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*points to self*

Me not a girl! Why do people thing I am? (I'm not on about you materialgirli:-*)

Do I exude femininity? I am male, I have balls not breasts! Gah!

End mini-rant.

I've just done the part with Medli on Zelda, all mirrors and that. Very annoying! I wish the game had a water level (I liked them in the previous games and still do, but it is set on a sea so I guess water levels would be a bit redundent *sigh*)

chemy beat me on minesweeper! How.... disconcerting...
He's trying to convince me to have fun, but I don't buy it. Seems like an evil scheme to me *nods*

And I've been contracted by l_ryan to do a mood theme for him. Should be done in a day or two :-D

Mum's birthday tomorrow. 49 and it seems her hormones are already out of whack. *sigh* Hope she likes the prezzie!
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