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King Of The Jungle

King Of The Jungle
Pairing: Dougie Poynter/Harry Judd
POV: Dougie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn
Notess: I never thought I'd do something with these guys anytime soon. Anyway this is set nowish. Also, due to timing, this is also unintentionally for Melody's birthday, yay!

It was good to finally be home, even with the time and temperature difference. The most important part of returning home for me, however, was seeing Harry. I'd not expected to see him as soon as I got out, since I knew he'd be kept in. I actually would have been disappointed if he'd been there because it would've meant he was out.

So now I was at our home, sitting in a chair with my crown balanced on my head. I smirked at him when he returned from the bathroom, licking my lips. "Well peasent, I think you should strip and kneel at my feet. Quietly." Harry blinked at me, learly a little surprised by what I'd said. "Get to it then!"

He blinked once more, then pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. He looked so good, clearly all the dancing was agreeing with him. He tossed the material to one side and reached down, pushing down the sweatpants he wore, kicking them aside when they reached the floor. That left him in just his boxers, until he slipped his thumbs into the waistband, pushing them down his legs. I licked my lips lightly as his dick was freed, his length aching and hard, curved up from his crotch. He was probably the biggest I'd seen, bar porn. But tonight wasn't about that.

"I said on your knees." I growled, gesturing to the floor before me. He came over and got on his knees, that surprise still showing in his eyes. Usually I was the more passive out of us, but being crowned king made me want this, made me want to use my new position of power. "Now. I am going to fuck you, so you are going to finger yourself and you're going to suck my dick."


"No! I'm your king and you'll do as I say." I leaned forward slightly, glaring down at him. "Now, you better do as I say peasent."

He opened his mouth as if to say something, but didn't. "Do I get any lube?"

"No peasent. Just spit." He bit his lip but said nothing, reaching up to suck in two fingers. I smirked, watching him. He looked so hot, sliding those digits into his mouth. I heard him suck on them, the sounds making my dick twitch. After awhile they ended when he slipped them out, moving them round to his rounded cheeks. I wondered when the last time was when he'd gotten fucked. I knew he had, we all had at one time or other, but his dick meant that he rarely did. I shook the thought from my head, watching as he pushed a finger in and out of himself.

I waited until he pushed a second into him before pushing my own boxers down and freeing my dick. I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled him close so that my dick filled him view. "Suck it bitch." He groaned, lips parting to take my head in. I moaned softly, pushing his head back down onto me so he took more of me than he intended. "Fuck..." I groaned, feeling him gag a little on me. I relaxed my grip a little, letting him bob up and down at his own pace. He was surprisingly good at it, squeezing his lips and swishing his tongue over my swollen flesh. I sighed, resting my head back against my seat, purring as he settled into a pace. "Such a good little dicksucker." He shiver under me and I watched, smiling as he drove his fingers in and out if himself while sucking me. Quite a skill.

"Enough." I groaned softly, pushing his head off my length, drool shining on his chin. "Turn around, fingers out of you." He nodded, taking ragged breaths as he moved around so his arse was before me. I rose from my chair, pulling his cheeks apart and lining up before thrusting into him. I probably should have made a comment, but I couldn't quite manage it. I was just too needy and desperate. I held onto him tighter, thrusting deeper into that tight heat of his. Fuck he felt so good.

He moaned and I started to fuck him, moving rather harshly in and out of him. Bar a quick wank in the hotel when I got out this would be my first orgasm in weeks. As such, I wan't particuarly expecting this fuck to last long. I slammed into him, gripping tighter onto him. "Fucking slut. My fucking slut. Take it from your king." I growled, ramming hard into him. His insides squeezed around me in all the right ways and my eyelids fluttered closed. I tipped my head back and let out another low groan, jerking hard inside him as I came. I'd managed to hold out a little longer than I'd expected, though I also suspected I hadn't lasted terribly long. Ah well.

I eased my length out of him and flopped back in my seat, glad I'd done this here so that's all I'd have to do. I panted softly, watching him through the slight haze of release.

Eventually the sweet silence was broken by him speaking up. "Er... can I cum now sir?"

I considered for a moment, then shook my head. "No peasent! Now get me a drink." I nudged his ass with my foot. "And be quick about it." He crawled off, towards the kitchen and I smirked at the view. His stiff dick and soft balls swaying, with the slight hint of my cum sliding down his crack. Perfect.
Tags: dougie poynter, dougie poynter/harry judd, fic, harry judd, mcfly, slash

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