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You win by virtue of your vice

This should be the first of two posts (the second being Who pictures).

So this week has been busy.

Sunday night-Tuesday night was spent watching Black Butler which is pretty awesome. So much awesome. I wish Grell had more episodes in the second half though. I love his madness. And his manloving with anything with a cock (he's like Gerard!) The Hamlet bonus episode is so awesome and funny. Grell looked so pretty in it. I'm curious how they'll do a second series though.

Anyway, on Tuesday mum had an accident and it turns out she's sprained her hand. Yet she seemingly refuses to rest it. The idiot.

Wednesday Claire came. We spent the day in Birmingham. It was wandering around randomly mostly though I gtot two things. My birthday/Christmas present of the Clone Wars season 3 blu-ray (which'll be awesome when I get to see it, thankies ). I got myself the Lego Clone Wars game, which I stumbled on for £20, score!

Then we saw the Frozen Planet thing at hiome which was so good. It's hard to believe that the world has places that look so alien (and so magical).

Thursday we went to Walsall which was mostly for bingo (although I did get a BVB poster). I had a small win through it though!! Yay!

We thenwent to see Johnny English, which was so funny. It was especially amusing seeing Scully and Owen from Torchwood in it (and I'm sure others were familiar too). But yes funny. I wonder if there'll be a sequel.

The trailers were ok, though ugh Twilight. I approve of Jacobtopless but the rest? Shit.

We ended up watching Mean Girls that night cause Claire was shocked I'd not seen it. It was better than I would've expected.

Today we went back to Birmingham, which was mostly (for me) an excuse to demo the 3DS games they had in the Bullring. I went on three: Mario Kart, Super Mario Land 3D and Pokemon Rumble Blast. Since I can get one of those for Christmas I think the latter two are most likely. I hope they do more such demos. It really made me want both (though not sure which more which is slightly unhelpful).

Also this week they played four of the Pokemon films which I'd not seen so I got up to watch them. It was listed as being 5, with the Manaphy one oddly not being on (instead today they played 4 episodes of the latest series which was good but odd). The first was the Lucario one, which was good since it had the old, proper voices. It was good, but not fantastic though. I can't quite put my finger on it. The next three formed a sort of trilogy. It started with the Darkrai one (which mum understood which was shocking) then there was the Giratina one (with cute Shaymin) and finally the Arceus one (which had me cnstantly thinking of the Doctor). It was nice that they were all connected, though a little unexpected.

Andy stop breaking yourself damnit!

Two weeks till I (hopefully) get my tatt. If not then it'll be later. Three weeks till Zelda yay!

Off now to do the other post, then watch QI (and later sort hair, go on Clone Wars and maybe watch some).
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