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Night Revelling

Night Revelling
Pairing: Jay James/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Vampirism
Notes: This is, obviously, the next vampire fic. The basic idea of this was in my head when I decided to make this a series (one of the first ideas in fact) so here it is. (Despite computer fuck ups meaning the first part had to be re-written. This would've been done a lot sooner if it wasn't for the laptop lead failing too.) This is what Jay is wearing. Thank you lc_ffaf for helping me get ideas and brainstorming.

"Remind me why I have to wear this fucking get up again?"

"You're new. You have to look good for your first meeting with others." He pulled the strings attached to the corset he'd put on me, smirking as I let out a gasp. It was a reflex thing. It'd pass in time, at least that's what they said.

"It's important to make an impression and for us to show you off." Gerard continued, from his seat beside the bed.

I had to admit I was nervous. I wasn't exactly eager to meet other vampires, but I knew it was inevitable. Still, I wasn't too keen on this idea of theirs to go to a vampire club. Deep down though I was immensely curious. What would one look like? What would go on there? What would it be like?

I guess I'd soon find out.


The place was in a part of town I'd never been before. Understandable really. It was down a back alley, out of the way. I swallowed as we went to the unmarked door, the others pushing it open and leadng us inside.

The entrance room was a deep red and fairly small. It had few furnishings, the only really item of furniture being a desk manned by a man that seemed imposing, even though he was seated. I assumed he was there to get rid of any unwanted people that may have stumbled on this place.

"It's ok, he's with us." He nodded at Gerard's words, keeping his dark eyes on us as they led me through the doorway beside the desk.

Beyond there was a corridor, one which led us deeper into the building. It was the same colour as the entrance room, with a few lights spead out along it's length.

The corridor terminated after awhile, opening up into a much larger room than the first. It was the size of a regular club, with two floors. The second floor looked pretty much like a balcony surrounding the ground floor. I looked around, noting that there were several instruments of torture. There were seeveral cages hanging from the ceiling too, some empty, others with people inside. There were several groups scattered around, which I assumed were vampires. Mostly.

As soon as we entered I felt all their eyes on me. I swallwed, trying to hide my nervousness, though I shouldn't be surprised. Of course they'd be interested in the newcomer. I met their gazes, studying the ones closest to me. They were all shapes and sizes really. Blonde, brunette, redhead. Tall, short. Fat, thin. All kinds. They didn't seem to have a set dress code. Some wore casual stuff, some wore bondage gear while others looked like they were out of history books. After a few moments they all resumed whatever they were doing, be it talking amongst themselves, drinking or using one of the implements.

"So what exactly do we do here?" I asked, voice low and hushed.

"Basically the same stuff you'd do in a human club. Drink, dance, hang out, meet people." There was a scream from somewhere, though I couldn't pinpoint where. "Only there's the added bonus of torturing people." Gerard smirked, leading us on a pathway towards the nearest wall, where there was a bar. "Think of this place as an extreme BDSM club, where no one gives a fuck how far you go because there's no such thing as too far."

I nodded a little, still a little unsure of what I was going to do. I figured staying with them would be for the best for now anyway. Mikey seperated from us after whispering something in his brther's ear, then he slipped off, leaving me with Gerard. I didn't ask where hewas going, sticking close with him. "Relax. Have a drink."

I nodded a little, leaning against the bar as he ordered them. I took the drink when he handed it over, taking a long drinkhoping it wouldease my nerves. The beer tasted different, like it had blood inside it. Gerard smirked at my expression, confirming my thoughts. It was nice though, just unexpected.

I remained there, finishing off the drink in silence, my eyes roaming the room. I couldn't see Mikey, though he could easily be in the shadows of somewhere else. My gaze focused on the nearest group of vampires, which surrounded a table. Strapped to it was a human, though I couldn't quite see his face. He was making sounds of pain every free moments though I couldn't quite identify the causes. The most recent nise of pain was made by needles being driven into his skin.

"What's going to happen to him?"

