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One Last Kiss

One Last Kiss
Pairing: 11/Craig Owens
Rating: NC-17
POV: Craig
Warnings: Sex
Notes: So I've been having fic block and then the idea for this popped into my head before I fell asleep and I decided to see where it'd go. So here it is. Vague spoilers for the most recent ep (Closing Time).

"Hello Craig!" I blinked at the sight of the Doctor, looking exactly as I had when I last saw him, standing in front of me. "I just forgot something." He pushed his way past me and I shut the door behind him.

"But it's been a month."

He turned and looked back at me. "It has?" I nodded and he shrugged. "Ah well." He smiled at me, which made me slightly nervous. "It doesn't matter really." He leaned into me and caught me off guard, his lips meeting mine as I'd expected him to when we were in the Cybermen's ship. I'd thought about it a lot since then in the moments of quiet I had. It was definitely better then I'd expected.

He pulled back, all too soon, and smiled at me. "Well, I guess I should be off then..."

"What? That's it? Just one kiss?" I shook my head and gripped him by the shirt, pulling him close and kissing him again, properly this time. This time it was him caught by surprise and I took advantage by deepening the kiss a little, pressing against him.

I pulled back after a few moments, smiling and breathing against his lips. "I've thought about that so much since the Cybermen." I whispered, looking him in the eyes. "We're alone if you want to..." I trailed off, not sure what I wanted him to say. I mean he was an alien, would it even be safe to have sex with him?

"Well er..." He looked a little flustered, which made me smile. Cybermen, no problem. Cybermats, easy. Strange ships pretending to be upstairs, simple. But a proposition of sex? It completely threw him.

"We don't have to..."

"No." He stopped, cheeks flush. "We should. It's been awhile... so I may be out of practice."

I smiled and nodded, taking his hand and leading him up into the spare room. "Ok so you just get naked and I'll be right back." He nodded and went next door grabbing some lube before returning to him. He'd stripped naked and he looked... human. I guess that made sense, from the glimpses I'd caught when he came out the shower topless. I swallowed and then began to undress myself, feeling myself blush as I shed my clothes, but he didn't seem to mind.

"So which way round should this be?" He shuffled slightly, his dick bouncing a little. He was hard, his gaze on me. I shrugged when I finished removing my clothes biting my lip. I remembered the images I'd had and that made me squirm a little. "Well then I guess I'll just do what feels best yes?"

He kissed me briefly before bending me over the bed, snatching the lube and squeezing it over his fingers. "You know human sex is really quite odd." He spoke, holding my ass cheeks open with one hand and pushing a wet finger into me with the other. I groaned softly at the intrusion, closing my eyes. "Odd and messy really. Although the mating rituals of the..."

"Doctor please. Stop. Just stop talking." I pushed back against him, eager for more.

"Sorry. Sometimes it's hard to just switch off." He nodded and pushed another finger into me slowly. I bit back a groan, my eyes lidding as he moved his digits slowly and steadily in and out of me. "Let me know when you're ready."

I nodded and pushed back against him, waiting for the burn to ease. It didn't take that long, not really, and soon I was nodding, urging him on. "Come on Doctor, please. I want it."

He nodded, removing both and squirting the lube on his dick. I wondered if he knew what he was doing or just making educated guesses. He couldn't be as old as he'd shown me without having sex right? "Ok. This may hurt a little. At least that's what the captain said..." I looked at him in confusion, another Time Lord reference I'd never get no doubt, but he just smiled and lined himself up. "Sure you're ready?"

"Yeah, completely."

"Alright then." He nodded again, took a deep breath and then thrust into me.

"Fuck..." I whispered, pressing my forehead against the sheets as he started to move in and out of me.

"You know I'll never understand human swearing. Normally it means something is bad or it's an insult, but during sex it's good." I almost said something, but the second I opened my mouth he slammed into me. "But I like it this way. It sounds nice."

He went quiet then, thrusting his hips, his hands on my sides. "Could you... touch me?"

"Oh! Of course." He slipped a hand around his waist, taking my dick in hand and starting to stroke it. I closed my eyes, moans leaving my lips as he fucked me hard, stroking me quickly with his hand. Obviously Time Lord's were good at multitasking. I groaned, pushing back harder against him.

I gripped the bed sheets tighter, feeling myself get close. He was just so fucking good. Not that I had much to compare it to, but he was doing it right. It was even better then it had been in my head. I thrust hard against the bed, his own hips pounding against my arse cheeks. "Doctor..."


I jerked into his hand and came, most of it landing over my belly. "Fuck..." The word escaped my lips in a breathless sigh and I felt him cum inside me. Was it cum? Or was there some techincal Time Lord word for it that was different?I shook the thought from my head and rolled over as he slipped out, panting and looking at him. "That was..."

"Amazing? Cool?" He smiled and shrugged, pushing hair from his face. "Yeah it was." He leaned down and ran his tongue over the cum on my belly smiling mup at me. "Not bad."

I smiled at him, panting softly. I reached back and scooped a little of him out licking it off my fingers after studying it. It looked and tasted just like human cum, though it did look a bit... shinier? Or was it just the light. "You are too." I sighed and made myself comfortable. "I guess you're going again then eh? Off to save the shopping centers of the world."

He smiled and nodded a little. "You might say that." He went over to his clothes, starting to put them on. "I know what yu're going to say. You're going to try and get me to stay. But I can't. Not that I don't want to, I just. Can't." I nodded a little as I watched him dress, wishing I did understand him. "But hey, I do hope I can see you again Craig. Really."

I nodded, grabbing a key from the bedside table that I'd gotten done just in case. "Take this. In case you ever do fancy popping round again yeah?" He smiled and took it from me, stuffing it into his pocket.

"Yeah. Thanks." He smiled a little and kissed my forehead. "Maybe next time I'll take you on a tripp in my TARDIS."

"I'd like that."

He nodded and smiled. "I'd better be off then. Worlds to save and all. Give my love to Alfie."

"I will." I blinked and then he was gone, just like before. "Take care Doctor." I whispered, looking at the space where he'd last stood. Somehow I sensed there was something wrong, though I shook it off. It was nothing. Right?
Tags: 11/craig owens, 11th doctor, craig owens, doctor who, fic, slash
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