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Pairing: Darran Smith/Jay James/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 23: Phone/Voice sex
Warnings: Watersports, BDSM
Notes: Xmas fic for lc_ffaf (aka the only Xmas fic I'm doing) so Merry Christmas and I hope you like!

I groaned softly as my wrists were tied tightly behind me, secured with the same length of rope that held my ankles together. I shifted slightly to get comfortable, though the movement earned me a slap on my arse. I heard him move from behind me, though the blindfold he'd put on me before the rope meant I couldn't see him. I wondered what he was up to. "Almost finished." He muttered and I heard him move again.

When I'd first met him over a year ago in a fetish club, I'd never thought we'd be here. I'd not expected our relationship to be more than a one time thing, but it had progressed instead. It became a series of hook ups, then a regular thing and now things were, well. I wasn't sure how I'd describe us. Fuck buddies? No, more than that. Friends with benefits? We weren't exactly that either. I didn't think there was a term for us.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by the feel of rubber sliding down my stiff dick, constricting around the base. I bit back a moan, my eyes lidding behind the blindfold. My ass clenched around the dildo inside me, which he'd pushed in before tying me up.

"There, all done." I felt a hand pat my head and I had a feeling he was smirking, even though I couldn't see him. "Now, stay there." I didn't have much choice, but nodded anyway. There was more movement and this time I got the impression he'd left the room. I swallowed, taking the opportunity to shuffle nervously to get more comfortable. I wondered what he was up to. My dick twitched in anticipation, aching between my legs already.

I wasn't sure how long he was gone, the concept of time lost to me in this state. All I was sure was that he was back and standing close to me. "Open." I nodded, opening my mouth as wide as I could, tipping my head back. I expected to feel the familiar weight of his dick on my tongue, but intead I felt something hit me. It was hot, wet and smelled familiar, soaking my hair before moving down, towards my open mouth. I would've smiled if my mouth wasn't open wide, his piss flooding my mouth before I swallowed, some of it spilling down my chin to dip onto my chest. I groaned and swallowed more, letting it fill my senses.

It was when his stream felt strongest that I felt something else, another stream, only this one aimed for the blindfold. Someone else? Had to be, there was no way it could be him. But who? There were so many guys we'd been with together. Padge, Darran, Gavin, Ian. It could be any of those, or someone else. I'd need more of a clue. He moved, making sure to soak the blindfold before letting some of his land in my mouth, mixing with the first stream as it moved across my cheek. The last spray of the first guy's stream landed on my back at the head of my tattoo, the fluid sliding down my back. He wiped himself off in my hair, then stepped back, leaving me with the second guy.

He filled my mouth for a few more seconds, then stepped back, leaving his taste on my tongue. His tasted stronger than the first, but I swallowed just the same, feeling his stream move down over my chest. The warmth spread lower, soaking the curly hairs surrounding my dick and balls. I let out a soft, contented sigh which was followed by a whimper as the stream died.

"Good boy..." I heard him whisper behind me, petting my wet hair. "Now, suck." I nodded, a cock being shoved in my face, the shaft still soft with the tip slightly wet. I purred, sucking the remaining piss from him before taking him fully into my mouth. I smiled around him as he started to stiffen, him groaning above me. I traced my tongue along his shaft, sucking on him as he hardened fully. I had a suspicion it was Rich due to how big he was. Either him or Padge, if I had to guess. I bobbed up and down his length, closing my eyes behind the blindfold as I sucked and lapped at him. I felt his fingers tangling in my hair, gripping tight and pulling me close. I inhaled his scent, squeezing my lips around his base.

"Fuck..." He groaned and I could tell now it was Rich. Had to be. He held onto my head and started fucking my face, his balls slapping against my chin. "That's it..." I did what little I could in my position to please him, which mostly involved my tongue brushing over him and my lips twitching. "Fucking slut." I groaned around him and then he swelled against my tongue, shooting down my throat. He withdrew just enough so the rest landed on my tongue, so I got a taste of him. "Mmmm good boy." I heard him chuckle, rubbing my throat as I swallowed him down. He withdrew after a few seconds, slapping my face with his dick before moving away

I whimpered at the loss and heard them chuckle. "Don't worry slut, you'll get my cock soon." Darran was in front of me now, so I close I could smell him. I leaned forward, mouth opening wide, but he took hold of my hair and held me back. "Nu uh. Just lick."

