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Skeletal Grin

Skeletal Grin
Pairing: Andy Six/Ashley Purdy
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andy
Warnings: Porn
Notes: So this has been re-wrote twice now because the computer was a fucking bitch so... This was based on these pictures

I was thankful we were finally at the hotel now. Mostly because of Ashley.

He's spent the whole flight in that outfit of his. Even when the food came he only unzipped half of his face covering down. Half way through the trip was when the problem started. I started thinking of him sexually in that outfit. Him fucking me. Me on my knees sucking his dick. I would have slipped to the bathroom to jerk off but I knew it wouldn't help. I could never get off in such spaces.

All I'd wanted was to get to the hotel and jerk off until the images went.

Of course I had to be paired with him in the room sharing. I'd have to think of a creative reason to get him to leave. Maybe say one of the others had booze or porn.

I sat on the bed I'd picked as mine, thinking how to word it. The bed was so nice though, nice and soft. Hotels here were much better then the shit we'd had in the past. I almost laid back and took my cock in hand right there but I resisted, looking ofver as Ashley unipped his fly. I swallowed, watching as he pushed his pants down then I blinked. Beneath his pants were another pair, tighter and with a skeleton print on them. Obviously they were a cheap pair from a store back home, but they cliung to his skin in all the right ways, showing off the curve of his ass and the obscene bulge of his cock.

I swallowed back a moan, watching as he advanced towards me. He adjusted himself with a gloved hand, his cock slipping out of a hole in his pants. A hole I suspected he'd made himself. He came closer, pushing me down on the bed. He didn't say a word, but I knew what he wanted. He was going to give me what I wanted, though I wasn't sure he knew that. I swallowed as he parted my legs, undoing my fly and belt before pushing my pants down and off.

My dick sprang forth, full and hard, desperate to be touched. He gave me a brief touch, running a finger along my shaft. He still said nothing, gripping my thighs and roughly pulling me down the bed until my ass was pressed against his cock. I swallowed, feeling him press between my cheeks as he got me into a suitable position. Still wodless, he pressed his cock against me, forcing his way into me. If I'd been a virgin I'd be screaming, but I wasn't. Drunken sexual encunters and semi-regular sex with Matt ensured that. Of course it did still hurt and I bit my lip to ensure that sounds confirming that didn't leave my lips.

Ashley's eyes were on me, seemingly burning into me. I couldn't see his facial expression, just the skeletal grin of his hoodie. I swallowed again, gripping onto the sheets with both hands as he started to fuck me hard. A groan escaped my lips as his dick slammed into my spot, something which he repeated the next few thrusts into me.

My eyes lidded a little, but I kept watching him as best I could. He just looked so sexy like that. It was strange, something about it just was. Maybe it was the skeleton print, or that I couldn't see his face or something else, whatever it was, it turned me on like nothing else had. I hoped he would touch me, but he kept his hands on my thighs, keeping them spread apart. I was close to begging but I couldn't get the words out. Every time I went to speak he'd thrust into me, causing me to gasp or moan instead.

Eventually I reached down and took myself in hand, though I half expected him to stop me.I started to pump my dick, drinking in the sight of him pounding me in that outfit. I groaned, clenching around him, feeling my dick leak a little already. I couldn't help it, I was just so close. I tipped my head against the sheets, thrusting up as I released across my t-shirt, letting out a low groan as I let go of all my frustrations.

I watched him in a daze as he kept fucking me, still thrusting hard into me. I could feel myself twitching around him as I rode out the last of my orgasm, my eyes on his as he slammed deep inside me. He didn't last long before I heard him release a grunt, knowing that meant he was shooting into me.

I watched him, still catching my breath as he pulled out and tucked himself away, stepping back from my prone body. Without his support, my legs feel to the floor, though I didn't care. "How... how did you know?" I asked between soft pants.

He reached up and unzipped the hoode, pulling it open so I could see his face, a sheen of sweat covering it. "You were so fucking obvious! I mean I had limited vision and still saw it." He smirked, flopping down on the other bed. "Thankfully I was prepared." He nodded to the lower part of his outfit and I nodded, feeling my cheeks flush.

I reached for my pants when I could manage movement again, and pulled out my cigarettes, lighting one up before shifting up the bed. I took the time to exhale a loud of smoke before speaking again. "Thanks. You were amazing as usual."

He shrugged and I noticed he'd shed his upper clothing completely. "Fucking bitches, it's what I do." He flashed me a grin and downed beer that he must have snatched from the mini fridge, settling back on his bed as I did on mine.

I made a mental note to get him to wear that outfit again and soon. Maybe for the Halloween show...
Tags: andy six, andy six/ashley purdy, ashley purdy, black veil brides, fic, slash
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