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My Secret Friend

My Secret Friend
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 21: Spreader bars
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Set prior to Fever. This is basically a random idea that got into my head and wouldn't go away so I ficced it.

The internet was a wonderful thing. It connected us to our homes, our fans, our friends. Most importantly for me though was it connected me to a faceless person. You see I longed for something. I wanted someone to own me. Sadly, due to our tour schedule that wasn't exactly practical.

So awhile ago I found someone online and started messaging and e-mailing them. It was a strange relationship. I made sure not to show them my tattoos or send pictures that revealed my face, though they seemed content with a few pictures of my dick and arse. He did the same, so I hadn't seen his face either but we'd both given descriptions of one another which seemed to be enough.

I smiled, sending him the e-mail I'd just finished before closing the laptop. Soon I'd be wanking to the thought of him again.


I shivered slightly at the e-mail I gotten from him when I got back home from the tour. He wanted us to meet. Sure, he'd mentioned we should before but never had he specifically said we should until now. I swallowed and debated what I should do. On the one hand, I'd get someone who was willling to dominate me. On the other hand what if it didn't work out? What if he didn't like me and he ended our relationship?

I considered it and then took a deep breath.

Yes. I would.


I was nervous but I supposed that was natural. Here I was, about to meet I guy I'd never actually met. I'd considered backing out once or twice, but decided not to. I didn't want to lose him. So now here I was. We'd gone through several possible meeting places, but settled on a local bar.

I wore a collar and sat facing away from the bar's other patrons as instructed. The other things I wore were less visible than the collar. There was a ring around my dick and a plug stuffed up my arse so I'd be ready to go whenever he wished. I sat back a little and sipped at my beer, hoping it would calm me down a little. I'd purposely decided not to wear a watch, knowing I'd glance at it at every opportunity. Even without it I cast downward glances at my wrist, as if one would magically appear.

It was only because I was worried. Worried that he'd seen me and left, or that he wasn't going to come at all, that this whole thing had been a waste of time. I sighed deeply and took another drink. No. I'd gotten here early and there was every chance he might be on time after all. Even if he wasn't, he could be late simply due to traffic. Of course, that thinking didn't dissaude my thoughts that he may not like me, but I hoped the beer would dispel those.

I was about to stand and get another beer when I felt someone stand behind me. This feeling was confirmed when I noticed a shadow on the table. Was it him? I swallowed, staying in place and waiting with bated breath for confirmation. The person that I'd lalst thought could be him turned out to be just someone wanting a chair.

"Well hello slut." He whispered against my ear and I felt his hair against my skin. "I'm glad you followed my instructions." I nodded, swallowing again. His voice was deep and strangely familiar, but I shook that off. Obviously he was more local than I'd realised. "I hope you've followed my other ones just as well."

"I have sir." His breath hitched a little and I frowned slightly, wondering why. He stepped back and I wondered if I'd done something to turn him away, but I dismissed that thought. Obviously he couldn't stay that close to me all night.

"Close your eyes." I nodded and did so, keeping my head up as he moved around me. I heard him take the seat across from me, then a low chuckle from his throat. "I should have known."

"Sir?" I asked, voice shaky. Perhaps he'd recognised me. It wouldn't surprise me that much if he did.

"Open you eyes."

I nodded a little and blinked them open, looking at the man across from me. I had to blink a few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. No. It couldn't be. I swallowed, not quite sure what to say. It was Padge. I was sure of it. Fuck. "I..."

Padge grinned and leaned forward. "Still want to be my slut?" I blinked and gaped, a little lost for words. "I mean it is a surprise to know that the slut I've been chatting to for months is you but..." I felt his hand on my leg, his fingers inching up. "It would be a shame to let all our plans go to waste." He had a point and I parted my legs a little as his hand moved towards my crotch.

"Yes sir." I nodded, my eyes on him. I'd never have expected it to be him, but my dick twitched at the thought. If all this went well I'd have what I wanted full time. I shifted in my seat a little and he smirked, obviously noticing.

"Well, should we just skip the drinks and head back to mine?" He licked his lips, nodding at my empty bottle. I nodded and his hand retreated from me so we could both stand. I let him lead the way, following him out to his car. He stopped beside it and turned, smiling. "You have a choice now slut. You can be in the front next to me or in the boot."

I thought back to our talks and knew there was only one answer. "Boot sir." He smiled, popping it open and nodding for me to get in. I got into the confined space, laying down and pulling my legs up against my body. He smiled down at me, before closing the lid and getting in the front.


It took longer than I expected to get back to his. I wondered if he purposely took a different route home, or if it was just due to the lack of concept of time. However soon the trip came to an end and the car finally stopped. There was movement and then Padge opened the boot, smiling down at me. "Ok slut." I nodded and he smirked, gesturing for me to stand, which I did, and then I followed him until he raised his hand for me to stop. "Slut's don't wear clothes inside. Strip."

I nodded slightly. "Yes sir." I bit my lip and pulled my t-shirt over my head, dropping it to the floor. Next I bent down, pulling both shoes off and setting them beside my t-shirt. Lastly I undid my fly, pushing my jeans down to the floor, stepping out of them.

