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We are not your lovers, we are not your friends

First, before the main part of the post: Fuck, Zachary Quinto is gay. I literally uttered a 'fuck' the second I read it.

Anyway, main post now.

So the laptop lead is here and it's working fine. Also it's behaving more in general which is good. I've spent my time working on the nextvapire fic though it's been going pretty slow.

My first birthday card (from mikeyface) arrived last week, so insanely early then but it's awesome and spacey. And it camewith Pokemon stickers! And she managed to track down Droid Attack On The Coronet whichI'm not openiing till my birthday due to lack of presents.

My birthday's Thursday and I'm staggeringly unexcited. If it wasn't forMrgan coming I'd likely remained curled up in bed wishing the day would be over.

Amusing point of the weekend: hearing Morgan describe Liliana (the character on the pack of magic cards she got for me) as 'well endowed'.

After this weekend Claire's coming next week, then it's BVB and then I should be heading dwn south again. And hopefully getting my ink sorted.

Does anyone have the sun? I require the tokens for Tuesday-Saturday's since bastards got all the sets Claire was gonna pick up.

I've finally got around to watching Bleach which is pretty much a total mind fuck so far. There's new people (one of which is pretty), the madness of hollow Ichigo returning and schoolboy Renji! It's also amusing seeing the one Soul Reaper (with the massive tits) in uniform since they're bursting out. It's just so amusing.

Annoyingly my time to go to the stupid JC has changed. Ugh. Least it means I don't have to be up.

Damnit my BVB rosary has fucked up again. Ugh.

I've been listening to Zelda music for some reason so I may be redoing Majora's Mask/Twilight Princess/Wind Waker in preparation for Skyward Sword.

It's the start of the last Sarah Jane this afternoon, which makes me sad. It's such an awesome show and you could tell that so much was still left to be done. It really is such a shame she died.

So I'm going now to try and finish this vamp fic. And I have to wait for next door to come back cause they have a package that I missed.
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