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In the tiny TARDIS

I figure it's time (again) for an update post.

Well while Morgan's been here we're been watching an awful lot of Who. The ones that spring to mind (in no order) are: The Waters Of Mars, Planet Of The Ood, The Unicorn And The Wasp, The God Complex, City Of Death, Survival, The Keeper Of Traken, Logopolis, Castrovalva, Earthshock, Spearhead From Space and An Unearthly Child. So yeah, something from most Doctors. In the time we've spent together we've seen every Doctor in action (although we only saw the Second Doctorin The Two Doctors/The Five Doctors, not on his own) which is pretty cool. I think out of the old Doctors I prefer three or four. I definitly don't like six one bit.I'd like to see more of two, but his is sadly the one with the most lost episodes.

Anyway. But yeah, it was nice to have Morgan here and I hoped I helped keep her mind on happy things while she was here.

We spent most of the time flopping with Who, which was for the best I think.

Other things.

Harry won Strictly! Yay! So glad he did. I knew he was going to, but still voted... five times at least. Plus he's done an Attitude photoshoot which is so hot. Although this is his second solo cover. Is he trying to tell us something? Anyway, it's good for perving and I'll likely do something with him soon.

I started my sole Christmas fic last night, but ended up doing another instead. I hope to get one finished today/tomorrow once I get back to it. I still hope to get my kinkyways tabe finished soon, my new aim is by the end of week one in January.

My Open Uni books came Friday. The box was so heavy and most books are so big! Eep.

The second lot of 3DS ambassador games has been released. I've been on most of them to test them and here's my thoughts so far.

*F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - I hate it. I really do.. It's just. Ugh. I've only tried to once but it infuriates me.
*Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island - The first one I tried and one of the best. It's quite fun (bar the crying that baby Mario does.
*Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - The only game I'd bought on GBA beforehand, this is the only one I've not been on yet. I will soon though. Zelda is always awesome.
*Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - This was something I was very interested in trying and I'' glad they did it. While in some ways it's annoying (a unit dies stays dead so I often find myself restarting it) pretty good despite that. I found myself spending my whole trip from the airport playing it. And nomnom prettys
*Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - This game is frustrating. Kirbygames are ok but this is just... ugh. I think main gripe is that I can find the fourth level but not the third.
*Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Pretty fun, but I think the main issue here is only eight characters... and that the current circulation of MArio Kart 7 stuff makes it seem dated.
*Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Again pretty fun. I find myself playing it because the levels are short, but they're clever.
*Metroid Fusion - I didn't think I'd like thi as much as I have (because I failed at the NES one) but it's pretty fun. I think it's mainly due to it being spacey
*Wario Land 4 - Not been on itmore than the test run. It doesn't seem as good as the others.
*WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames - Almost identical to the Wii one, so I've not felt the need to do much on it.

I need to go on Skyward Sword some more. I'm such a fail with it.

I spent Sunday night sorting the tree. Which meant dragging it inside, cutting branches off and lugging it into the living room. I felt oddly manly doing it.

The remote for the tv (lost for ages was found though... with the Christmas decorations. No wonder it was nowehere in sight!

Tomorrow we're doing the last of the Christmas (food) shopping. I may also be trading some stuff in at CEX to get the Warriors Of Rock guitar. I ended up getting an exclusive thing at Game, which I thought was the guitar but turned out just to be the wings for it so I feel I need the guitar now. I probably will go on Guitar Hero after finishing Skyward Sword.

Anyway, off now. Gonna get food then fic.

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