"The human?" I nodded and Gerard shrugged after looking over. "He'll probably live for awhile at least. It depends." He let out a scream, his body jerking up from the cause of the pain. "This place abducts people every so often. Based on their performance they end up in one of two catergories. Expendable, where it doesn't matter what happens to them and regulars, who prove to be so popular they're purposely kept alive. A small amount of our blood heals them up even after the worst sessions." He licked his lips, another scream from somewhere else sounding over the nearby moans. "Some buy the abducted to keep as pets, though that's mostly down to preference." I nodded slightly, taking another drink as I looked at the nearest guy, his pale skin blemished by welts. "The guy they're working over his new so they must be seeing how well he performs."

"So do they just torture them then?"

Gerard shrugged a little, drinking some of his own. "Obviously there's fucking, but the rest kind of depends. Sometimes they're made to poledance, other times they serve drinks. Mostly though they just get tortured and fucked." I nodded again, finishing off my drink. "When you're ready we'll get you one. Although tonight there's something else in mind."

"What do you mean?"

He smirked, finishing off his drink before standing. "Up." I stood, uncertain more now, but I followed him as we walked towards the rear of the room. I glanced at the various vampires I passed, though most paid little attention to me.

"Who is that?" I asked him, nodding to indicate one man who was seated in a chair that looked vaguely throne like. He was blonde, though it was bleached like Mikey's and he wore tight black clothing. Beside him, crouched and naked, was a dark haired human which obviously looked like he'd been beaten more then once. He had a collar round his neck, it chained to the chair so he couldn't get away.

"Sean." Gerard replied simply, slowing his pace slightly to answer me. "He's the closest to authority we have here." I nodded a little, slightly curious. I hadn't thought there was any sort of structure to vampire society. "His roles are few really. Mostly he settles disputes and makes judgements. Anywhere where there's a large population of us there's someone like him, more out of necessity than anything."

I nodded again, finally spotting Mikey as we got closer. He was close to this Sean, having a drink which was likely the same stuff we'd been having. I felt all the more nervous now, being about to be introduced to this powerful vampire. I swallowed again, wondering why exactly I was being introduced to him. Before I knew it I was standing before him, with Gerard beside his brother.

The blonde settled back in his chair and smirked, his eyes scanning me. It was a few moments before he finally spoke. "Well, well so you're the new boy. Jay isn't it?" His accent was Welsh, fairly local from the sounds of it. I nodded slightly, but he didn't acknowledge it. "You're here for a reason, but I know they didn't tell you that." He leaned forward slightly, a smirk creeping over his lips. "You see new vampires here go through an initiation of my choosing." He paused again, longer then before. It was during this pause that I realised something. The room had gone quiet. "I think it should be... number three. Yeah, that'll suit a pretty young thing like you."

I felt arms grab me and pull me back, turning me around and pushing me over a table. "What the..."

"Hush." I heard someone speak, hands working to undo the leather trousers I wore.

I guessed what was going to happen then, my arms being pulled back and forced into a binder. I mean it was pretty obvious what would happen and I suppose it could be worse. Two fingers from an unknown hand pushed into me, working me open for cock. I kept quiet, wondering what would happen next.

The fingers are removed too soon and hands grip my ass, new hands. A dick pressed against me and, after a few more moments, he thrust inside me, making me groan. "You've taken your first kill." Sean's voice, coming from somewhere beside me. He wasn't the one fucking me then and it didn't feel like the Ways either. I nodded a little and he spoke again. "Tell me."

"He was called Matt." I groaned as the guy behind me pulled out and thrust back into me. "He was a local boy, long, dark hair, tallish. Tribal tattoos on his arm." I moaned asthe mystery man thrust forward again. "I was fucking hi when I bit him. He begged me to stop as I drank him."

Sean came into view a smirk on his face. "You didn't though, did you?" I shook my head and he licked my lips. "Good. Sounds like you made a good choice. " He unzipped his fly pulling out his hard cock. "Now, let's see how good your mouth is." I took the hint and started to suck his dick, being careful to mind the fangs. I sucked him as best I could, that task made easier by the lack of a need to breathe.

