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Trial Run

Trial Run
Pairing: Andy Six/Ashley Purdy/Christian Coma
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn
Notes: For lithiumqueen, hope this helps de-stress you.

"So we've heard you play and we think you're right for the band. However, we want one more meeting in two days. In that time we want you to get an outfit and come up with a stage name. If you have make-up we'd like to see an example of your stage make-up, but if not that's fine. See you then."


I stood nervously outside the house they'd told me to come to. I wasn't sure whose it was, but I guessed I'd find out once I was inside. I took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell, waiting for an answer.

It only took a few moments for Ashley to appear, a grin on his face. "Ah you made it, come on in." He grasped my hand and lead me inside. I noticed he was wearing his stage gear too, complete with make-up. "You look pretty good."

"Thanks." I followed him into the lounge, where Andy was reclined in the chair. I'd half expected the others to be here too, though I wasn't surprised by it just being these two. He too was dressed in his stage gear and his eyes were looking over me, regarding me critically as Ashley sat beside him.

"Mmmm not bad." He whispered in that husky voice of his. "Name?"

"CC. Christian Coma." He nodded slightly and made a circle motion with his finger. I turned, letting him get a good look at what I'd chosen for an outfit. I hadn't exactly had much time, though I'd done my best. Same with my make-up. It was cheap and would likely run at the slightest hint of sweat, but I hoped it would do.

"The outfit and name are all pretty good. And I wasn't expecting you to have done stage make-up at all, let alone to the standard you have." He paused and nodded a little, his tongue wetting his lips. "Now there's just a few more things before we confirm you as our drummer."

"Oh?" I asked, curious as to what else there could be. I had to admit I was glad he approved of my efforts, though I wondered what else there could be. Most likely it was just some minor details. "Go on."

Andy leaned back in his seat and he looked over at me. "Tours are long. And we have needs. Got a problem with guys acting out on those needs with each other?"

"No, of course not." I smiled and shrugged a little. "Who hasn't right?"

He nodded in approval, patting the space between him and Ashley. "Sit." I nodded and sat between them, wondering what else he could want. He reached down and undid his belt, before unzipping his fly and pulling out his dick. I was a little surprised but tried not to let it show. "Drummers are supposed to be good with their hands. Show us."

I nodded and took the hint, reaching over to take his length in hand. I started to stroke him steadily, until I heard Ashley clear his throat. I cast him a sidelong glance and then saw that his cock was out too. I took it in my left hand and started to stroke him too. I immediately noticed the differences between them. Ashley was thicker, Andy was longer. I stroked them firmly, licking my lips a little. As a drummer it was necessary for me to have control over both of my hands which was why this came so easy to me. I knew that for most jerking off two guys was tricky, mostly because they were only good with one hand, but it wasn't difficult at all for me.

I kept stroking them at a fairly steady pace, looking between them both. I wasn't sure if they wanted me to keep this up until they both shot their loads or what, so I just kept up the pace I'd started with. "Mmmm so good..." Ashley muttered, rolling his hips up to meet my hand.

"Stop." Andy spoke, voice slightly breathless. "Mmm you were good." He licked his lips lightly then smirked. "On your hands and knees."

I nodded and stroked my hand up their lengths one last time before releasing them and getting on my hands and knees before them. I had a guess where this was going, I wasn't stupid after all. "Have you been fucked before?" Ashley asked, the obvious question.

"Yeah." I'd fooled around a few times with guys and taken it up the ass more then once. It was underrated in my opinion. Too many guys didn't try it due to their inflated sense of pride. I looked up at them, waiting for instruction.

"Right, Ashley here is gonna prep you." Ashley smirked and nodded, reaching over and unbuckling the studded belt I'd chosen to wear and pulling my skin tight pants down to my thighs. I felt his wet fingers enter me and I wasn't sure if they were wet from spit or lube. In the end it didn't really matter, it still felt good. He started to finger me roughly, working me open for one of their cocks. I squirmed at the feeling, my erect dick twitching.

"He's ready now."

"Good." Andy nodded and stood up from the couch where he'd been sprawled like a cat. "Fuck him." Ashley's fingers instantly left me, replaced almost instantly with the blunt head of his dick. I closed my eyes a little, feeling him fill me up with a quick thrust of his hips.

I felt fingers tangle in my hair and opened my eyes again, gazing up at Andy as he pulled my hair up hard. Of course he pulled me up his slim legs towards his cock. I wasn't surprised in the slightest, but I didn't mind. I opened my mouth and took him between my lips, starting to suck him as best I could. I could do better, but Ashley pounding my ass made it hard to focus. Still, I did at least a passable job since he was moaning above me.

I tried my best to please them both, even though I now felt my make-up starting to run down my face. I licked along Andy's shaft, sucking him as best I could even though it was more him fucking my face. I rolled my hips back against Ashley, clenching around his shaft as regularly as I could. I smiled around Andy whenever either of them moaned, glad that my efforts pleased them.

Soon they both were moving at a rough pace, skin slapping against skin. I could taste Andy's closeness on my tongue and I hummed around him, smirking as he groaned more and gripped my hair tighter. I got the feeling Ashley was too, though I obviously couldn't tell as easily. He was fucking me particularly hard though, pounding away at my asshole so hard my whole body shuddered. He was, however, thankfully stroking my dick now, which was a plus. I bucked into his hand, need and desperate, though I suspected one of them would cum first.

I was right.

Andy shot down my throat first and, like a good cocksucker, I swallowed it all down and didn't spill a drop. He stayed in my mouth until he started to soften, then he pulled out and went back to lounging on the couch, watching Ashley continue to fuck me.

I came next, which was something of a surprise t me as I'd not suspected I was close enough. A mix of Ashley's hand and his dick hitting my spot was what sent me over, jets of cum landing over my chest and the straps which were wrapped around me.

Ashley folllowed me soon after, a low growl escaping his lips as he did so. His cum splashed against my insides. The second he pulled out and let go of me, I flpped onto the floor, panting softly as I watched Ashley sit beside Andy. Well, it was more a controlled fall then proper sitting, but it had the same result. They shared a glance which seemed to wordlessly communicte something, then Andy spoke again. "You're in. We'll give you the songs later for you to practice. Think you can learn in time for the tour?"

I grinned, despite being breathless and a little dazed and nodded. "Yeah, sure."

"Great." He grinned and looked at my face, nodding slightly. "And your make up looks better like that. Make that a permenant addition." I nodded a little, making a mental note to look in the mirror before leaving to see how it had ran exactly so I could replicate it later.
Tags: andy six, andy six/ashley purdy/christian coma, ashley purdy, black veil brides, christian coma, fic, slash
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