I whined softly, but extended my tongue and swiped it over him. He purred, pulling my head where he wanted it so that I didn't get a chance to do more than lick. He moved my head around, making sure I'd gotten him from as many angles as possible. Only then did he push me away, leaving me desperate for more. "On all fours." I blinked beneath the blindfold, my eyelashes dragging against the wet material. I could hardly get in that position like this, but before I could start to move he gripped my hair tighter. "Not you my slut."

I heard movement that confirmed he meant Rich before he let go, crossing over to wherever he was. With no contact or sight, I had to guess what was happening from the sounds I heard. Something being pulled out from Rich's arse, a dildo or plug maybe. There was the sound of skin against the floor and I guessed his legs were being pulled apart. Then there was the unmistakable sounds of dick thrusting into his arse, along with a low groan from Rich. I wished I could see, it was always so hot to see strong men like Rich getting fucked. I pictured it in my head, Darran thrusting his hips. Rich groaned and I could almost see it. Darran balls deep in him. before moving back and thrusting harder into him. Damn blindfold, making me miss such a sight.

I listened intently, to every grunt and groan, every slap of skin against skin. I swallowed, wishing I could watch or touch myself or both. Sure the pictures in my mind were hot, as were the sounds, but seeing the thing for real would be much hotter.

Darran groaned, though this one was the particular deep groan he made when he came. I squirmed slightly, hearing him pull out and move towards me. Anticipating what he wanted, I opened up wide for him, inhaling his scent as he stood before me. "Clean me." He demanded and I took to task with my usual eagerness, taking him between my lips and lapping at his dick again. This time, though, it tasted different. Like cum and sweat and ass. I purred, swirling my tongue over his softening length, the taste filling my senses. Fuck, so good.

"Now." He mumbled when he withdrew, his dick as clean as I could manage. "Clean the other slut and you'll get a treat." I nodded and heard him move aside, his crotch replaced by Rich's ass, which one of them was holding open. I leaned in, inhaling before trailing my tongue along his crack, collecting the cum that had slipped out already. I swiped it along his full length twice more, then wiggled my tongue inside of his whole, which Darran had opened up nicely. I pushed my tongue inside him, circling his insides slowly. I really didn't do this enough. I thrust my tongue in and out slowly, smiling slightly as he moaned on front of me.

I remained in that position for awhile longer before Darran pulled me back, apparently satisfied I'd done enough. I let a whimper escape my lips anyway, hearing him chuckle. "Now, for your treat." I felt him reach down, his fingers brushing my stiff cock briefly before removing the rubber ring from me. I let out a sigh of relief, his fingers wrapping around me and giving me just one slow stroke. He let go and stood up, his booted foot rubbing along me. "Now, you're going to cum without anymore contact than that." I groaned, but knew I likely would be able to. I was just so desperate.

I felt Rich's breath against my ear before he started talking. "Should be easy for you slut. I can see your cock aching. I can't wait to bend you over and sink my stiff dick inside that pretty little ass of yours so I can fuck the shit out of you." I groaned and Darran pressed against me a little more. "Mmm maybe I'll spank you, or break out that whip. You look even better all marked after all." He paused and I rolled my hips, my dick rubbing against his boot. "The best part is, though, how fucking eager you'd be for it all. And I know you'd beg, maybe not with your lips, but certainly with your eyes, for us to use every little toy on you. The gags and the clamps and the 13 inch dildos and everything else besides. You want it all."He paused and I could sense the smirk he had to be making. "No, you need it all, because you're a dirty little slut. So cum for us, prove you're the little whore you so obviously are."

Darran pressed his boot against me just a little more and that, coupled with Rich's words, sent me over the edge, a groan leaving my lips as I did. "Fucking slut..." Darran moaned above, his fingers combing my hair as I rode my orgasm out, my hips thrusting to meet him.

I sighed when it was over, my eyes lidding behind the blindfold as I took a few calming breaths. "Now, clean your mess off my boot." I nodded, smiling as I felt it press against my chin, so that I could swipe my cum away. I hoped that Rich would be making some of those words come true onceI was finished. I had a feeling he would.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, darran smith, darran smith/jay james/rich boucher, fic, funeral for a friend, jay james, rich boucher, slash

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