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After The Dark There Is Light

After The Dark There Is Light
Pairing: 11th Doctor/The Kraken, Jack Harkness/The Seance
Rating: NC-17
POV: 11
Warnings: BDSM, AU, non-con
Notes: This is lonelydays17's fault, since she wanted 11/The Kraken BDSM for some reason. The original idea was it as meant to be consentual and non-AU for the Umbrella Academy half (and Jack wasn't in it) but then this idea came so... Continuity wise for Jack this is post Miracle Day and for The Doctor it's either before or after The Wedding Of River Song (take your pick which side, I've not decided which).

I stepped out of the TARDIS, not quite sure what to expect. I'd picked up a strange energy signiature, caused by a rift between dimensions. Of course, me being me, I'd gone to investigate. The result, ending up in an alternate dimension.

I wasn't sure where the timelines diverged, but there were definite differences, obvious after looking around a little. There were monkeys in clothes, monkeys which talked too. It seemed perfectly normal to the inahabitants of this place. Well, talking monkeys were better than earpods and airships I supposed.

Visually this place seemed like Earth, early 21st century, but something else felt different. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Not yet anyway.

I walked through the streets of this mystery town, or maybe it was a city. I wasn't sure yet. I wasn't looking for anything particularly, just any form of general information. I was sure, judging from the accents of the people I heard, that I was in America. "So Doctor, parallel America?" I glanced at the source of the voice, having almost forgotten I'd bought Jack along with me.

"It would appear that way."

"I wonder if this universe has it's own version of you... or me."

I rolled my eyes and shock my head. "No, we're not going to try and track doing this version of you, if you're even here. I don't think the world could handle two of you at the same time." He gave me this little smirk, one which said all it needed to. "Besides there's safer ways of doing that with yourself." He smirked wider and I knew our next stop would be somewhere to indulge his fantasy. I had to admit it was an appealing thought, but one that I'd have to ignore for now. "But we should focus on finding out more about the place."

He nodded and surveyed the area as I had. "Well it doesn't look too different from our Earth, bar the monkeys of course, so the point of divergence must be fairly minor."

I nodded a little. Perhaps, much like Pete's World, I'd never find out what that point actually was. However, that didn't stop me being curious about it. This was all so new and that was interesting to me. I turned us down a side alley not really for any reason, more out of instinct. There was almost a need for me to go this way. "I've got a bad feeling about this..." I heard him whisper from by my side but I chuckled softly.

"Thisworld seems perfectly safe I'm sure..." I didn't finish the sentance, crumbling to the the ground and blacking out from a blow to the back of my head. The last thing I saw was Jack falling the same way.


I groaned when I awoke, feeling cold and a lot of other things besides. After a few moments several things hit me. I was naked. I was tied to a chair. I was gagged too, with my own bow tie. I wasn't quite sure how to feel about that. Jack was also naked, tied to a sling though I suspected for him that wasn't terribly unusual.

I looked around the room we were in. It was dark, but appeared to be a basement. There were chains and cuffs and numerous other things scattered around. Some of those I knew Jack possessed. I'd caught him using those things before, by accident. Mostly. Sometimes he was using them on someone else, even though I tried to tell him that bring strangers into my TARDIS wasn't appropriate. Of course he never listened. Probably because I didn't really enforce it.

Thinking about that didn't help with our present problem though.

I heard something and looked up, the door opening and two men stepping within. One was slim, lanky with dark hair. He wore only a pair of dark jeans, showing off the pale skin of his chest. Strangely he wasn't walking down the stairs, but instead he hovered a few inches above the floor. The other was a much larger guy with ginger hair. He looked much more... butch than the other did. "Well, well, looks like one of our little friends is awake." The slim one floated down the stairs, over to me, a smirk was on his lips. "I'm The Seance and this The Kraken."

I watched as his companion moved over to Jack, slapping him awake. Seance kept quiet, saying nothing until Jack was fully awake. He glared with wild eyes, lips stretched around a ball gag to keep him quiet. His protests earned him another slap.

"As I was saying." Seance spoke again. "I am The Seance and this is The Kraken. We like collecting pretty boys and you two are so pretty." He paused, licking his lips lightly. "Normally that would be the end of it. You'd be ours for as long as we wished. But while you were passed out, I got flashes from you." He looked right at me. "You, you're like fire. You're like a storm, an approaching storm." He paused, eyes locked on my own. "You're not from this world." He glanced at Jack. "Neither are you." He stopped, floating in front of me absently, a thoughtful look crossing his face. "So, instead, we're going to keep you tonight. One night. And then you'll be off, off to wherever you came from." He leaned in close to me so his breath was hot against my face. "Is that a deal?"

I furrowed my brow slightly. It wasn't exactly a deal, I'd not had a choice in the matter. What alternative was there? I glanced at Jack and I had a feeling he'd not object. I swallowed and nodded, not seeing another way around this.

