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This turn of events has left me with a strong appertite for bloodshed

Ok so this is going to be the first of the (inevitable) Skyward Sword posts. Yes, this WILL contain spoilers. So if you've not got the game/not played much. Before the actual spoilers start I'll bring up two points.

First I paniced yesterday morning that it wouldn't come. The postman was late coming (not coming till 10) and then he didn't leave it first time. He had to COME BACK to give itus. When I saw him at the door with a book I screamed at mum (who was standing near the door) to get it and actually yelled a thank you. Then I got it out and hugged the box. Shut up.

Second my cousin decided to show up later in the day. Ugh. It meant I ended up taking an overlong break which sucked.

(And also, in your face America! We get it first!)

Ok, now onto spoilers.

Ok I'm gonna mostly bullet point these things, so here we go. (In no real order.)

*Kikwis! They are so, SO adorable! The sounds they make, the way they 'hide' and they're just overall cuteness. I love them so.
*Ghirahim is an interesting villian so far. And he so wants Link's ass.
*The first boss battle (with him) is quite possibly the most satisfying feeling boss battle in ages. I don't know why, but something aout it just felt... awesome.
*Fi is an odd character but I like her. Her constant use of percentages only makes her seem odder and (and a review said) robot-like.
*Lostwings are so cucte!
*The sword controls handle very well. Of course it takes some getting used to, but ultimate they are pretty great
*The beetle is so fun to fly around, I love it!
*The music is amazing! It shows that it's done by a fully orchestra
*It seems the Shiekah are much less shadowy in this game which is interesting. Hopefully it means we learn more about them. Although the main one seems snarky.
*I love the new thing about bomb flowers. It makes SO much sense and I wonder why it hasn't been done before.
*There's only one Goron so far, but he's so adorable
*The Mogmas. I'm not sure what my thoughts on them are. So far not my favourite race by a long shot.
*I still find it odd how some things are more advanced than they should be
*I love the sneaky reference to the 25th anniversary being in it

Bad points (and yes, even an awesome game like this has them)
*Diving. I seem unable to work it right. I spent about half an hour trying to get a goddess cube that you could only get by diving to reach it.
*Skulltulas. They. Are. EVIL! Nightmarish even. They are so fucking horrible and the things they do... ugh, it just creeps me out more.

Well those are the main points I recall now. Well, the ones I wanna ramble about anyway. I may have missed one or two, but I don't think so.
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