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Pairing: Ashley Purdy/Matt Tuck/Padge, Ashley Purdy/Jay James/Moose, Calvin Roffey
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 34: Cock rings
Warnings: Bondage
Notes: So this is a random idea I got while down at Mikey's. Part of it is from reading somewhere that, at the Kerrang awards, Andy asked Bullet if they could tour together (I'm unsure if it's true or not).

"I will tour with you." He said in that strange deep voice of his, before turning and leaving us.

"Pssh cocky prick. Like we'd ever tour with him." I rolled my eyes at Matt. He was one to talk about being cocky. I didn't say it though. Still, I'd seen interviews with him and the confidence wasn't unjustified. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to make this happen.


"The fuck?" I sighed as we got on the tour bus, wondering what made Padge utter those words. Had all the beer run out again?

I stood up on my tiptoes, looking over Padge's shoulder. "Oh." I gasped softly, looking at the main space of the bus. There was a man on our bus completely naked. His tattoos were unfamiliar and his skin was slightly tanned. He had a mop of jet black hair and make up around his eyes and down his neck. There was a gag in his mouth, stretching his lips open wide. He also had a black ring around the base of his stiff cock. "Err who is that?"

"This guy left him here. Said he was for you guys." Calvin spoke up from somewhere I couldn't see. "He left this." He handed us an envelope, with our band name on it handwritten. Matt, naturally, snatched it off him and proceeded to open it.

"Huh." He uttered after a few moments, his eyes skimming the paper within. "It's from that Ballsack kid."

"Biersack." Moose corrected. I knew Moose had decided to look into him after that meeting at the awards, so that didn't surprise me.

"Whatever." Matt shrugged and returned to the note, finishing it off. "Well, he says we can make use of this guy till tomorrow." He smirked and licked his lips, tossing the note onto the nearest bunk. "Well we may as well..."

I cast my gaze back to the guy, giving him another once over. He was certainly attractive, there was no denying that. There was a sheen of spit on his chin from where he'd drooled from the gag, which made him look sexier. The outlaw tattoo on his chest, the clearest of his tattoos, also shone from it. The whole sight just seemed to make me hard, which was understandable, it was pretty hot.

It was only a matter of time before someone made their move. Matt took the lead, moving closer to him. "Well then slut. I guess we should make use of you. It'd be a shame not to." Matt ran his hand down his chest, dragging his nails down his skin.

Padge stepped over too, looking behind him. "Well he's all plugged so he's ready for a good arse fucking." He smirked, licking his lips. "Does he have a name?" He looked at Matt, who shrugged.

"Ashley I think." Moose cut in and the man before us nodded in confirmation. Ashley it was.

"Ironic the slut has a girl's name." Padge chuckled, slapping his ass hard, the sound filling the air. Ashley made a groan from the blow behind his gag, which caused him to drool more. "I'm taking his arse first." He gripped his bound wrists, pulling him over to the table before pushing his prone body across the surface. Another groan, more drool. I watched as the drool made a small pool on the table, which made me harder. I heard Padge undo his flies, pulling out his stiff cock. He pushed his trousers down and stepped out of them, his hands now pushing Ashley's legs apart.

I licked my lips, hearing the wet sound as Padge pulled out the plug out of Ashley's ass, the dark rubber being set beside him. Padge guided his cock between those rounded cheeks, pushing it into him. Ashley groaned, shifting against the table as Padge filled him.

Matt, never one to be left out of the action for too long, got his own dick out and started undoing Ashley's gag. The rubber ball fell from his lips as soon as the buckle was undone, little ropes of drool hanging from it as it fell to the table. "Suck it slut." He thrust his crotch at Ashley's face and the sounds I heard indicated he was doing as he was told.

I glanced sidelong at Moose, the pair of us left out for now. Moose smiled, his fingers fiddling with his fly. "We should probably strip to save time." I nodded and he gripped his fly more firmly, pulling it down. I pulled my t-shirt up, shivering slightly at the sounds the three of them made. The moans that Matt made, accompanied by cursing and muttered statements directed at Ashley. The grunts Padge made as he thrust.in. The slightly choked sounds Ashley made whenever each of them moved.

I pulled my three-quarters down, along with my underwear, so I stood naked and aching. Moose was in the same state as I was now, only he was lazily stroking himself. "So which hole do you want?"

"Arse. That ok?" I nodded and he grinned. "Great."

