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Pairing: Harry Judd/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 9: Ice
Warnings: AU
Notes: Ok so this is most due to the recent Attitude shoot (with Harry topless) because it made me think he could be a model/porn star so... Also ice is hardly used, but it's a prompt I wanted rid of so.

I hummed softly to myself as I unpacked my equipment. It wasn't much really, just a camera and tripod basically which was enough. I set the tripod up some distance from the bed, before checking it was the right height and distance to get a good view. Yeah, this would do nicely.

I glanced over at my fellow cameraman, who was checking over his handheld one. I smiled a little and looked back over at the bed, trying not to let my eagerness show. I'd been doing this for awhile now and seen many guys in a variety of positions. However one of today's guys always made it hard for me to concentrate. His name was Harry and there was just something about him that was so attractive. Maybe it was those blue eyes of his, or his large dick, or the fact that he was just such an amazing fucker. I swallowed and shook thoughts of him out of my head, knowing I'd save such thoughts for later when I could wank.

I glanced at the call sheet for for who'd be today's lucky guy. Pretty much all of them were attractive, though that was a given really. The sheet said it was Ian, who I remembered as being slightly cocky with gun tattoos. He was a pretty good dicksucker though.

"Fuck it." I looked up as the director ended the room, though he actually did little in terms of direction. The performances were all natural so the main thing he did was make sure everyone was where they need to be and assure things went ok. Apparently that wasn't happening today.

"Something up Moosey boy?" The other cameraman spoke up and I smiled a little.

"Well you two may as well head home, Ian's not gonna make it and none of the others are available at such short notice." He sighed and shook his head, his irritation obvious.

"Not so fast." I smiled a little, Harry appearing behind him. "There's three of you, I'm sure one of you would do just as well as him." He regarded us all, before his gaze lingered on me. I felt my cheeks flush and he smiled. "How about you?" I blinked and pointed to myself,much made him smirk and nod.

"Yeah, how about it Jay?" Moose spoke up, stepping closer. "You have the right sort of body and you're pretty hot. I can handle your camera."

"I... er..."

"You should do it man." Darran smiled as he spoke from his camera. "It'll be fun."

I swallowed, then nodded. "Sure."

"Excellent." Moose grinned. "You go get ready with Harry and as soon as you're done we'll get started."

I nodded and followed Harry into the other room, unsure how we'd get ready. I mean it seemed pretty simple really. Harry smiled at me when we were alone. "Basically all you need to do is take off your shoes and jacket." I nodded and bent down, pulling my shoes off and putting them down beside his. My jacket came off next and I set it down over the back of a chair, my hands trembling. He must have noticed as he put a hand on my back and rubbed it gently. "Hey, try not to be nervous ok?"

I nodded slightly, my cheeks flushing again. "I'll try."

"And I'll try my best to make you forget your nerves." I looked at him and he smiled, a reassuring, warm smile. I nodded, feeling a little better already. "Now, lift up your shirt." I raised an eyebrow, but lifted it anyway, watching as he opened the freezer and pulled out an ice cube. "This is a trick I learned in the early days." He reached over with it and circled it around my right nipple. I gasped in surprise, watching as the cube hardened my nipple. He smiled, shifting it to do the other one, the coldness of the ice making it peak. "See?"

He smiled and put it back, lifting his t-shirt up and using the cube to harden his own nipples the same way as he did mine. "Fuck..." He grinned and put it back, closing the freezer behind him.

"See, you'll do alright." He smiled, pulling his t-shirt back down. "Now you're ready." I nodded and pulled my own down, heading over to him. "Now, all you need to remember is to act natural and everything will be fine." He whispered softly, then we left the room together, heading towards the set. "All done."

Moose nodded from behind my camera, gesturing for us to get in position and I followed Harry to the other door. He closed it behind us and gave me another smile. "You ok?" I nodded, still feeling nervous, though less than before. "Good." He leaned in close, whispering in my ear. "Any position you like taking it in?"

I felt my cheeks flush before answering. "Doggy style." I was slightly embarrassed, since I'd not exactly tried many others.

He opened his mouth as if to speak, but was interrupted by Moose calling out for us to start. I took a deep breath and Harry opened the door, gripping my hand and tugging me in. The second we were inside I felt the cameras on me, but didn't get much chance to dwell on it. Harry pulled me in, then kissed me with a passion that caught me off guard. I kissed him back, my lips parting in response. His tongue slipped inside, wiggling it against mine, exploring my mouth. I groaned against him, gripping his t-shirt to pull him close. I pressed against him, my eyes lidding as we kissed. I felt myself ache, my dick hardening from his closeness alone.

His lips left mine, his breath hot against my face. I found myself gazing into his eyes as his fingers pulled my t-shirt up. My arms moved above my head so he could remove it and once he did it was thrown across the room. His lips were back on mine once my chest was bare, his hands moving over my bare body. I shivered, his fingers moving lower to cup my ass through my jeans, which made me groan into his hot mouth.

I reached for him, tugging at his t-shirt as he worked my fly. We didn't break the kiss until it was necessary and even then it only lasted as long as it took for me to pull the shirt off and toss it. His fingers opened my fly, palming my bulge and I moaned against him, pushing into his touch.

