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Pumpkin Song

Pumpkin Song
Pairing: Darran Smith/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes:Ok this is the unintentional Halloween fic (hence it's lateness). This is inspired by/is a semi sequel to this fic.

Sometimes I wish we lived in America. They went pretty all out at Halloween which I bet led to some awesome costumes and parties. I guess I'd make do with tonight's party instead, though I was sure it would still be pretty good. I adjusted my costume one last time before going out.


I was pretty impressed. The house was done up all nice with decorations and carved pumpkins everywhere. In fact the pumpkins provided the vast majority of the lighting.

I'd seen a wide variety of costumes too, even three people dressed as a human centipede which was a little odd. There were all the standards though: zombies, vampires, skeletons all with varying degrees of effectiveness. There was even, to fulfil the sterotype, a sheep. Of course since this was going to descend into a sex party many had strategically placed holes or rips.

I'd kept my eyes open for the others though as of yet I'd only caught sight of Moose who was dressed as Princess Leia. You know, in that outfit? Only he didn't have breasts obviously. I'd not seen Padge but I had heard what sounded like him grunting from somewhere. No doubt he'd started early.

Someone dressed as Gerard Way crossed my line of sight, their face splatted with white stains. It was hard to tell if it was actual cum or part of the costume. If it was the former then I was jealous.

I noted our host, Rich, coming out of the kitchen wearing his outfit. He was dressed as an executioner with tight pvc shorts, a rubber hood covering his face and a prop ax in one hand. I really liked it, it showed off his tattooed and muscular chest. I was thankful for his Halloween parties. They were always gloriously sex and booze-filled. I'd have to be sure to thank him later, that was if he wasn't drained from all the sex.

I licked my lips, looking for someone to fuck or suck. If Padge could start early than I could too. I felt a hand on the back of my thigh, smiling a little at the unexpected touch. "Well, well, what have we here?" He spoke, voice soft against my ear. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing here?" His hand shifted up, under my short skirt towards my underwear. I'd almost not bothered wearing any but then I'd seen the black lace and couldn't resist slipping them on. I felt him press against me, feeling his bulge press against me. "Come on you naughty girl." I nodded a little, licking my lips at the feel of him against me.

"Yes sir." I smiled, letting him grip my handand pull me away. I caught sight of him from behind, seeing that his cstumewas some form of rubber suit and that he had jet back hair. I figured from that, it could only be one person. He led me through the house up into one of the bedrooms. Thankfully this one was empty, even though it was small. It'd do. Like everywhere else,the room's light was provided by pumpkins, which gave it a strange flickering glow.

Once we were inside and the door was closed, he turned, confirming he was who I suspected him to be. Darran. Of course he'd use Halloween as an excuse to dress in a rubber suit, even though it was supposed to be a time to dress in costume. I smiled at him anyway, waiting for him to make the next move.

I didn't have to wait long. He smirked and looked me over, regarding me with his dark eyes. "Undo your shirt slut." I nodded and started undoing the buttons slowly, stopping midway to pull my shirt apart to expose my skin and the bra. He licked his lips, watching with hungry eyes as I undid the rest. I went to pull it odd but he gripped my wrist and shook his head. "Leave it slut. Just like that." He smirked and gave his bulge a squeeze through the rubber. "Now you look like a proper slutty schoolgirl."

"Yes sir." I nodded slightly, swaying my hipsas he reached down and got his dick out.

"Take your underwear off." He gestured to the skirt so I was sure to know which he meant. "After all, real sluts don't wear any." I reached under the skirt, pulling the lace down my thighs before letting gravity do the rest. "Much better."

He beckoned me over and I crossed the short distance to him, shifting my hips as I moved. All that remained now was to remove the plug and get on his dick. The plug was easy enough to deal with and I gripped the base to pull it out, letting it drop to the floor. I'd pick it up later though since it was only a cheap one it'd be no big loss. I had spares after all. Mounting him was even easier, especially as he held his base so his dick. I sank down onto him, moaning at the feeling as he filled me.

"Mmm that's it you slut." I smiled and seated myself fully on his cock. I moaned at the feeling of fullness, starting to move up and down off him. His hands drifted along my thighs, his fingers tracing over my skin. He seemed content to let me set the pace for now, which was fine by me. I rode his dick steadily, moans leaving his lips. "Faster slut."

I nodded and sped up my movements, bouncing on his cock now. If I had tits they'd be all over the place now, so I was thankful I'd decided not to wear a fake pair for the outfit. I placed my hands on the rubber clad shoulders, using them for leverage so I could move faster. It didn't bother me that the rubber squeaked slightly as I moved, or that he was thrusting up against me already. I groaned, his lips latching onto my neck.

"Mmmm so good slut..." His hands gripped my hips a little tighter, starting to take more control of my movements. "Fuck yourself on my dick...that's it, such a good fucking girl." He jerked up into me, his thick cock hitting my spot. I was tempted to reach down and stroke myself, but he got there first, working something down my length. "You're a pretty little slut." He purred against my ear. "But I wouldn't want you to cum, not this soon tonight. Not until you've had a good few men fuck your arse."

I nodded and moaned, jerking on his lap. "Yes sir."

He chuckled, licking along my neck. "On your knees. Time to make you look like a real slut." I slipped off his lap and onto my knees, gazing up at him as he started to stroke his length. I licked my lips lightly, watching him intently. It was always strangely hot to watch a guy wank this close. He was moving his hand quite quickly, the head of his dick glisting with pre-cum. He didn't last much longer though before his cum landed across my cheek and chin. "There slut, you look so much better..." He purred, looking down at me, his words slightly breathless. "Now. Go. Find more guys to please and maybe, just maybe I take that new ring of yours off."

I nodded slightly and, after bieng nudged by his booted foot, went to do just that. Well, this night would be funner than I'd expected. I wonder if the others were enjoying it this much.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, darran smith, darran smith/jay james, fic, jay james, slash
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