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Longish, random post now.

Well I was due to see BVB last Sunday, but that didn't happen due to Andy's accident. As soon as I herd about it I knew it was doomed. I hope it getss rescheduled soonish though it likely won't till after Christmas (that is if he desn't manage to break something else in the meantime). Silly boy.

My hair is now red again.

Monday was Halloween. I spent it watching Nightmare Before Christmas. I meant to watch a scary film, but didn't.

Nothing else terribly interesting happened last week though. Well, apart from going on Lego Clone Wars some more.

Thursday was two weeks after my birthday. As such I've lost hope on any of the other birthday fics that people said they'd do being done.

SaturdayI came down to saur's, which is a pain cause the trains fucked up and so I had to go a completely different way. Ugh. Still, I got here okish other than that and got to see Merlin.

Yesterday we went to see the bunch of Welsh weirdos known as The Blackout. The first band we were alright, but We Are The Ocean were better. I'm so glad they played Confessions, cause it's my favourite and I doubted they would.

The Blackout were awesome as always. And Sean was as preverted as always. Showing skin, feeling himself up, stroking Bob's head then licking his hand... the weirdo. And Sean acting like Josh from YMAS was aspecial was amusing. We were on Matthew's side and so ended upon team GB for the singing off part. And,as always, they were funny and bantering.

We didn't get to see them afterwards, but we did get to see the marvels of London at night. Night buses, people trying to offer us drugs and a drunk and sung, tap danced and acted like we could get a cork from a bottle with just out hands (no joke). so yeah. That was a strange time.

Plans for this week? See film, Madina, get tatt sorted, games, sleep.
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