"Mmm much better." He smirked and opened the door, pushing me inside. "On all fours and crawl after me." I nodded and got on my hands and knees, following him as he led me into his home. It was strange, coming in like this. I couldn't help but glance at his ass as I followed him, wondering if I'd get to taste it. Well, it was actually more of a when than if.

I crawled behind him until he stopped in the living room. I wondered what he had in mind, though I guessed I'd find out. "Stay still slut." I nodded, not looking up as I heard him move. There were sounds of him moving things and shuffling around. A few moments later his feet were nudging my legs apart and I couldn't help but wonder if he was going to fuck me. However, I soon realised that wasn't what he had in mind just yet. I felt him place something on the floor between my legs, restraints being wrapped around my ankles. I tested the restraints, realising it was obviously a spreader bar.

I groaned and heard him chuckle, his hand coming down to strike my ass. I yelped in surprise but pushed my arse back, eyes lidding. I needed it, but he didn't hit me again. "It's a shame really." I heard him move, waking around me like a predator around his pray. "All this time. All this time I could've been fucking you wasted." He clicked his tongue, tutting. "But we'll make it up slut."

I heard him undo his flies and pull out his cock. I glanced up, licking my lips at the sight of him. He looked just as hard and thick as he'd appeared in the few pictures he'd sent. He shoved his dick towards my face, his hands gripping my hair. "I've always wanted to stuff my dick between those sweet lips of yours. So get on it slut." I didn't need telling twice. I parted my lips and took as much of him as I could, looking up at him as I did so. is head was tipped back a little, his eyes halflidded and his lips parted. In short he just looked so hot.

I smiled and sucked more of him down, enjoying the feeling of fullness. I'd not gotten the chance to be with anyone properly because of touring. It was mostly random or drunken encounters that were just one offs. This had a level of planning and there been a great amount of anticipation behind it, which the others had lacked. I took a breath through my nose when I next pulled back before taking him down again. He was bigger than the last guy I'd sucked, which made it even hotter to me. I closed my eyes and focused on him, bobbing my head up and down, my tongue pressing against his throbbing length.

All too soon he withdrew, which made me whimper, the tate of his dick and precum filling my senses. "Slut." He slapped my face with his cock, chuckling. "No, I'm not going to cum down your throat. As good a cocksucker you are I'm gonna fuck you." He spat on my face, then walked around me, roughly pulling the plug from me. "Such a good little slut, pluging yourself as I asked." His fingers stroked along the curve of my ass and he spat again, this time aiming for my crack. He stepped beween my spread legs and I felt his dick rub against my arse. Hands stretched my cheeks, spreading them apart wide. "Mmmm nice and ready for me." He spat again, then thrust forward, his dick penetrating me. We both groaned as he pushed in deeper, his balls soon pressed up against me.

"Fuck..." I whispered, my eyes lidding again, my fingers digging into the carpet. I pushed back against him as he started to move.

"Mmm so fucking good." I heard him mutter from behind me, his thrusts already slighty rough. He held tightly onto my hips, slamming his own against me hard enough to make me jerk forward. "Such a good fucking slut..." He grunted and focused on fucking me, the only sounds leaving his lips being incoherent sounds. I rutted back against him, clenching around his dick every few seconds, smiling at the moans he made. "Fuck slut..." He spat again, this time on my back and he slammed into me hard.

Fuck he felt amazing. Better than I'd expected him to when I jerked off thinking of him. Of course back then he was just my mystery man, without a true face to think of, just the ones I imagined of him. Of course thinking back it was obvious it was him. It made so much sense. The things he said and did, the fact he was so willing to switch to just e-mails whenever we were on tour, although I'd always just told him it was just for 'work'. I took a deep breath, gasping in surprise as he gripped my hair and yanked my head back up.

I was torn about my cock ring. On one hand I wanted to beg him to remove it, to stroke me off until I came across my belly. On the other I loved that it was on, that it meant he had full control of me and it was a clear example of how important his pleasure was. In the end I decided to say nothing, focusing on getting him off.

It worked too. A few thrusts after I'd mentally made that decision, he slammed into me hard and came, grunting loudly behind me. "Such a fucking slut... so fucking good." He panted and pulled out after a few moments, stepping over my spreader bar and moing to stand before me. "Lick my dick clean, there's a good slut." I nodded and started licking his cum, gazing up at him. This felt so right, being at his feet like this. This was just what I'd wanted for so long.

"Thank you sir." I whispered softly, resuming licking.


"Fuck Jay, what's with the hawk?" Moose asked as we met up before our first gig for the new allbum. I wasn't surprised by his reacction and shot a sidelong gance at Padge before responding.

"I just felt like a change." Padge smirked, drinking from his beer as Moose nodded. I was sure he wasn't satisfied by that, but I had a feeling he wouldn't ask more about it, not yet anyway. In reality it was for Padge, my sir. I was sure he had a reason behind it, but he'd not gone into it, instead just shaving it off while I was tied to achair last night.

"Cool. I'm gonna check that everything's got here ok, wanna check your stuff too guys?" I shared a brief glance at Padge, then nodded, following him towards the stage.

"I can't wait to fuck you with that new hair slut." Padge purred against my ear, squeezing my arse before heading off to check his guitars. I couldn't either. I shifted slightly, glad that I had a harness to keep the new, alrger plug he'd given me in place, then went to make sure all my basses had gotten here in one piece.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash

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