned forward, his tongue running along his crack. He did several full sweeps before working his tongue inside him. Fuck it was hot. I watched intently, palming myself through my pants. Bill made this noise in the back of his throat, something like a gasp, which turned me on more.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my fly, pulling it open for my dick to spring free.Deciding that wasn't enough, I pushed my pants all the way down my legs, stepping out of them. "Suck me!" I growled, moving in position before Bill. He tilted his head up and parted those soft lips of his, immediately taking me into his mouth. I groaned, gripping onto his dark hair as he sank down onto my shaft. I groaned as he bobbed up and down, taking me fully in just a handful of movmements.

As I looked at them now, Bill with my cock down his throat and Tom with his tongue buried up his brother's ass, I knew I'd made the right choice getting these two. My dick throbbed in Bill's mouth, his tongue twisting and lapping at my underside. He sure did know his way around a cock. I gasped softly, gazing over the pair of them. Tom was running his tongue along his crack again, his tongue circling around Bill's opening. He looked about ready and if I didn't stop soon I'd shoot down his throat.

"Stop." I swallowed and pulled out, looking down at them. Both moved back from their respective positions, tilting their heads up to gaze at me. "I'm going to fuck you." I stepped away, moving around behind him. "I expect you to shove that tongue of yours up my ass." I growled back at Tom, lining my dick up with his wet hole. I waited for a few moments, then pushed against him, my dick breaching him easily. He groaned and I quickly thrust into him fully, my balls slapping against him. He took me so well, like he was meant for it, meant for this. I licked my lips, gripping his slim hips as I started to fuck him.

Behind me I felt Tom's hands prise my cheeks apart, his head leaning in close so he could swipe his tongue over me. I gripped tighter onto Bill as his tongue pressed into me, lapping at my insides. It took a few moments to adjust to the additional feeling but I was soon back to thrusting into Bill's tight heat.

Both of them worked on pleasing me, Bill by clenching his sweet ass and Tom with that hot, wet tongue. Once again I was so fucking glad I'd chosen twins. How no one had them bewildered me completely. Their loss, my gain.

However, I felt myself getting close now, my thrusts becoming harder and rougher. "Fuck! That's it you whores, just like that..." I slammed into him, groaning as I came, my head tipping back. "Fuck..." I reached behind myself, gripping Tom's hair and pulling his head back. I slipped out with a wet pop, stepping aside and pushing Tom's head against his brother. "Clean him out slut."

I watched, panting as Tom lapped up the cum that slipped out of his twin's twitching asshole. That would certainly be something I'd want to watch again. Regularly.

When I was satisfied he was done I licked my lips, pulling him back again. "Mmmm." I licked my lips at the sight of his face, slick with spit and sweat. "Now you are going to 69." I gestured to Bill. "With you underneath."

He rolled onto his back and Tom climbed on top of him, getting into position. I gripped one of the chains that hung from the ceiling for balance. I watched as each of them took a dick and started to suck. It was quite a sight, one that would have made me hard if I hadn't just shot a load. They sure were worth it. While they kept sucking I moved to the wall, picking up a pair of chains. At the end of each one was a strong metal collar. I'd had two installed on the offchance that I'd get a second slut later on. I walked back to them and removed the collar Andy provided me with, replacing it with the heavy duty metal collar.

I rolled them over with a booted foot, careful to keep their lips wrapped around one another's dick. When Bill was on top I did the same to him, replacing the collar with the chained one I couldn't help but let my fingers trail over the bulge in Bill's throat, caused by the dick buried between his lips. I then kept watching,licking my lips as their hips rolled against one another.

As I watched I saw them both cum, Bill first and then Tom a little later. I wondered if that was to do with the twin thing that some were meant to have. I'd have to work on ways of testing it. That would prove interesting. I let them swallow their respective loads, then pulled Bill up by his hair.

"I'm impressed by your performance so far. I hope you sluts keep this up." I mirked, watching as they parted from each other. "That will do for now. You will rest until I bring you food."

"Yes sir." Bill whispered, lips wet and slightly swollen.

"Yes sir." Tom murmered beside him, his face still as slick as before, his lips wetter now.

"Good." I released Bill's hair and headed towards the stairs, heading up, giving them one last look before leaving. Yeah, they'd certainly be fun. I smirked down at them before leaving, my mind racing with ideas.
Tags: ashley purdy, ashley purdy/bill kaulitz/tom kaulitz, bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz/tom kaulitz, black veil brides, fic, slash, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz

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    I started an MCR/bandom ship discord a few months ago. If anyone wants to join it’s here. It’s 18+ so please don’t join if you’re younger and all…

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