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Silence must fall would be a more accurate translation

So the past few days Morgan's been here. Cue thepast few days being filled wwith Star Trek and Who watching. And yes, I also feel tremendously accomplished at getting her to watch Star Wars! We've only down I-III so far, but it's still more then I'd have expected. Woo! Fun was had by all though.

So other then that we didn't do much really. We did go to Wolverhampton Sunday which was a failure cause people had beaten me to the Innistrad decks I wanted. Blast! Still I got three boosters anyway. And I got two extra rares from them then normal which was a plus (and double sided cards in each which I dunno is normal).

The other time we went outside we saw horses and some weirdo touched my hair.

Also I've been on Four Swords since the free download came out and I finished the first level though the rest is a fail.

I wish I could go to the Nottingham Zelda thing later this month. I'd love to go.

Anyway. Yes. So Saturday was Doctor Who, and rambling will go under a cut. (Though, yay! We got to watch it together!)

So much crazy in one episode! I loved the start with the egg building (yay!) and cars on balloons and pteradactyls! And all that madness. The start made me think very much of The Pandorica Opens and A Good Man Goes To War, which is a good thing as those are some of the best recent episodes.

Anyway, it was made of awesome. So. Much. Awesome.

Of course I suspected that the Silence were faking being captured. It was pretty obvious really.

And I was glad Dorium was back, even as a head.He was right though, the question really was obviious. It's only the title of the show!

But yes, I want next series just cause. I hope they bring back Canton/Vastra/Dorium/Craig. You better bring back at least one of them Moffat!

I've gotta watch it again cause mum fell asleep last night while wathing it. Boo! And still gotta watch Merlin too. (And I've also gotta fit in watching Clone Wars and Glee and maybe Bleach.)

Sarah Jane Adventures is on soon which is both awesome and sad. Awesome cause it's back, sad because it's the last one and Elisabeth Sladen died which is still sad to think about.

I may fic tonight. If I get ideas.

I may not be on tomorrow. I'll see how I feel.
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