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Oh look, there's the tower of spite

Well Thursday I ended up going to the mysterious place of Harlaxton to see Morgan.So I spent aout three hours train hopping to get to somewhere I'd never been before. I spent most of the trip half sleeping.

Harlaxton is so big and fancy!

But yay, I got there ok and we had a nice time. We end up renting a few dvds to watch from the college's rental room.

My room there was nicish, not that we spent much time there. But I had a fob to beep the doors with which was pretty cool.

So I ended up experiencing my first thanksgiving, which was strange, but it was ok. I got to taste yams and pumpkin pie. Strange American custom.

Anyway then we watched Superbad which wa pretty funny before moving to a room Morgan had reserved called the Pearson room.,And fuck, that room is awesome. It was huge and there were lots of couches and this HUGE tv! It was aweome! We ended up watching the Who movie (so I got to see the Eighth Doctor, and the Seventh) and then the first Who dvd with the silurians (so I got to see the Third Doctor!). The Who movie was better than I expected and I'm surprised it never led to more films with the Eighth Doctor. The Silurian one made me feel so bad about the Silurians. Poor, poor Silurians. The chance for peace fucked up by one idiot. The Doctor wa so hopeful for peace too, he eveen had it all planned out and everything!

On Friday we went round Grantham, which was interesting. I like going round new places.

Of course we ended up back in the Pearson room and watched some Star Trek, QI, Mock The Week and some more Who. We watched two Who's that the rental had (the movie was also a rental). The first was The Talons of Wen-Chiang which was with the Fourth Doctor and generally was pretty awesome. His companion at the time, Leela, was also awesome and oddly eager to kick ass. And also there were these two old guys in it and oh, they were fantastic! They were so perfect together and they helped the Doctor so much and even went off on their own and were generally awesome! The only bad thing about it was the giant rats which looked awful, though the golden dragon statue at the end made up for it.

The second one was the Caves Of Androzani with the Fifth Doctor which was at the other end of the scale. His companion, Peri, was all kinds of annoying. There was no reasoning for the Doctor to even go to that planet and the first part he didn't even seem too willing to do anything. One of the main villians also looked like he should've been in a BDSM club (seriously he had a gimp mask and leather suit on and just...).

So yeah. I'm back now (even though the way back was far from straightfoward) but it was a good time. It would've been nice to go back, butthere's no time now. Ah well. Morgan'll be here soon to pester me, yay! And we can watch more old Who! Because that was awesome.

I just watched the Dancing and Harry, you must win! Three 10's! Three! Now to watch Merlin.
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