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Every second behind us has burned away forever

Ramble post the second now.

So many things have occured since Monday.

Tuesday we went to Tunbridge Wells. The primary reasoning was to get the tattoo booked in. When we went I found I could have had it done then and there... but Mikey's dad was waiting so I couldn't. Instead I got booked in with the pretty.

After that we went to see Contagion, which is a pretty awesome film.

Wednesday was a slow day. I do recall managing to cut my finger while making food. Boo. I also recall watching The Human Centipede II though.

The main thing, though, was getting my Open University course sorted. Yay!

Thursday was busy again. We went to see Madina yet felt oddly drained. We popped in Forbidden Planet and I got a Star Wars magazine (only cause it was a rare variant cover). Then we went in CEX and I got DS9 season 2. It was amusing that the guy that served me was an obvious geek.

Sadly for about half of the day I felt unwell. I dunno why but I just was. It meant I spent the gig fairly far back.

The gig was pretty awesome though, just the merch wasn't terribly great (although there was free stuff so woo!). The first band were forgetable. My audio of My Passion was ruined by a group of girls singing so loud it often overidden the venues. They were just so annoying.

Madina, however were awesome. It was so good to see Matthew up and about and he was just so bouncy. He was far more mobile than I would've expected. Nathan looks good back to blonde. He said something that stuck with me though: 'Every second behind us has burned away forever. Every second in front of us is not guranteed'. Wise words. They're so thankful and sweet.

Afterwards several people said stuff. One comment on my jacket, one recognised me from The Blackout and one commented on my hair. Also I briefly saw never_coming_bk which was pretty cool.

After that we watched The Blackout's documentary. It was amusing seeing Jay so much (especially after his cock appeared on isanyoneup) and nomnom topless Matthew.

Today was the day of the appointment, which was odd. Odd mostly because of the utter lack of nerves I had. I expected to be so nervous, but I just wasn't. Even when I went there I wasn't. The pretty guy (Mark ) made a few comments on how well I took it, which I take to be good. It honest wasn't as bad as I expected though.

The original design I wanted had to be changed, but that's mostly due to my wrist being tiny to begin with. So instead of it being horizontal it was vertical, but that's ok.

Here it is.

Mikey took better pics so I hope to upload one of them later.

After that I got a few things. Some stuff for mum for Christmas. The last DS9 dvd I needed (woo!), along with a Happy Tree Friends one (just cause I saw it). A cheap DS9 book. Cybermen from the argos sale.

I did want a cute fuzzy kitten of love though.

To celebrate the date (11/11/11) we watched two 11th Doctor episodes (Amy's Choice and The God Complex) yay!

As I made this post mum decided to call which was annoying. Though it was amusing to hear one of my stick insects had done a runner, ending up by the guinea pigs (which is quite a distance).

Off home tomorrow. Boo travelling.
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