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Pairing: Darran Smith/Ian Watkins, Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Prompt: 1: Rituals
Warnings: Implied cannibalism, bondage, kidnapping
Notes: Ok this was inspired by the Torchwood episode Countrycide. The original idea was going to be much more explicit, but it's instead ended up like this, but it's gone fairly well. This is how I see the collar restraint being.
Notes 2: And with that, the challenge is done! It's been pretty fun and I'm glad I've actually managed to finish it so, woo! I'd like to give a big thanks to lc_ffaf who has ended up giving me all kinds of help over many fics I've done for this (like in this one she helped me decide on Ian and Darran), so thanks < 3 The complete table is here.

I hummed softly along to the radio as I drove through the Welsh countryside. It was later than I'd usually travel, especially this distance, this late. I was driving through fuck knows where and the only light was the beams from my headlights. I was starting to think I'd took a wrong turn somewhere, since I was sure the route I'd taken days ago had at least a few lamp posts.

I was starting to think I should've stayed and held off till morning. No. I couldn't have stood another minute with that blonde cunt, not after what he did.

The car shuddered, swerving sllightly and I hissed, barely able to break it before it went offroad. "The fuck?" I growled and unbuckled my seatbelt, getting out and looking to see what the problem was. It soon became obvious that a tire had burst. "Shit." I sighed, turning back to return to my seat and pulling out my phone in the slim hope there was a signal.

I didn't get a chance to find out if it did.


I groaned as I awoke, groggy and aching. Several things hit me as awoke. I was naked, with a heavy collar around my neck which was connected by a chain to the wall behind me. My hands were shackled at the wrists behind my back. I examined my surroundings and it was clear I was in somewhere that looked like a basement.

I also wasn't alone.

Across from me, equally naked was a stocky man, also chained to the wall by a collar though he evidently lacked shackles since his hands were free. "Ah, you're awake at last."

"Where the fuck am I?" I growled, tugging my chains. I realised that my tone was probably to harsh, after all he seemed to be in the same situaton as I.

He spoke, but only when I'd stopped futilely struggling. The chain had some give, but not enough to get me too far. "Ok, I'm gonna tell you all I know, so I can answer everything you may ask. First I don't know where we are exactly, other than it's a basement somwhere. Second, we're being held by a group of men. I think there's four of them. That's it really. There's no way out as far as I can tell and they feed us often enough so..." He nodded to a bowl before me, which was full of a thick, orangey liquid. "Homemade soup. It's good." I eyed it suspiciously, but it did smell good. Still, I didn't risk eating it, not yet.

"I'm Darran." He spoke again, making me realise I'd skipped introdctions.

"Ian." I replied, looking him in the eye. "How'd you end up here?"

"I was camping out in the hills and I heard a noise in the night. I went to check it out and bam! Woke up here. I guess I should've learned from all those horror movies." I smiled a little and nodded.

"I didn't fare much better. My tire blew and I went out and next thing I knew..." I shrugged to indicate my surroundings. "Guess we both should've known better." He smiled and nodded in agreement. "Any idea how long you've been here?"

He shrugged slight. "A week or two. It's hard to tell." He sighed and leaned back against the wall. "But it's not so bad really." I raised an eyebrow and he continued. "They bring me food e
twice a day and feel the room, it's not exactly freezing is it?" I nodded slightly, it certainly wasn't as cold as it would be if there wasn't some form of heating. "I mean clearly they want us alive you know?"

I had to admit he sounded right. I nodded slightly and then looked up a the door at the top of the stairs. "So what do they want us for?"


The next day I got a look at one of my captors when he bought us food. He was fairly tall, with long hair and a goatee. From my position he seemed pretty imposing. He was topless and he looked quite strong and both of his upper arms were covered in tattoos. "Ah, the fresh meat is awake." He smirked after he spoke, his voice rather gruff.

"I'm not a piece of meat." I growled and he chuckled, setting Darran's food down before mine.

"You sure look like one." He leaned in close, gripping my hair and yanking my head back in a clear show of strength. "Don't talk back again, understood?" I bit my lip but stood firm, whch didn't seem to phase him. "Or I can make you very uncomfortable." His other hand reached to my crotch, taking my balls in hand before giving them a brief, but painful squeeze which made me groan. "Now, do you understand?" I nodded and he grinned, letting me go. "Good. Behave and your shackles will go." He turned and gave Darran a brief look over. "Eat up, both of you."

