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The option you shouldn't have chosen

Ugh two weeks till I'm older. Ugh. I don't wanna get old! I want fic though. Gimme. Do me birthday fic yes?

Here's a list of this week's stuff (in no order):
*Magic cards came, yay! I got Rakish Heirs which I perved over. Nomnom
*Made three Magic decks, just cause (a red/green werewolf one, a red/black vampire one and a blue/black zombie one)
*Got a cheap Cyber Conversion character building set and built it
*Watched Merlin. Merlin should come out already (in both senses)
*Post Office is useless
*Skyward Sword looks (and sounds) more awesome every day. Sheikah symbol and Gorons and everything!
*YMAS's album is pretty good, surprisingly. I keep humming bits
*Morgan's got me into IAMX so I'm humming bits of his stuff too
*Gavin clearly wants to bone Sean
*Yesterday I saw and played with a puppy! So cute!
*Sandy from the funeral place is going to the BVB gig so I have a ride home after it, yay!
*Laptop was stupid, ugh

I'm sure, as always, I had more to say. Oh well. I may fic soon.
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