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Hello shoppers!

So this is the post birthday post.

Thanks forall the birthday wishes.

My birthday, for the most part, was eh. It started with the boiler fucking up. Thusly, instead of being in bed like I wanted, I had to be downstairs. On the plus side it meant I got to finish off Bleach.

The day didn't really improve much till Morgan got here and we had cake. Mario cake! We watched Family Guy on tv and then American Dad and Buzzcocks.

Today we went to London, which turned out to be a long day.

Our first stop (after a few trains) was the Doctor Who Experience, yay! I loved the kid that waited in line because she knew that the Silurians weren't evil, ust defending themselves. She deserves a cookiee.

But yeah, it was pretty awesome. The walkthrough bit coulda been a bit longer, but it was still awesome. And a little scary in parts. It also had a part that could be expanded and made into a very interesting episode/episodes.

So after that we went though the exhibit part (the part pre-walkthrough only having about 4 little sets of things from The Beast Below, Victory Of The Daleks, Vampieres of Vencie and Hungry Earth/Cold Blood). There were outfits of the Doctors and the most recent companions (it was sad seeing the little sedition to Sarah Jane about her death). It was pretty awesome seeing how the Cybermen heads changed over time, yet in some ways stayed the same. There was also a line up of Daleks and it was amusing seeing how little they've changed design wise. At the same time, though, they've also grown bigger as the years have passed..

Also there were all of the basic aliens from the recent series: Slitheen, Absorbaloff, Judoon (yay!) , Hath (sadly minus the bubbles), ctkind, Sycorax, The Face Of Boe and Silence (even some hanging from the ceiling!) So yeah, that was all awesome.

The shop had so much stuff! The t-shirts were, sadly, too expensive. The one I wanted (an adipose one) was on in kids small so it'd be too small for me. Gah. So instead I looked for something else. I evidentually settled on a boxset of old Who episodes, which was the Silurian set. It was £15, which was a fantastic price (Forbidden Planet had it for £20 on sale with it's listed price being £40). It'sgot the three olddoctor episodes with the Silurians (and sea Devils) which I've been curious about but never seen (old Doctor dvds are horrendously expensive and released seemingly at random).

After that we went off to Forbidden Planet, which is pretty easy to get to from covent Garden. I got two comic grab bags (one for Torchwood, one for Deadpool) and the stone Dalek which was pretty cheap yay!

We then had food at this vegetarian restaurant which was so nice. I'd never been to a vegetarian restaurant before and I wasn't sure what to expect but it was nice.

The trip home was... horrendous. While the train to London was staraightforward, the train FROM London was sending ussomewhere else (instead of a direct train for London to Birmingham it was London to Rugy to Birmingham which is wtf?). So we had ticket trouble and ended up getting on a long train to Birmingham (and thankfully the ticket guy was nice and let us stay). Of course when we got back the only train (literally, there were no others) was to Wolverhampton wso we had to take tha and get a taxi back (which is so sucky and I feel so bad for... stupidness).

Apart from that it was an awesome, if tiring, day. Although looking back, too much of it was spent on trains, but whatever. I'm gonna go through twitter now, then go to bed.

Morgan's so awesome for today. Thank youss.
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