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Dawn of a new day

So I decided randomly to do a speed run of Majora's Mask. Basically I wanted to see if I could finish the basic game in three actual days. Well I pretty much suceeeded and here's the chart thing I did while doing it. It took 8 three day cycles.

Day 1

First three day cycle

Items obtained: Deku nuts, magic meter, maps (Clock Town, Woodfall), Bombers code' (12345), Adult wallet, Ocarina Of Time
Masks obtained: n/a
Songs obtained: Song Of Time
Heart pieces obtained: 2 (Stock Pot hand, entrance to Clock Tower)

Second three day cycle

Items obtained: Bombers' notebook, deku sticks, maps (Great Bay, Romani Ranch)
Masks obtained: Deku mask, Great Fairy mask, Kafei's mask, Bremen mask, Blast mask, Kamaro's mask, bunny hood
Songs obtained: Song Of Healing
Heart pieces obtained: 4 (North Clock Town tree, swordsman school, dancers, peahat)

Third three day cycle

Items obtained: Bottle (potion shop), map (Snowhead), Pictograph box, magic beans, Hero's bow, enhanced sword spin
Masks obtained: Mask of scents
Songs obtained: Sonata of awakening, song of soaring, Oath to order
Heart pieces obtained: 4 (Deku Palace garden, Woodfall, Swamp cruise, Swamp entrance tree)

Woodfall completed.

Fourth three day cycle [part day 1, part day 2]

Items obtained: Lens of truth, fire arrows, double magic meter
Masks obtained: Goron mask, Don Gero's mask
Songs obtained: Lullaby intro, Goron lullaby
Heart pieces obtained: None

Snowhead completed

Day 2

Fifth three day cycle

Items obtained: Powder keg, Epona, bottle (Goron racetrack), bottle (Romani), razor sword, gilded sword, large quiver, bottle (graveyard), biggest bomb bag
Masks obtained: Garo's mask, stone mask, Captain's hat, Romani's mask
Songs obtained: Epona's Song
Heart pieces obtained: 2 (Dodongo's, Iron knuckle grave)

Day three

Sixth three day cycle

Items obtained: Hookshot, map (Stone Tower), ice arrows, defensive power
Masks obtained: Zora mask
Songs obtained: New Wave Bossa Nova
Heart pieces obtained: 4 (Pirate's Fortress, sea horses, frog choir, Snowhead lake)

Great bay completed.

Seventh three day cycle

Items obtained: Mirror shield, light arrows, Great Fairy's sword
Masks obtained: Gibdo mask, Giant's mask
Songs obtained: Elergy of Emptyness
Heart pieces obtained: 1 (Ikana castle)

Stone Tower completed (starting a new cycle so I'm sure it's saved)

Eighth three day cycle

Items obtained: None
Masks obtained: Circus Leaders mask
Songs obtained: N/a
Heart pieces obtained: 1 (Postman)

Majora defeated

Now on day 2 there were workmen next door banging so I couldn't concentrate on it during the day. Hence, I added two hours onto day three, the hours I would've spent on day 2.

So yeah. I did pretty good I think, managing a good 70% of the game I'd say.
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