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Pairing: Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 50: Writer's Choice: Scat
Warnings: Scat
Notes: Ok ages ago there was a interview and Matt said that he 'shit in carrier bags' on the bus. I meant to do something based on it, but never did. Yesterday it came back to me, so here it is. First scat fic in ages and I knew one of the writer's choice ones would be it so I could. I wasn't sure what sort I'd do, until I recalled that interview.

I groaned softly as I blinked, waking from my slumber. I sighed softly, rolling over onto my back, shifting a hand below the sheets. The others were likely asleep still, so I'd have some alone time. I reached down and slipped my shorts down my legs all the way, kicking them to the end of the bunk. I sighed softly as my fingers brushed my dick, before I took myself in hand.

I started to stroke myself firmly, my dick hardening fully from my touch. I leaned back against the sheets, my hand moving steadily along my shaft. I bit my lip, quickly realising something. My hand on my dick alone wouldn't be enough.

I gritted my teeth in irritation. I could use my fingers, but I knew I couldn't use both hands like that well enough. I hadn't bought any toys with me. Lack of alone time and privacy rendered it impractical to bring even a small one. I'd have to improvise. I pulled the curtain back and peeped outside. As I looked both ways I did two things. First I checked for signs that the others were awake, but it was obvious they were all still in their bunks. Next I looked for anything I could use. I spotted a few things. There was one of Moose's drumsticks, which I immediately discounted for being too thin. Next there was a bottle, but I discounted that too.

My eyes fell on a carrier bag beside Matt's bunk and I bit my lip. I knew what was in it and I knew I'd likely find something the right size in there. I slipped out of bed and padded over to it, opening the bag up and peering inside. There was one the perfect size. I swallowed and looked both ways again just to be sure they were all still asleep and I'd missed nothing. I guess it wouldn't hurt right? I snatched it up, surprised by how hard and solid it felt in my hand.

I slipped back into the bunk, examining it briefly once I was laying down. The brown length was roughly the size of my dick, which was perfect for me. I set it down and spread my legs, sucking two fingers between my lips. I quickly sucked on them before shifting them between my legs, pushing them against my opening. I hissed under my breath as I pressed them both into me, not wanting to wait. I took a few breaths to relax myself, then pushed them in deeper. I groaned, feeling them go knuckle deep, my digits wiggling to open me up.

Satisfied I was ready, I slipped them out, taking a deep breath before grasping the shit in hand. I took a deep breath again, then placed it against my opening. I pushed it into myself slowly, groaning at the strange feeling. It felt so different to anything I'd used before. It felt like a dildo, but it's shape and texture was different. I pushed it deep inside me as I could, then resumed stroking my dick. Fuck yeah, this felt much better. My eyelids fluttered closed and I settled back better, jerking myself steadily. I clenched around it, rocking up into my hand.

My mind wandered, thinking of the others. Of them holding me down and fucking me in turn. Of them fingering and fisting me and just... fucking me up. I sighed softly, my hips jerking up into my touch. The images that went through my mind while I jerked off. So many things running through my head, as they always did. I'd have to ask them to use me again soon. Perhaps after the gig so there was the added post-performance rush. Fuck I wanted to be fucked at both ends again. There was nothing like having a dick buried up your arse while choking on dick. I squirmed at the thought and licked my lips, stroking my dick harder. "Fuck..." I hissed, clenching my arse around the shit inside me. I groaned softly and thrust my hips up, shooting over myself harder than I had in awhile.

I panted softly, falling back against the sheets. As much as I would like to just lay and bathe in the afterglow, I should really return what I'd used to the bag. I slipped out of my bunk, padding over to it, reaching back and pulling it out of me...

"The fuck are doing Jay?"

Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james
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