With that he turned and left, heading up the stairs and leaving us alone to eat. I decided I'd wait until we were done before asking Darran what he knew of that guy.


Over the next week (or what I assumed was a week) I saw him and the three other guys Darran mentioned. Darran didn't know their names and they hadn't spoken of them so I just went on what they looked like. I did know that they were all Welsh though, that was clear when they spoke.

Goatee guy's visits were short and fairly quiet, much like the first. Every time ended in him giving Darran a once over folllwed by him telling us to eat.

The skinny guy, who was the second that came, was the one that visited least. Like goatee guy he had long hair, although no goatee. Despite having strong arms he was otherwise fairly slim. His visits were slightly longer, with him staying until we started eating. He didn't really say anything.

Hat guy was the third one that came and he came down more than the other two. He always wore a grey hat though and he was the only one that didn't come down topless. Again, he made sure that we ate before going. Unlike the others he held a conversation, asking how we were and giving us more than a brief glance over.

Short guy was the last one. He was the shortest of the four and he was a fairly regular visitor. He was softly spoken and he had several tattoos, noticeably a lizard one over his back. He looked us over and gave us brief conversation before going. His first visit was also the one that saw me lose the shackles, so I could now eat with my hands.

Also during that time I found out about Darran. His time alone had obviously made him long for company and I suspected I may have been bought in just for that. He was nice enough though and our conversations past the time. We discussed everything we could think of. Music, films, relationships. It was quite strange, I'd never talked to anyone this much in ages. It was actually quite nice.

After awhile we ended up with the issue of us getting hard and how to deal with it. We agreed that wanking was the logical solution and we both ended up doing it together. I wished that the chains that held us had a little more give so I could give him a hand. Or mouth. Alas, we were just too far apart. Pity.


I wasn't sure how long it was after we got settled. Darran was right, it wasn't that bad and it certainly could be much worse. Today was different than the others though. The short one came in, but he hadn't bought food. Instead he held two keys. I watched with curious interest as he unlocked both collars. "You have until nightfall."

I blinked in surprise as he undid mine, a smile on his lips. "You two are hardly subtle." I felt mysellf blush and then he was moving away, stopping at the top of the stairs to watch us move before leaving completely. I moved towards him, realising now that the weeks spent restrained had made me put on weight.

"What should we do first hmm?" Darran asked, his breath hot against my cheek.

"Oh I have some ideas." I smirked, kissing him hard, releasing all the pent up passion and lust. We pressed against each other, our hands shifting to explore our bodies just like our tongues were in our mouths. My fingers moved done his back, towards his ass, giving it a quick squeeze before moving my hand back up. We parted for air and I took advantage of that, using the space to lick at my fingers to wet them. He smiled at me and then I felt his tongue helping me. "Fuck..." I breathed softly and he smiled, waggling his eyebrows a little.

I let this continue for a few moments before moving my hand back down to his ass, pushing my fingers, along the crack then pressed two of them against his opening. "Ready?" I whispered softly and he nodded, my fingers breeching him. He groaned and I kissed him, working both of my fingers deep inside him. We kissed for a few minutes, my fingers opening him up. He moaned into my mouth while I thrust my fingers in and out of him, eager to just get in him.

He smiled as we parted again, my fingers sliding out of him. I manhandled him into position on all fours, moving behind him. With both hands I pulled his arse cheeks apart and lined up with his opening. "Ready?" He nodded and pushed himself back against me, which was enough for me. I pressed int him, the pair of us moaning as I entered him. I'd not fuckedanyone in so long and shit, he just felt amazing. I held onto him and started to move, thrusting steady and deep. "Fuck, you feel so good..."

"So do you Ian, shit..." He moaned, tipping his head forward. "Better than I thought you'd be..."

I smirked and thrust in balls deep, the groan he made making me ache all the more. "So're you..." I slammed into him, leaning down over him to lick along his neck. I snaked a hand around his waist, taking his length in hand and stroking him firmly. He twisted his head back as much as he could, allowing us to kiss again. Hopefully this would be a regular thing. Fucking him would certainly liven up our captivity and give us something to look forward to.