All it was now was a matter of waiting. So the pair of us watched Matt and Padge fuck Ashley and I wondered who'd blow first. For the meantime we got quiet a sexy show and I struggled not to stroke myself, worried I'd cum too soon. With good reason, as it was a very hot sight. I focused more on Padge, his thick dick thrusting in and out hard, his hands gripping Ashley's sides.

My focus was interrupted by a familiar groan. "Fuck..." Matt hissed, his hips pulling out just in time for him to cum over Ashley's face.

"Fuck..." I whispered, my dick twitching in appreciation.

Matt stepped back, a smirk on his lips. "Who's up for my seconds?"

I flipped him off and pushed him aside to take his place but I gave Ashley a few moment to breath before rubbing my cock across his lips. He gave me a small, grateful smile then parted his lips to take me. I was a little thicker than Matt, but he took me no problem, swallowing me down with those pretty lips of his. I groaned as his tongue flickered against my length, his head bobbing around me until I gripped onto his hair and took over. It was so soft against my fingers. I gripped his locks tighter, taking control of his head so that I was fucking his face.

It was a few moments after I'd started that I heard Padge grunt, though it was different than the previous grunts. It was very distinctive, one that I knew meant he'd came inside him. So I stilled my movements, with half my dick in Ashley's mouth, watching as he stepped back. I licked my ips at the sight if his sticky cock, though obviously knew I wouldn't be able to taste it. Not yet anyway.

Moose soon stood where Padge had been, but instead of just thrusting inside he planted his hand on my chest and pushed me back until my dick slipped out. I blinked a little, confused, but before I could voice an objection it became clear why. He gripped Ashley and rolled him onto his back. He parted his legs again and slipped into him, the wet sound making me groan. Of course I took advantage of the way Ashley gasped at the intrusion, pushing my cock back down his throat. He had to hang his head off the table a bit to accomodate me and the whole position felt rather strange. But it was still so fucking good.

I fucked his face steadier this time, getting used to the position. His tongue still lapped against me, although this time it was against the other side of my dick now. I let my eyes close, growls leaving my lips as I fucked his throat. I heard Moose groan, the sounds getting steadily louder as time went on.

A few minutes in I realised there was a second set of groans. I knew it wasn't coming from Matt or Padge, they'd not had chance to recover yet, so I opened my eyes a little. I blinked, looking at the source and smiled a little. Calvin. He was jerking off while watching us, clearly not waiting for a shot at either hole.

I smiled at Moose, gripping Ashley's shoulders for leverage so I could increase my speed, hoping that perhaps I could give Calvin a taste of that sweet mouth. However it was too late. Calvin got close enough to cum over Ashley's neck. "Fuck..." It was so hot, the white sticking to the black of the make-up in a way that made him look even sexier, especially when his throat bulged when I thrust forward.

I closed my eyes again, focusing on enjoying the sensations he was giving me with that skilled mouth of his. There was no way he'd not done this before with a mouth like that. He was probably his own band's slut. If he wasn't, he certainly should be. I hoped that I'd get to sample his arse before the night was over. I thrust a few more times, then came down his pretty throat, sliding out.

I panted softly, giving him a smile before patting his hair and moving away, fopping on one of the couches and grabbing a beer from the mini-fridge. I removed the lid, downing a long gulp, watching as Moose finished off. However, instead of just cumming inside him like Padge had, he pulled out and came across his outlaw tattoo.

"Fuck I should've done that!" Padge uttered from where he was seated on a counter, a beer botte of his own in hand.

"The night is young." Moose smiled as he wiped his cock across Ashley's skin. "If you can get it up again you're welcome to do so." Padge smirked and nodded at the thought, drinking more of his beer.


The next morning there was a knock on the bus door and I knew who it was. Well, I guessed. I sat up, watching as Matt gripped Ashley's arm, pulling him over to it as he pressed the door release. There stood Andy, as predicted, and he raised an eyebrow at the sight before him. Ashley covered in cum, gag back in his mouth and plug replaced by a beer bottle.

"I know what you're going to ask, I'm not fucking stupid." Matt spoke before Andy could. Of course, I had to bite my tongue so as not to respond to that myself. "The answer is yeah, as long a we can use the slut you can." He pushed Ashley out at him, not caring he was naked. "Now shoo. We'll discuss details when we're not hungover." And with that he slammed the door button so it shut again.
Tags: 50kinkyways, andy six, ashley purdy, ashley purdy/jay james/moose, ashley purdy/matt tuck/padge, black veil brides, bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey, fic, jay james, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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