I felt the first man fucking me cum, his dick sliding out of him before another one replaced him. I wondered if this would end up involving the whole club. It wouldn't surprise me. I kept my focus on Sean's cock, trying not to let the new dick fucking me distract me from cocksucking. His hands slipped into my hair, gripping my locks tight. He started fucking my face, using his grip to keep my head in place as he did so.

I looked up at him as best I could as I was being fucked at both ends, my whole body jerking from the force of their thrusts. I squeezed my ass around the guy inside me, sucking on Sean the best I could. Now I had plenty of practice sucking cock as a human, but I still marvelled at how much better it was now. No need to breathe to distract from the sensation. The lack of that need was surprisingly freeing, making me much more focused on the task at hand rather then worrying about when the next intake of air would come. I kept sucking, the taste of his dick filling my senses. I groaned around him as the other guy slammed into me, my eyelids fluttering for a moment. "Fuck, just like that." I smiled around his length, flicking my tongue against him whenever he pulled back enough for me to do so.

The other guy let out a low groan, words leaving his lips. It sounded like Wels, though it was different. Perhaps it was an older dialect than I was used to hearing, which wouldn't be too surprising since I had no idea how old he was. For all I knew he could have been hundreds of years old. It was a rather strange thought. He growled and uttered a few more words before I felt him thrust deep into me one last time, his cum joining the other's inside me.

He was quickly replaced by guy number three, though he reached around me and slipped a ring on my dick. The brief touch made me moan around Sean and I was surprised I hadn't cum yet. I guess I wouldn't be now, not for awhile anyway.

Sean kept fucking my face, seemingly unconcerned another man had come and gone. His movements were a little harder now, though that had nothing to do with the new man. "Seems like your arse is hot property." He grinned, his tongue snaking out to lick his lips. "That's good. I'll have to give it a try later."

With that, he gripped my hair tighter and resumed fucking my throat. I kept lapping at his dick, moaning every so often when the guy fucking me caught my spot. The vibrations made Sean groan too. Before the third guy finished off, Sean thrust one last time and spilled down my throat. He pulled out slowly, wiping his dick across my face before tucking it away. "Yeah.You'll do." He nodded, ruffling my hair slightly before turning and leaving my line of sight.


I sighed, thankful we were back home. My jaw and arse both ached frm all the cocks I'd taken. I'd lost count when the numbers reached double figures, but Sean had been true to his word.: he did fuck me somewhere down the line.

"Well I think your initiation went rather well." I shot Mikey a look and he grinned. I growled and flipped him off. My throat was too sore right now to respond, even after a drink of fresh blood. I'd been assured I'd be alright after a good day's rest but I wasn't so sure.

"Yeah, Sean clearly liked you to get you to do that one." Gerard nodded and patted my hair as we walked to bed. I wondered what the other iniations could possibly be, but decided that would be a thing to ask later. "Plus he said you can have a boy when you next go. If you feel up to it of course." I nodded, liking the sound of that. "But for now let's get you to bed."

"Yeah." Mikey agreed as we went into the bedroom, the pair of them guiding me towards the soft matress. "We'll go back in a week, give you time to recover. You need to be in good shape for introductions of course." I nodded a little, but just flopped against the sheets, the bed feeling comforting after the long night. He chuckled and grinned, fangs showing. "Come on, we'll let you rest. Good day Jay."

I sighed in relief when the door closed and I heard them moving to their own room.I gave them a few seconds, then reached down and opened my flies, releasing my straining cock. They'd not let me cum, even after everyone had done. I'd just got the ring removed and arms freed before being told to head home. So I pushed my leather trousers down my thighs and graped my cock in one hand, stroking myself as I used the other to collect the cum that seeped out of me. I sucked it from my fingers, jerking myself off steadily. Thoughts of tonight filled my mind, but there were on vague snatches. I didn't get clear views of most of the men after all.

I lasted all of seven strokes before releasing over the corest, the white jets staining the black, but I didn't care. I sighed and fell back against, my release meaning I could finally let sleep take hold. Perhaps, just perhaps, I'd ask if I could do that again.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, gerard way, jay james, jay james/sean smith, mikey way, my chemical romance, sean smith, the blackout, vampireverse
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