The thought of being able to do this again, regularly too, made the force of my thrusts increase. I knew I likely wouldn't last too long, but to be honest I didn't care. I was deep inside him, fucking the shit out of him and it felt, well, right. It hadn't felt like that with anyone else. Strange really, to think that this was the situation where I found the person that made me feel that way. I bit in his neck, then groaned as I came into him, his dick spasming in my hand at the same time.

I panted heavily, pulling out and collapsing on the floor, gazing at him. "Mmmm you look so good like that, all sweaty and panting." I smiled, combing my finger through his hair.

"So do you." He smiled and leaned forward, licking my cheek. Yeah, things were definitely looking up.


I groaned as I awoke, feeling a strange rush to my head. It took a few moments to realise I was hanging upside down, with Darran unconcious beside me in the same position. I looked around to examine our surroundings. We were somewhere different, a larger space which looked like a barn. in regular intervals there were lit candles of various colours, mostly shades of green or red.

I noticed our four captors were here too. They were naked and fucking before us, a mass of writhing bodies in the flickering light. I swallowed and watched them, trying to discern who was where. It took awhile but I managed it.

The slim one was on all fours in the middle, with the short one ramming his arse. The goatee one was gettng his dick sucked by the slim one, while the hat one fucked the short one. I watched for a few moments, mesmorised by the sight of these men fucking so harshly. Fuck.

I was broken from the sight when I heard Darran roan, my eyes on him as he stirred. "Ugh what the..."

"I dunno..." I whispered and we both looked back at the fucking guys as I heard one of them moan. It was soon all over, the four of them shifting around, pulling out.

"Ahh the meat's awake." The goatee one smirked, noticing us first. The others looked at us too, but it was the short one that approached us.

"You're about to find out the answer to a key question you've both had. Why you're here." He smiled, running a hand down each of our chests. "You see as you've noticed we're on a farm. Every year we perform a ritual to ensure the year's harvest goes well. You're both part of it."

I looked at him, confused and I noted Darran had a similar expression on his face. "So what is it you want us to do exactly?"

"You don't have to do anything. It's what we're going to do to you." I could see him smirk and had a sudden bad feeling about it. "Say your goodbyes."

Now I was even more confused. "Wha?"

"I love you Ian." I felt myself blush and looked at Darran, my heart fluttering. He was looking at me, a small expectant smile on his face.

"I love you too Darran." I replied in almost a whisper and his smile brightened just a little.

"Good." I returned my gaze to the short one, then we can start. "Padge? It's time."

The goatee one smirked as he came into view, stepping towards us. "Oh, this is going to be fun." Before I knew what was happening his hand moved in a slashing motion... and that's when I saw the knife. I gasped, looking back at Darran to see that his throat had been slashed, blood gushing out of the would. It was only now I realised that under us both was a form of trough, which was now filling with the crimson fluid.

"Darran no! What the fuck!" I glared at them angrily. "Let him down!"

The short one tutted and shook his head. "Only when he's bled out. Don't worry though, you'll be joining him soon." He reached into the blood flow, smiling as his fingers were covered in the liquid. I struggled against the bonds that held me, wishing I could fucking punch him. He reached over, forcing his bloodied fingers into my mouth, making me taste. I bit him, but his fingers darted back before I could do any real damage. "So feisty." He ran his fingers over my cheek, his other hand stroking my gun tattoos. "Don't worry, you won't go to waist pretty one and neither will he."

He knelt down on his knees, leaning in close while turning my head to watch Darran gurgle, blood continuing to flow. "We'll make use of most parts of you. We'll bottle your blood and then we'll fuck your bodies before tearing them apart. The thing we'll most do is eat your flesh." I gagged and then shuddered as he licked my cheek. "The night is so young for us."

He stepped away from me and then the hat guy took his place. "Bye Ian." He whispered, so soft barely heard it and then my throat was slashed like Darran's. As my blood gushed out I managed to turn my head, looking back at Darran. His eyes were looking at me, though they were dulller now, the life slipping away from him. I didn't look away now, wanting the last thing he'd see to be me and vice versa.

I wondered in the back of my mind, as everything became fuzzy, if it was too late to wish for an afterlife.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, darran smith, darran smith/ian watkins, fic, funeral for a friend, ian watkins, jay james, lostprophets, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash

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