He gave my crotch a brief squeeze, before working on pulling my jeans down. Our kiss ended again, this time so that he could better remove the jeans when they bunched around my knees. He pushed them lower with both hands, letting me step out of them and push them aside with my feet. He smiled, looking me over briefly, licking his sweet lips. His hands shifted to my dark boxers, thumbs slipping into the waistband to push them down. I felt his eyes on my crotch as it was revealed, my hard dick springing out the second the boxers were pulled low enough. He gave my dick a brief squeeze, then pushed my boxers to my ankles so I could step out of them.

I smiled and nervously worked on removing his remaining clothing, his lips meeting mine again. I groaned against him as his tongue lapped against my lips, his jeans sliding down, exposing his white boxers. I recognised them instantly, the ones he wore every shoot. I pushed them down along with his jeans, not wanting to wait and do both serperately. I groaned softly when I felt his dick against mine. Fuck.

He moved back, holding onto me and pulling me with him. "Bend over the bed." He purred before kissing me briefly, parting from me so I could move. As I moved I got the first glimpse of the cameras since we'd started, but tried not to look directly at them. I moved to the bed, my dick swaying from the movement, before laying over it, my arse in the air. Harry was busy, moving to the side of the bed and taking the lube from the bedside table. I smiled, watching as he slicked up his fingers, mouthing something that looked like 'ok'. I nodded slightly and he smiled, watching him move behind me. He used one hand to hold me open, one of his slick fingers pressing against his opening. I gasped, my eyes lidding as it eased into me, my hands gripping the sheets.

He worked his finger into me steadily, until I felt his other fingers rest against my ass. He moved it in and out a ghandful of times, before it pressed back with his forefinger added. I took a deep breath, but he managed to push both inside with an ease that surprised me. He moved them steadily, wiggling them inside me for a few moments before sliding them out and then pushing them back in. Each thrust of the digits into me caused me to release a groan. I felt his hand rub the small of my back, while his fingers eased in and out of my body.

After a little while his ring finger was added too, it's addition accompanied by a gasp leaving my lips. Fuck he sure wanted to be sure I was ready. Usually he only used two fingers before getting to it, but he must have wanted to be sure because I was new. Probably for the best. He only fingered me for a few moments more before removing them completely. I whimpered at the loss, pushing back towards a little in eagerness to be refilled.

I watched him step into sight, a smirk on his lips as he squirted lube over his fingers and rubbed it over his shaft. I bit my lip at the sight, watching intently. Fuck it was even hotter up close. The view didn't last as he moved behind me, his hands holding me open once more. I took another deep breath, readying myself as he rubbed his head against my opening. I moaned, feeling his dick push into me for the first time. "Fuck..." It hurt a little, but that was only because he was so big, which made me glad he'd used three fingers to open me up. He pushed slowly into me and I felt every inch of him as he filled me up. I gripped the sheets tighter when I felt his soft balls against the curve of my ass. He gave me a few moments to adjust to the feel of him inside me, before starting up his movements.

He didn't start slow, which was good. Instead he went at a steady pace, thrusting in and out of me every few moments. My dick ached against the sheets and I shifted one hand between my legs, taking myself in hand. Harry started to move faster, thrusting deep inside me. He caught my spot for the first time a choked moan leaving my lips when he did. Every other thrust catching it now. I felt him lean down and lick along my lizard tattoo. A hand reached up, gripping my hair and turning my head around so that we could kiss. It wasn't the best kiss in the world. It was awkward and kinda sloppy, but it still made my dick ache. I extended my tongue to lap at his, the pair of us groaningas he fucked me hard.

I closed my eyes, stroking myself steadily as I clenched around him. Harry let out a low groan at that, so I did it again. And again. Every time he was balls deep, I would squeeze him and enjoy the sweet noises he made. I stroked myself hard, my head falling back against the bedsheets as he straightened back up to focus on fucking me harder. His hands gripped onto my sides, his fingers holding me tightly.

"Fuck..." My orgasm caught me by surprise. I'd not even realised I was that close yet here I was, shooting over the bed and moaning like a wanton whore.

"Shit Jay..." I almost came again at him saying my name like that, in a way I knew all too well as being the sign that he came, spilling into me. I felt Harry bend down again, his tongue snaking out to lick along my tatt, finishing at my neck. "You were amazing." His words came out as a whispered breath, so quiet I almost missed it.

He remained in me a few seconds more before sliding out with a wet pop, his fingers rubbing my back before leaving my body completely. After a few moments I straightened up, turning around and blushing when I saw the cameras again, accompanied by three smiling faces.

"Well I think you did pretty good for a first timer." Moose grinned, flicking off the camera and coming over. "I think you're gonna be a surprise hit."

"Thanks..." I whispered, moving to get my clothes from where they lay all over.

"I think he's right." Harry whispered as he collected his own clothing. I believed his word more than Moose's and offered him a small smile and muttered thanks. "Hey, how about we go for a drink? I think you'e earned it."

"Sure." I smiled again, wider this time and grabbed my clothes just a little quicker, not wanting to seem too eager. I could really do with a drink and I'd meant to work up the courage to ask him for one many times before.

As I dressed I debated if I'd do this again if they were right. A quick glance at the cum stained sheets decided it for me. Of course I would.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, harry judd, harry judd/jay james, jay james, mcfly, slash

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