"Excellent. Then we may as well get started." I'd expected him to do whatever he wanted with me, but instead he moved away, over to Jack. "He's all yours."

I blinked in surprise as the Kraken came over to me, his gaze on me as he undid his flies and pulled himself out. "It's a pity." He whispered, voice gruff as he pushed his clothing down. "A pity we only have tonight and won't get to break you." He leaned forward his stubble brushing against my cheek. "Still, there's fun to be had with you." He smirked, palming his dick. "Still, Seance says we can break your friend. A little at least."

My eyes widened and I glanced at Jack. Even though I knew he could still take it. No, I didn't have to worry about Jack. He'd be fine. He'd heal. I returned my attention to the man before me. He pulled a knife out of a thigh holster, cutting the ropes which held me to the chair. "On the floor. Ass in the air."

I did so, not having much choice. I swallowed, keeping my breath steady as I got into the position he'd asked me to be in. It was a position I knew, I wasn't completely naive. It was rather hard to be with Jack around. I felt hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. He spat on me, then I felt his rough fingers pushing in, making me whimper against the bow tie. His fingers started thrusting in and out of me, working me open. I bit into the fabric of my tie, knowing I could take it. I just had to keep calm and relax. Fingers thrust in and out of my body, opening me up for him.

I let out a sigh when his fingers slipped out but deep down I knew that wasn't a good thing. Soon I felt him pressed up against me, his dick against my ass. I closed my eyes and bit into the material between my lips. He thrust his dick into me, making me groan, mostly in pain. At least that's what I'd told myself. "Mmm so tight." I heard him mutter, a moan leaving his own lips. His large hands held tight onto my sides and soon he was moving again, in and out harshly, not letting me get used to it.

The shameful thing was I didn't actually mind, not half asmuch as I expected. My dick was certainly responding, twitching between my legs with surprising eagerness. I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment at the realisation. "Fuck.." He groaned from behind me, moving harder. "Pity I can't fuck up this tight ass of yours..." He sighed softly, slamming hard into me while holding me tighter.

I heard a strangled scream from the bed and tried to look over. In response Kraken growled, slapping my ass hard. "Don't look over at them. I'm fucking you not him, you should pay attention to me!" Every other word was punctuated by a growl and a thrust. "Is that clear slut?"

I merely nodded, returning my attention to the floor. I told myself whatever happened to Jack wouldn't matter, he'd be ok. I swallowed behind the gag, Kraken moving faster and faster. "Fuck Seance... you look so good." I heard him chuckle, then another scream from Jack. He'd be ok.

Kraken slammed deep aand I felt him release, growling behind his breath. "Shit Seance..."

His companion laughed from the bed. "Awww did I make you over excited again?" Another scream. "How about you come closer for a better view. Maybe I can get you ready again for round two." I felt Kraken move out of me, my body crumpling to the floor as he left me. "Don't worry little one, I'll have some fun with you yet." His words made me shiver, then Jack screamed again.


"I'm sorry. I never should have investigated that anomoly." I whispered, the TARDIS now safely back in our universe, floating in the void between galaxies. I crouched behind Jack, checking him for scars, for any wounds that needed tending to.

"It's not your fault. I don't blame you. Not one bit." He smiled, that warm smile of his. "How about I check you over. I heal up all shiny and new remember?" I nodded, cursing myself for not recalling that. I sat as he stood, watching him as he started to remove my clothing gently. "Well, you don't look so bad. A few bruises. Could've been worse, they certainly knew how to cause pain." I nodded, recalling how he'd screamed, but I hadn't dared to look. It was like those days when I'd seen the Master torture him in what seemed like another life. In a way, it was.

"Hey." He took his chin in my hand, making me look at him. "It's ok. It'll be alright."

I nodded, leaning close and pressing my lips to his. It clearly caught him off guard, but he soon responded back to it, his tongue lapping at my lips, begging entrance. I parted them, groaning as his tongue slipped inside, exploring my mouth and circling my own. After a few moments we parted, our foreheads touching, the pair of us panting softly.

"I think we'll stay here for awhile." He raised and eyebrow and I smiled, licking across his lips. "There's a different kind of exploring I want to do. With you."

He flashed that smirk of his, eagerness flashing in his eyes but he didn't move right away. "You sure?"

"Absolutely." I smiled and stood, topless except for my braces. "Now, come on. Or is your famous libido exaggerated?" I grinned as he stood, scooping me up into my arms and carried me towards the bedrooms. I had a feeling I was about to find out at last.
Tags: 11th doctor, 11th doctor/the seance, doctor who, fic, jack harkness, jack harkness/the kraken, slash, the kraken, the seance, torchwood, umbrella academy

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